What’s going on in the crazy world of R.L. Mathewson

Black HeartThings have been pretty hectic lately, but I wanted to give you a few updates while I had the chance.

Let’s see, first things first. As some of you know I took a medical leave a few months ago to take care of some of medical issues that were causing me problems and to focus on my family. Well, I got some things taken care of like a few dental problems thanks to an awesome dentist, but the other stuff like my ruptured disc is taking forever to fix because of the long wait to be seen. Kind of crazy, which left me with some down time.

When I took my leave I promised to write some short stories to keep everyone entertained. There was one minor problem with that…..I can’t do short stories. I tried. I really did, but every time I made an attempt to write a short story I came to realize that I would absolutely hate it because I would have to limit the storyline and squash the details and I can’t do that. So all of those short story ideas will be published one day, but as full length novels.

Moving right along, having down time does not work for me so I finally said the hell with it and decided that I would go back to focusing on writing and work my medical stuff out around it. So expect something this summer 🙂

A lot of you have been wondering about what’s coming next and if I would be continuing with the series that I have out. Yes, there will be many more Pyte/Sentinel Novels, NFH Novels, EMS Novels, Hollywood Heart Novels and the first Anger Management Novel will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

I fully planned on the next Pyte novel to be the next book that I published, but during my down time I started to play with a book that I started years ago. It was actually the first book that I ever wrote. It was Tristan and Marty’s story. I wrote the book which ended up being something like three hundred pages, swore up and down to myself that it was the best book on earth and then I read it to make sure that everything worked.

Halfway through the book I realized two things:

I loved the characters.

The book absolutely sucked.

So, I deleted the book, which was hard, and kept the characters. Every once in a while over the past couple of years I would play around with the book. A few months ago when I started to play around with it and this time I decided to keep going. Now the book is very close to being done and will be the first in the new paranormal series, Cursed Hearts. That will be out in a few months.

After Black Heart (The first of the Cursed Heart novels) is finished I will be returning to the next Pyte/Sentinel novel and then working on the next NFH novel and the first Anger Management novel, both of which are already started.

I hope this clears up any questions, but if it doesn’t please let me know at rlmathewson25@gmail.com

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  1. Avatar Sarah C. says:

    wow I’m so excited this sounds like it will be a great book year. I can’t wait o read your new series. Everything I’ve read from you I’ve loved and I’m really excited that we will get another Pyte book after the new book. I’m glad you are doing better and I hope you are able to get that disc fixed soon. xoxo sarah

  2. Avatar Nat says:

    I look forward to reading Cursed Hearts, but especially the next Pyte/Sentinel novel… I am addicted!! I have read the series twice already just to get my fix! haha… Good luck with the writing – i love your work! 🙂

  3. Avatar Kathryn Hughett says:

    I love the Pyte/Sentinel series. I’m glad to hear you are working on working. Your health should take precedence so, in my opinion you should work your writing schedule around your appointments. I understand how hard it is to maintain a work/life balance.

  4. Avatar Jenny V says:

    Great news for more books! I’m very excited! And I hope your medical issues are resolved soon or you at least feel like they’re progressively getting better, as having to wait around can be so discouraging. I wish you the best and look forward to your writing magic 🙂

  5. Avatar Karla Alonso says:

    I’m so excites that we will be receiving exciting new novels to read. I’m such a fan lol
    Have read all of your series, have to say my favorites so far are a N.F.H and Pyte /Sentinel series.
    Continue with the excellent job!!!
    Hope you are feeling better and God be with you!

  6. Avatar danielle says:

    you are amazing and I can not wait to read your next book and the one after that and the one after that… I will read every book you write for the rest of my life. I love your characters. I love your humor. I love it all. Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

  7. Avatar Lorraine Pexton says:

    Hi there,

    Its great to hear you are coming back with all guns blazing! Please continue to look after your health and have loads more downtime with your family.

    The world would be very dull place without your creative imagination and skilled writing. I can’t wait for the rest of your books.

    I met my husband and 3 days after we met we decided to get married. We did 6 weeks later (22 years ago). Love of my life but am pretty sure the surname should be Bradley not Pexton, as all the Bradley traits are there!

    Anyway, great to hear you are on the mend xx

    Best Wishes

    Lorraine Pexton

  8. Avatar Kristin Felts says:

    I recently discovered your NFH series and fell in love with Haley and Jason. I quickly devoured everything of yours that is available on Amazon. In fact I just reread Playing for Keeps and laughed almost as much as the first time through. I can’t wait to see something new from you, so get better and write like a madwoman!


  9. Avatar Alicia says:

    Hi! What fantastic news! I just wanted to let you know that I can’t wait for your next book. I’m a big fan of the NFH and Hollywood hearts series and I recommend them to all my friends. I’m also glad that the next books will be full length novels because short stories always leave me wanting more. It’s great to hear that your on your way to taking care of your medical issues but I must say that I’m happy you’re back to writing. Keep up the great work!!

  10. Avatar Steph J. says:

    I just want you to know I have become an R.L. pusher…. I’m pretty sure you are going to here about me on the news approaching people on the street flashing open a trench coat with your books pinned to the inside. I’m addicted to your characters and I have to say that you are one of my favorite authors. I have told every person in my reading group about your books and I am BEYOND EXCITED that you are coming out with new stories. I’m going to need a support group soon. Hello, my name is Stephanie and I’m an R.L-holic.

  11. Avatar tila breish says:

    Just wanted to say that I have absolutely loved reading your books. I have never laughed so much. I have fallen in love with all the characters of all your books. I recommended and shared the a few of my friends. Who in turn liked them so much, they purchased them. I am anxiously awaiting your next books.

  12. Avatar Kat says:

    I am just like all your other fans and am a complete addict for your books. The way you write your characters and situations draws me into their world completely. I think that I am part of their families (or that I could be one of the girls the male characters fall for so then I can be part of the families).

    I can’t push you to write faster because the novels are excellent when they are done… So kudos! However, can you clone yourself? I have tried to read slower so it won’t be so long in between books, but I always finish your books within hours or at least the same day I started!

    I am looking forward to all of your books that are coming out! Again, like thousands of others, I am biting my nails in anticipation!

  13. Avatar Brooke says:

    I feel like I might pee my pants I am so excited!i love all your books and can’t wait to read more of them. I don’t find a lot of series of books that I like they tend to become repetitive and I move on but I’m glued to all of your books. All the characters are great. My husband I will often give me funny looks when I’m reading anything you write because I’ll burst out laughing. I even got him to read some of the NFH stuff.

  14. Avatar Ang says:

    I just have to say that you are one of my favorite authors. I absolutely love your novels. I have read every one of them other than the Pyte/Sentinel ones (not my thing) and have re-read most of them! I cannot wait to get my next fix! Keep writing.

  15. Avatar Sharon McDougall says:

    I loved, loved the series NFH. I laughed so much reading Checkmate. Hope your health is improving, and can’t wait for your new books to come out. Take care of yourself.

  16. Avatar Zury says:

    Glad your Medical issues are being resolved, even if is going slow, at least is “going”… And I am so happy to see that you couldn’t just sit still during your leave and had to gift us with a book! That is awesome!!!
    I just saw it today and as soon as I hit “Post Comment” I am hitting Amazon to get the book!
    Glad to have you back!

  17. Avatar ShirleyH says:

    Last fall I discovered the NFH series. What a wonderful guilty pleasure those books are. Now that most our lives are so hectic most of the books I listen to from audible. Please consider having your books audible. Many of us are moving that direction.
    You are so talented and I can’t wait for the next NFH to come out. Thanks you for perking me up when I need it.

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