What Really Happened: Part VI

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What Really Happened…

Part VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


Warning: Explicit

            Nothing happened, she told herself as she curled back up on her side and faced the couch, terrified that if she moved or said something that she would make things worse and Darrin would go away and-

            She swallowed hard as she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to pretend that she wasn’t terrified that today would be the day when Darrin finally have enough and leave her before-

            Before what?

            There was nothing that could ever happen between them. She’d made sure of it and now she was lying here in the dark, feeling sorry for herself and praying for something that she knew could never happen. He deserved better than to be tied down to the one woman who couldn’t give him what he wanted more than anything and she deserved to live a life where she could open her eyes every morning and look at herself in the mirror without feeling like the most horrible bitch around for ruining his life.

            Keeping her eyes closed, she listened as Darrin continued to stand there, wondering what he was going to do. Part of her hoped that he would climb back on the couch, curl up behind her and tell her that nothing else mattered. Another part of her hoped that he would do the right thing and walk away, start putting some real distance between them and end this before she was forced to do it, but she knew that he would never hurt her and push her away no matter how much better off they’d both be if one of them had the balls to finally end this thing.

            That left it up to her to do the right thing, something that she’d been struggling to find the courage to do since she was fifteen. Maybe tonight was finally going to be the night where things happened for the best. He’d finally get sick of being brushed off, move on and she’d be happy for him, she told herself as she clenched her jaw so tightly that it actually hurt right along with the muscles in her body rebelling at the idea of walking away from Darrin once and for-

            She choked out the words, “Oh my, God,” but she wasn’t sure that she’d managed to get the words out or even knew how to say them. Not that she was really all that concerned with her vocal abilities at the moment. Although, she vaguely thought, maybe she should ask him why he was taking his pants off and shoving his boxers down, revealing a part of his anatomy that seemed very excited to see her.

            She should definitely be looking away right now, she tried to tell herself, yet no matter how many times she chanted that mantra in her head she couldn’t seem to get around the fact that her best friend, the man that she’d been in love with for more years than she could count, was completely aroused, naked and had somehow managed to pull her pants and underwear down before it registered in her mind.

            “Oh my God,” she was able to get out, somewhat coherently this time when he ducked his head between her legs and traced her wet slit with his tongue.

            If there had been any concerns that this had been another one of those wonderful dreams that she seemed to depend upon more and more lately to get through the day, he’d destroyed every single last one of them as he dipped his tongue between her lips and flicked her clit with what she was quickly coming to realize was a very talented tongue.

            “Darrin,” she managed to gasp out his name even as she realized that someone was tearing off her shirt and bra and by the time that she realized that that someone was her, he had her on her back, her legs spread wipe open and he was licking her pussy slowly, savoring every last drop.

            She tried to figure out how they’d gone from two best friends trying to pretend that nothing was between them to her, naked, spread and moaning his name between groaning threats of violence if he ever thought about stopping.

            It was definitely something to worry about later, she abruptly decided as she felt a very thick finger part her lips and slide deep inside her, making her back bow, a sigh of satisfaction escape her and made her idly wonder how much of that large cock hanging between his legs she could swallow before he had her screaming to be fucked.


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  1. Avatar Susanne says:

    Still good!! These are great. I am a big fan and love how you’re showing us how these two first joined!! Can’t wait for the next book!!

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