What Really Happened: Part X….because I am a sharer…..Plus a Teaser…

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What Really Happened…

Part X

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            Yup, she was definitely a chicken, she decided as she double-checked the comforter, making sure that it was it was secure as she did her best to stay perfectly still, praying that if Darrin came into her room that he’d just dismiss the large mound in the middle of her bed and continue his search elsewhere.

            Then again, she thought with an annoyed sigh as she shifted beneath the comforter, turning onto her side so that she could peek out beneath the comforter and glower at the alarm clock. Shouldn’t he be here by now with an awkward apology that she could pretend to sleep through so that tomorrow they could act like this never happened.

            It was a wonderful plan, one that she fully planned on embracing once the big jerk came over here and gave her a half-mumbled apology with an added, “I was drunk,” when they both know that he’d been completely sober. The whole point of the apology was a way for them to awkwardly get through this without destroying their friendship. It wasn’t something that she was looking forward to, but for the sake of their friendship, she was fully planning on pretending to be asleep when he came in to apologize, make awkward small talk and then walk away so that they could move on and pretend that this never happened.

            Unfortunately for both of them, they couldn’t move on until he came in and did his part and he damn well better be planning on doing his part, because if he really thought that she was going to go over there and make this already fucked up situation any worse, then he was out of her mind. If he came over here, she could pretend to sleep, he could apologize, and they could go on as though he hadn’t just had her on the verge of the most powerful orgasm of her life.

            If, on the other hand, she decided to get this whole thing over with, she would have to get out of this bed, something that she was strongly opposed to, go downstairs, face him and be the one to make an awkward excuse for what just happened while trying to act like she was unaffected and wasn’t seriously considering all the pros of jumping him and demanding that he continue where they left off.

            No, it was definitely better if she stayed here, waited for the awkward apology and find a way to work up the nerve to look him in the eye in a few weeks and pretend that he hadn’t had his tongue inside her. It wasn’t going to be easy and she fully expected some rough moments along the way, but if it meant keeping their friendship intact, then she would-

            “Push the cover off,” the man that had taken his sweet ass time said, making her sigh in relief that it was almost over.

            “I know that you’re awake, Marybeth,” he said in a seductive whisper that had her body trembling and giving her the first clue that this awkward apology might not end up going the way that she’d planned.

            Her second clue of course was a little more obvious and had her gasping in shock as she felt the cover raised off her body and-

            “Oh, God,” she grumbled when her warm comforter was suddenly replaced by a warm, large naked, aroused male.

            Instead of giving her a half-assed apology or trying to pretend that nothing happened between them, he chuckled seductively as he gently rolled her onto her back and settled in between her legs, reminding her of something very important. During her mad dash up the stairs and her follow-up dive beneath her covers, she forgot to pull on a pair of panties and oversized sweat shorts.

            “I want you, Marybeth,” he said with a pleasured groan, leaning down to brush his lips as his large cock slid against her slit, letting her know that he more than meant it.

            “I-” she started to say only to have her words get caught in her throat as he ground that large cock of his between her legs, hitting all the best spots at once and making it very difficult to think about anything besides spreading her legs further, tilting her hips and making sure that the next move brought him inside her.

            “Tell me that you don’t want me to fuck you, Marybeth, and I’ll walk away,” he whispered hoarsely, “Tell me to walk away. Tell me that you don’t want me as much as I want you,” he groaned, punctuating every word with a kiss and a gentle thrust of his cock against her increasingly wet slit.

            She opened her mouth, but the only sound that she could make was a strangled moan as he ground his cock harder against her. At some point her arms and legs wrapped around him, holding him tightly against her, desperate to keep him where he was, and terrified that he would stop.

            “Tell me to stop,” he growled more urgently, grinding his cock harder against her as she felt every muscle in his body flex. “Please, tell me to fucking stop!”

            “I-I…,” she said, licking her dry lips as she struggled to think straight, to do the right thing, to remember why they shouldn’t be doing this, but with every thrust of his cock against her, she forgot what she wasn’t supposed to have and started to focus on what she had to have.


            She wanted him, needed him and at some point she’d apparently told him that.

            “Oh my God!” she found herself screaming at the top of her lungs when he did exactly what she asked for.

            An incredibly sexy growl rumbled through his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, pulled out only to slide back inside of her with a pleasured groan. Her fingers fisted in his hair on the third stroke and by the fourth stroke she was kissing him in the way that she’d always dreamed of.

            Even if it meant that she could never have him.


To find out how this continued, check out Double Dare

© Rerum Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2015



Dear Readers,

As some of you know, I have a surprise that I am working on, something to finish the 2015 with. Remember Duncan? Well, here’s a little bit of his story 😉

I will finish the year off with Duncan’s story, but 2016 is the year for the paranormal readers as promised 🙂



Enjoy 😀


From the 2015 surprise that I have planned for you….

Two days and three speeding tickets later…

            “Oh, my God,” Necie said on the verge of a panic attack as she sat there in her grandfather’s driveway, gripping the steering wheel tightly as it finally hit her.

            She’d actually told her boss to go fuck herself.

            Okay, so she hadn’t actually used those exact words, but she might as well have. After five years of her boss stealing her recipes and passing them off as her own, making her work double shifts, denying her raises and some time off so that she could have some semblance of a life, Necie had finally had enough. So, this morning when she’d showed up for work, she’d marched right up to her bitch of a boss, Kathleen, and flat out told her that she’d had enough and that she was quitting.

            Unfortunately for Necie, the horrible excuse for a human being hadn’t heard one word she’d said, instead telling her that she was fired because she was five minutes late. At first she’d been a little shocked and even opened her mouth to beg the evil woman to give her another chance, but then common sense kicked in. She took her last meager paycheck, marched back to her car, slammed the car door shut behind her and promptly groaned when the action caused all the bags that she’d strapped to the top of her car to fall off and land in the street.

            That was also around the time that the long line of eighteen-wheelers decided to speed down the street, destroying everything that she owned and leaving her sitting there shaking her head with a sigh, because really, she should have seen that one coming. After observing a moment of silence for her favorite tee shirt from college, the one that had been super soft and was now nothing more than a shredded mass, she decided that it was time to move onto the next stage of her life.

            While most people would consider moving back in with their grandfather and working for him a major step back, she didn’t. She loved her grandfather. He was her best friend, the man in her life and the only person who truly understand her and accepted her klutzy ways. He always had a ready smile and a wink for her when something went bad…

            Which unfortunately happened quite a lot.

            Coming home for her wasn’t admitting defeat. It meant that she finally felt ready to work for her grandfather as head baker and train to one day take over the family business, something that had terrified her for years, because she never believed that she’d ever be good enough to fill his shoes. Ten years ago when she’d left for culinary school, her grandfather had promised to personally train her and show her how to run the shop, but she’d been terrified and he’d known her well enough to know that she needed to do this her way.

            Now, she was back for good and suddenly terrified that she’d made a huge mistake. Maybe she should go back to Boston, scrape her clothes off the road, ask her landlord to let her move back into her apartment and go beg for her old job back. Not that she had a chance in hell of getting her old job or apartment back, she mused unhappily as she continued to sit in her car, staring blindly at the pile of old snow where her grandfather’s truck should be.

            Then again, it was two in the afternoon, which meant that he wouldn’t be home for a couple more hours. That was fine, she decided as she climbed out of her car and carefully made her way to the back of the house where her grandfather kept the snow shovels. She grabbed the one with the black handle, the one that she’d learned to shovel snow with and with a heavy sigh, she turned around, deciding that spending the next hour shoveling the driveway was better than sitting inside, feeling bad for herself.

            Five minutes later when her fingers started to go numb and she regretted packing her winter jacket in one of the bags that was now roadkill, she decided that it was time to go inside and grab one of her grandfather’s old coats and a pair of gloves. Wondering if she should make herself some homemade hot chocolate now or after she finished shoveling, she absently slammed the snow shovel into the snow pile behind her and-

            “Son of a bitch!” a deep voice suddenly shouted, really close to her ear, making her wince, because she had a pretty good idea what just happened.

            After years of unfortunate accidents, she was well versed on how to handle this. Taking a deep breath, she turned around to tell whoever it was that she’d just impaled with her shovel that she was sorry when she suddenly lost the power of speech and apparently her footing as she laid eyes on the handsomest man that she’d ever seen.

            He was also the most considerate too, she absently thought as her feet slipped out from beneath her and the incredibly hot man wrapped his arms around her, turned in mid-fall and took the brunt of the hit, keeping her safe and making her wonder if there was any chance that he would forget about this.

© Rerum Industries, Inc. 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

12 Responses to “What Really Happened: Part X….because I am a sharer…..Plus a Teaser…”

  1. Avatar Rosheen says:

    Yep! And thank you! Love how you lead in two days and three speeding tickets. LOL! Great way to get us curious. Thanks again and have a great week!

  2. Avatar Amaris says:

    I legit love you!!! I own all your books and read your Chronicles every Sunday. Cannot wait for this new book omg :’) much love from Trinidad and Tobago.

  3. Avatar Susanne says:

    Okay, still waiting for Darren & Marybeth’s wedding…LOL but as you always do, this was funny and made me laugh!! Your girls seem to always be kind of short and a little ditzy from one thing our another. I think Haley is the normal one, but she is petite and shy..LOL are all these girls this scatter brained? LOL I love these characters!!

  4. Avatar Diana says:

    The NFH series is one of the rare series that I can actually read each and every book from beginning to end.

    Although I’m happy that the next book is coming out so soon, I thought that Reese’s book was going to be next from the end of Double Dare. I may be a little late on news, but I was looking forward to their story.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:


      He will be getting his story 🙂 My surprise is something I have been trying to do for two years. 2016 I am going to get the paranormal books done as promised and then I can get to Reese and Jared’s stories 🙂


  5. Avatar Autumn says:

    Is there a family tree available for the bradford’s? It’s hard to keep track of the growing families and birth order of each generation. Is this something you can put on the website?

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