What Really Happened: Part IV

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What Really Happened…

Part IX

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Please don’t hurt me!”

            “Would you fucking run already?” Darrin snapped, in absolutely no fucking mood to deal with this.

            Not tonight.

            Not after what just happened.

            All he wanted was the little prick curled up in the fetal position in the small foyer to man the fuck up and get out of his house so that he could hunt down the little coward and force her to face what just happened between the two of them, but until the little prick left, he was helpless to do anything but stand there as she fled.

            He’d come too far, taken it too far to let it go now. He’d crossed that line they’d both been toying with for years and if he didn’t go after her and make her face this thing between them now, he might never get another chance like this one again. He couldn’t let her hide, not again.

            “Get the fuck out of here,” he said, grabbing the man cowering on the floor by the arm and shoved him out the front door, causing him to trip over the boxes of food that he’d tried to abandon in order to save his own ass.

            “Please don’t hurt me,” the man whispered as he stumbled over the mess he’d made.

            Rolling his eyes, because it was really fucking pathetic that the guy thought he would blow his chances with Marybeth over a fucking anchovy and onion pizza, Darrin slammed the door shut in his face with a disgusted shake of his head. Like that was really going to fucking happen.

            Double checking that the lock was secured, he turned towards her bolted door and shook his head, sighing heavily, because she’d left him with absolutely no choice but to let this play out. She needed to make the next move, he decided as he turned and headed back into his apartment and prayed that she didn’t make him wait too long.


To be continued…


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