What Really Happened: Part II

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What Really Happened…

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Okay, asshole, spill,” Jason snapped as soon the SUV pulled away, getting in his face with the other large bastard stepping up behind him.

            Sighing heavily, not only because he had no fucking clue what they were talking about and not really caring, Darrin leaned back against the side of Trevor’s truck and asked, “What now?”

            Trevor shouldered Jason out of the way and got in his face, trying to intimidate him, which was really just fucking sad. “Spill.”

            Cocking a brow, he reached out and shoved the large bastard back and out of his space. “If you want to know something, just ask,” he said, really not in the mood for this today, not when he should be inside the Fire & Brimstone finding out what his brother had been hiding all these years.

            Selfish bastard, he thought with a glare towards the restaurant that he was unjustly banned from. After all the shit he’d gone through over the years for Lucifer and this was how he repaid him? He could understand banning the rest of the assholes in their family, but he was Lucifer’s favorite brother and as such should be inside that restaurant getting fucking pampered right now.

            “You better start talking before your wife does, because if I lose this bet I’m going to make your life a living hell,” Jason threatened, shouldering Trevor back out of the way so he could get in Darrin’s face.

            “You already do,” Darrin reminded him as he shoved him back as well.

            “It will be worse,” Jason promised with a glare.

            “Oh, so much worse,” Trevor added with the murderous glare that had him rolling his eyes and wondering what he’d done to deserve to be related to these annoying bastards.

            “Not possible,” he said, wondering if Marybeth was going to grab him something to eat while she was out or if he was on his own.

            “What really happened that night?” Jason asked just as Darrin pulled out his phone to text his wife.

            “What night?” he asked absently, wondering if he should just call a taxi or walk the five miles home.

            “The night that Marybeth became desperate enough to settle for you,” Trevor said, making the decision for him.

            A five-mile walk home it was then.

            “Oh, come on!” Jason called after him. “Don’t be that way!”

            Not bothering to look up from his phone as he headed towards the sidewalk, he raised a hand and gave his cousins the finger, which of course amused them.

            “Look,” Trevor said, chuckling as he caught up with him, “we have a bet going with our wives, who are even at this moment questioning Marybeth and bugging the shit out of her until she tells them.”

            “What’s the bet?” he asked, damn near groaning as he put his phone away and came to a stop so that he could face his cousins, because he knew that Zoe and Haley would have the truth out of Marybeth in a matter of minutes if they played their cards right, which basically meant that Haley sat there looking sad and hurt and Zoe used guilt and the fact that she was carrying their children for them to get what they wanted.

            “Losers have to watch the kids while the winners get a weekend in New York to catch a game,” Trevor explained before adding, “and if you help us win this bet, you can come with us, all expenses paid.”

            A free trip to watch the Yankees?

            No Bradford in his right mind would be able to pass that up, which is why he rubbed his hands roughly down his face as he said, “Okay, this is what happened…”


To be continued….

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10 Responses to “What Really Happened: Part II”

  1. Gloria says:

    Ohhhh suspense and my favorite Bradfords I love it . I can hardly wait till the next reading of the Chronicals. I’m sorry there’s a delay in NFH 4 but I hope you’refeeling better you”re one of my favorite authors. ???

  2. Elaine McCrory says:

    Has something changed on your server? I cannot access the chronicles through the link on facebook, I am getting an error 403 message telling me I am forbidden.

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