A Bradford Halloween…An RL Mathewson Chronicle

Happy Halloween 🙂

Wishing everyone a safe and fun night and if you just happen to play the Elsa Drinking game tonight, I expect pictures!


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A Bradford Halloween

An R.L. Mathewson


            “Why don’t we-”

            “No,” Zoe said, pinching the bridge of her nose and getting that stubborn look that Connor was quickly becoming familiar with when she dealt with her husband.

            Trevor narrowed his eyes on his small wife, getting that determined look that unfortunately, Connor was also familiar with. It was the look that Trevor always got when he wanted to do something that was guaranteed to end up fucking them all over.

            “I don’t see why I can’t take the kids Trick or Treating and you stay here to give out the candy,” Trevor bit out, glaring mutinously down at his wife.

            “I don’t either,” Jason said with a matching glare for his adorable little wife who was ignoring him as she helped the children with their costumes.

            “It’s not happening,” Rory said with a glare of her own leveled on her two cousins as she absently rubbed the gentle swell of her belly where their son was growing.

            Trevor and Jason’s gaze swung to her and narrowed until the three of them were locked in a stare-off that had Connor shaking his head and leaning down to kiss his wife to interrupt what he knew could last for several hours. “You should get going before all the good candy is gone,” he said against his wife’s lips, pausing to brush his lips against hers again, tempted to say the hell with it and take her back upstairs to the room that they were staying in and repeating this morning’s activities, but he couldn’t disappoint his children.

            Even if it meant spending the night hanging out with his in-laws.

            “We should get going if we’re going to get some Trick or Treating in before the party,” Haley said with a warm smile that had Jason and Trevor shifting their glare to her.

            “You mean the party that we’re banned from?” Trevor practically snarled in demand.

            “Yup, that’s the one,” Zoe said with an unrepentant smile as she walked up to her husband, grabbed onto his large shoulders and pulled him down for a quick kiss. “We’ll be back around ten. We left plenty of food in the kitchen if you get hungry,” Zoe said pointedly as she headed towards the front door where the children waited patiently and Jason was giving Haley a proper goodbye kiss.

            “Behave,” Rory said against his lips as she pulled him down for another kiss, but he knew that her warning was for her cousins. She pulled away from him, giving his hand one last squeeze as she walked towards the front door where the two glowering men stood, waiting.

            “Traitor,” Jason and Trevor muttered as she neared, even as Jason pulled his sweatshirt off and handed it to Rory while Trevor glared at her until she put it on.

            Once she had the sweatshirt on, all three of them stepped up to the large bay windows and looked out, watching their wives and children walk away, laughing and smiling as they headed across the street to their first house. After a minute, the men stepped back and with a sigh, Connor said, “I’ll get the Jell-O shots.”

            “I’ll get the beer,” Trevor said, following him through the kitchen and down into the basement where they’d hidden the beer and Jell-O shots in Trevor’s workshop fridge earlier. Alcohol in hand, they quickly returned upstairs where Jason was setting out extra bowls of candy to make sure that they didn’t run out of candy for the Trick or Treaters. Without a word, they placed the alcohol on the coffee table, rearranged the couch so that it was in the front hall, and positioned it a dozen feet away from the front door.

            Just as they were sitting down, looking forward to the long night ahead, the doorbell chimed. Trevor stood back up, walked over to the front door and sent them a look over his shoulder before he opened the door and stepped back to reveal a Spiderman, a ghost, one zombie and a Queen Elsa……..

            The object of tonight’s entertainment.

            Connor waited until Trevor had handed out the candy and shut the door before he picked up two Jell-O shots and handed one to Jason. Trevor walked back over, picked up a shot and with a salute, they downed the Jell-O shot just in time as the doorbell chimed again. This time, revealing three Queen Elsas, all smiling hugely as they hummed, “Let It Go.”

            The men dutifully picked up three shots each and with a salute, downed them just as the doorbell chimed once again. This time it was a large group with five little girls dressed up as Queen Elsa. After the candy was passed out and the men had sufficiently made a big deal out of every costume, they shut the door, downed five Jell-O shots each and barely had a chance to sit down before the doorbell chimed once again.

            As Trevor went to open the door, Jason sat back on the couch and announced, “First one to pass out or hurl has to rake leaves in an Elsa dress,” Jason muttered, finishing with a groan as Trevor stepped back, revealing another group of little girls, all dressed as Elsa.

            “Deal,” Connor said, confident that no one would be able to remember this bet in the morning.

Thirty minutes later……..

            “Nobody’s answering,” a pretty little girl dressed like Queen Elsa pouted to the group of girls in matching dresses as they reluctantly walked away, making Rory frown, that is, until she walked into the house a minute later.

            “Ummm, Trevor?” she said, staring down at her cousin sprawled out on across the floor in front of the door.

            His answering groan wasn’t encouraging so she stepped over him, empty candy wrappers crinkling beneath her feet as she walked over to the couch now taking up half the front hall, its two occupants slouched over the sides. Shaking her head in disgust, she turned around to head upstairs to grab her backpack when the sound of humming reached her ears.

            Frowning, Rory slowly turned around, sure that she was hearing things, hoping that she was hearing things, only to have her husband clear up any confusion by mumbling, “Let it go, let it go, blah, blah, blah, blah, let it go……”

            Closing her eyes in defeat, she decided that next year she would handle give out the candy, because clearly the men were lightweights.



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22 Responses to “A Bradford Halloween…An RL Mathewson Chronicle”

  1. Avatar Michelle says:

    That was GREAT, the boys have to make their own entertainment since they are “banned” from so many locations (lol), I’m attaching a link to a Frozen song parody – https://youtu.be/tv7E5E8dkAA – don’t normally like when animation is tweaked for adults, but this was pretty funny. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  2. Avatar annie says:

    “let it go!!” haha priceless! I love it R.L. Cant wait to read your new book tonight after the kids are home from trick or treating!

    Thank you for the short stories!

  3. Avatar Tracy M says:

    Thanks for another great chronicle R.L.

    That’s definitely one way to get through the evening – might be an idea for next year!!!

  4. Avatar Susanne says:

    That was awesome!! I love that you added Conner to this mix, he needs more “family” time…LOL excited for new book and looking forward to December for more NFH!!!

  5. Avatar Belinda says:

    Awesome read. Typical male Bradfords! I hope you are writing another one for this series, as I love it! Thanks for the great laughs on this one!!

  6. Avatar Anita Ruiz says:

    You would think with the Bradford love of food and not gaining pound would help them hold their liquor…LOL

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