What Really Happened: Part I An NFH Chronicle

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What Really Happened…

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “This is fucking bullshit,” Jason said with a murderous glare towards the large man standing in the doorway of the restaurant they were trying to get into, who just happened to be glaring right back at Jason with his large muscular arms crossed over his chest, silently daring Jason to try and get past him.

            Marybeth sighed heavily as she leaned back against her husband, pleased when Darrin wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, rewarding her with a kiss on the top of her head as he no doubt joined in the glaring game. “He’s never going to let us inside,” she pointed out for probably the third time that day since her husband and his cousins had announced that they were going to try to get into the Fire & Brimstone Pub tonight.

            “Oh, I’ll get in there, guaranteed,” Trevor said tightly, shooting Lucifer a glare that only made the larger Bradford’s lips twitch with amusement as he gestured lazily for them to leave.

            “Can’t we just go to Burger King?” Zoe asked with a slight wince and a definite pout as she placed her hand over the large swell of her stomach and leaned back against Trevor, who absently placed his hand over hers where Marybeth and Darrin’s babies for them, as his eyes narrowed dangerously on Lucifer, a look of challenge that most Bradford boys mastered within hours of being born.

            Lucifer simply ignored the challenge, shot them a wink and turned his back on them, returning to the busy restaurant that he owned and operated, leaving them there to fume as they were once again denied entrance into the best restaurant in town.

            It was also the same one that every Bradford was automatically banned from since the day that Lucifer had opened the restaurant’s doors. Most of the family, while they weren’t happy about it, understood. The Fire & Brimstone was Lucifer’s dream and he’d worked his ass off to make it happen. None of them would ever do anything to jeopardize his dream, but that didn’t mean that they had to be happy about being denied entrance into what was supposedly the best restaurant in town.

            They were Bradfords after all.

            “Are you boys ready to call it a night yet?” Marybeth asked with a heavy sigh, because yeah, they’d done this before, spending hours that she would never get back sitting in this parking lot, waiting for an opportunity to get past Lucifer’s guard dogs and get their hands on what she’d heard several Bradfords refer to as, “The forbidden fruit,” several times over the years.

            Personally, Marybeth just wanted to grab a burger, fries and a shake and go home so that they could finish putting the nursery together. Since that’s what she already knew they’d up doing in the end, she’d rather just call it a night and get it over with.

            Unfortunately for her, her husband and his cousins were determined bastards, who had a hard time accepting a ban that in their minds, they hadn’t earned. They were determined to get in and every few weeks or so they worked themselves up, calling this ban an injustice, got together, drove over here, sat in the parking lot and glared at the restaurant until someone, usually her or one of the other Bradford wives, got pissed, stole their husband’s car keys, drove off and had a girl’s night out somewhere.

            Since she’d already reached her limit with the whole glaring contest, she pulled away from Darrin, grabbed his keys, walked away from him and jumped in his truck. By the time that she shut her door and started the truck, the passenger door slammed shut and Haley and Zoe were buckling up, apparently having had more than enough for one night as well.

            “Where to?” Marybeth asked as she put the truck in reverse.

            “Anywhere that we can get a meatball pizza and a root beer float,” Zoe said with that wistful sigh that she usually got when was pregnant and craving a snack and yes, sadly a large meatball pizza and a root beer float was considered a light snack for a woman carrying Bradfords, especially triplets.

            “Pizza sounds good to me,” Haley said with a pleased smile that she couldn’t quite hold back as she added, “And maybe you’ll finally tell us the story behind how Darrin finally managed to snag you?”


To be continued…


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18 Responses to “What Really Happened: Part I An NFH Chronicle”

  1. Avatar Gina W. says:

    Wait!!! What happened to Caine and Danni?!?! Don’t get me wrong I’m loving Lucifers story and chronicle, but I need some kinda closure. Please do more Pyte/Sentinal chronicles again.

  2. Avatar Tina says:

    Great ?I am looking forward to hear how Marybeth and Darrin became more … 🙂
    And I am looking forward to read Reese and Kaseys story, and Lucifers, and all the rest of the Bradfords. And of course the Pyte/Sentinel series, A cursed heart series, EMS series and …
    I look forward to the next one 🙂

  3. Avatar shirley linn says:

    the neighbor from hell books are grounded, sexy and funny. i love these books. please keep writing them. i love the bradfords.

  4. Avatar Savannah says:

    (Late comment but…?)
    I’m in love with this series.
    Has literally made me laugh 10029x more than an average novel can. So looking forward to any extras and updates.

    I only WISH I had a Bradford of my own *sigh*.

  5. Avatar Elasmini Swain says:

    love NFH series but can you please also give us pleasure of reading cursed heart series i realy loved that book of yours

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