What Happens at a Buffet…. Part I

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What Happens at a Buffet………

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Where are you going?” Trevor asked, biting back a smile as Zoe froze, mid-step, and mid-text by the look of it, and slowly, ever so slowly, turned around to face him.

            Worrying her bottom lip, she quickly shoved her phone in her back pocket and said, “Nowhere?”

            “Then why are you standing next to your car with your keys out?” he asked, folding his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the old oak tree and waited for the woman that he loved more than anything to betray him, again.

            “Umm, I was, umm,” she said, swallowing nervously, “just getting home?”

            “I see,” he murmured thoughtfully as he watched her shift closer to her car. “Where did you go?”

            “Where did I go?” she asked, appearing confused by this line of questioning.

            “Mmmhmm, where did you go?”

            “I was, umm, just driving around in case the school called?” she said, giving him one of her sweet little smiles that usually managed to wrap him around her little finger.

            “Because of their first day at school?” he asked, deciding to toy with her a little bit and let her believe that he was buying into this bullshit story.

            “Yes,” she quickly agreed with a nod, “that’s exactly it. I was worried that the school would call about one of the boys and I wanted to be close by in case they needed me.”

            “Then why did you come back?”

            “Why did I come back?” she asked, shifting nervously.


            “I, umm,” she said, swallowing nervously as she looked around their front yard for inspiration. When her gaze landed on him, she straightened with a relieved smile. “I came home to spend time with you?”

            “And how were you planning on doing that since I was supposed to be at work today?” he asked, biting back a smile when she nibbled on her bottom lip as she struggled to come up with another lie to save her beautiful ass from the spanking that she deserved.

            “Well, I, um,” she started to explain as she looked back at her car and shifted closer to it, “I’d planned on texting you to come home later when I was ready?”

            “Ready?” he asked, pushing away from the tree and moved closer to her as she continued to edge closer to her car.

            She nodded even as she took another step back. “For the sex.”

            “The sex?” he repeated, feeling his lips twitch with amusement.

            “Yes, the sex,” she said with a nod as she licked her lips and blindly reached back for the car door. “To, um, celebrate the boys returning to school and having the house to ourselves for a few hours?”

            He nodded as he gestured towards the front door. “Okay, let’s go.”

            “Go? Go where?” she asked just as her cellphone chimed, alerting her to an incoming text message and making her go completely still.

            “To the house for sex,” he said, gesturing lazily towards the house as he continued to move closer to her as another chime sounded and then another.

            “Right now?” she asked, sounding surprised by the suggestion as her car door popped open.

            “Unless you have somewhere else you’re supposed to be,” he said as he closed the distance between them.

            “I, umm, was going to run a few errands first,” she sputtered a bit as she opened her door wider.

            “They can wait,” he said as he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers.

            Another chime.

            “I-I have to go,” she said against his lips, her breaths coming a little quicker as he wrapped his arms around her.

            “Come inside, sweetheart,” he said soothingly as he dropped his hand down to her generous bottom and gave it a squeeze that had her gasping.

            “I need to go,” she whispered weakly as he brushed his lips teasingly over hers.

            “Where?” he asked as he moved his hand over her ass, taking a moment to enjoy himself before he dragged his hand up and-

            “Give it back!” Zoe demanded as she tried to grab the cellphone from his hand, but he simply raised it higher out of her reach as he swiped through her messages.

            “Got something you want to tell me?” he asked, grinding his jaw as he read the proof of her betrayal.

            “It’s not what it looks like,” Zoe said, giving up on trying to get the phone away from him and instead moved to step away from him.

            “Then you weren’t trying to sneak off to meet Marybeth at a new buffet?” he asked, turning an accusing glare on his wife just as she made a run for it.


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20 Responses to “What Happens at a Buffet…. Part I”

  1. Avatar helen says:

    Trevor and Zoe are my favourite characters though it’s hard to pick. Thanks for another chronicle. Look forward to Sundays.

  2. Avatar Monica says:

    Thank you for another hilarious chronicle. I love how for the Bradfords there is no bigger or more seious betrayal than food. So funny! I can read about Jason and Trevor everyday and I wouldn’t get tired.

  3. Avatar Tracy M says:

    Thanks RL. Another great Chronicle.
    I love how Trevor considers it betrayal when Zoe does stuff like that…..It’s not her fault he and his family can’t behave in restaurants and get banned from everywhere they go.

  4. Avatar Kristi says:

    I love your books. Zoe and Travis or so funny. I hope you continue with this series in books. I can read about the Bradfords over and over and enjoy it each time.

  5. Avatar Jessie T says:

    Love these men!!!!!! Can’t seem to get enough of them. Love how Zoe answers a question with a question. These Bradfords have me laughing out loud! Keep it coming, R L

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