What Happens at a Buffet………

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What Happens at a Buffet……

Part V


An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Not. Fucking. Happening.”

            “You don’t have a choice,” Zoe said smugly as she sat across from him on the couch next to Haley, who was struggling to stay awake.

            “You don’t think so?” he asked, cocking a brow as he glared at his cousin’s Red Sox loving wife.

            “We have the list,” Zoe pointed out as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back as Haley mumbled something in her sleep and sort of fell over onto her side where she grumbled something unintelligible and snuggled a throw pillow.

            Sighing heavily, he slumped back against the couch, wondering if he’d fucked up by using sex to get answers from her had been a mistake.

            “How do you know that she hasn’t already shown me the list?” he asked, gesturing lazily towards his wife.

            “Because she doesn’t have a copy of the list,” Zoe replied with a huge smile that had his eyes narrowing on his unconscious wife.

            “Then who has it?” Trevor demanded next to him as they sat there, glaring at their wives.

            Smiling, Zoe announced, “Marybeth.”

            “Fuck…no,” he said, sighing heavily as he closed his eyes in defeat, because he knew that the only person who had any chance at all of getting his hands on the list would use it just to fuck them over for the hell of it.

            “We could ask him to-”

            “Darrin’s not going to share that list,” he pointed out as his eyes locked on his wife and he decided to focus on what they could get their hands on now.

            “If you don’t tell us the name and location of the buffet that you were going to today, we will go on strike,” he announced, locking gazes with Zoe since she was the only one of them conscious.

            “Strike?” Zoe repeated back slowly, looking confused as she shot Trevor a questioning look.

            “Strike,” Trevor said firmly as they both folded their arms over their chests and stared her down, knowing damn well that they had the women where they wanted them.

            “I see,” she murmured thoughtfully before she shrugged and made a counter offer, “You’ll get the name and address of the buffet restaurant if you agree to watch the kids for a whole week so that we can go to the North Shore Author Event in April.”

            He felt Trevor go still next to him as he struggled to bite back a smile.

            This was fucking perfect….

            “And if we don’t?” he asked, deciding not to let her know that this actually worked in their favor.

            Zoe shrugged. “Then we go on strike.”

            “I see,” he murmured thoughtfully, not really all that concerned since he was more than fine with this plan.

            “So, we have a deal?” Zoe asked with a devious look in her eye that reminded him of her rather frightening children.

            He didn’t bother conferring with Trevor since there was no doubt in his mind that his cousin was on board.

            “Yes,” he said with a nod, “we have a deal.”


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10 Responses to “What Happens at a Buffet………”

  1. Avatar Sandy says:

    Thanks for writing a chronicle this week! I know you must have been tired from your trip. I can’t wait for the next one!!

  2. Avatar jamie says:

    Maybe I am just not getting it.. But what exactly are they striking? Work? Putting out in the bedroom? Helping with children?

    I know it isn’t a hunger stike.

    Without context, I don’t know what to think.

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