What Happens at a Buffet…..Part 7

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What Happens at a Buffet….

Part VII

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle 


            “What are you doing?”

            Blinking, Zoe looked up to find Jason glaring down at her plate in disgust. “Making a salad,” she said, frowning in confusion as she glanced down at the salad in her hands and then back up at Jason.

            “Why?” Jason asked, shooting her plate another curious look before he looked back up at her, waiting for a reason to explain why she was wasting her time on the salad bar at a buffet. It was a typical Bradford response, and one she’d dealt with before.

            “Because I don’t want to get fat like you,” she said with a shrug, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

            He gasped in horror, looking startled. “I’m not fat!”

            She looked pointedly down at his impressive chest and abs covered by a gray Bradford Construction tee shirt and shrugged. “If you say so.”

            Another startled gasp brought her attention back up to find Jason glaring down at her. “You are no longer allowed to play with my wife,” he bit out with a sniff as he stalked off, leaving her standing there, shaking her head in wonder.

            There was just something about a Bradford that she found highly entertaining, she thought with a fond smile as she picked up the large bottle of French dressing and drizzled it over her salad, making sure to cover every last bit of green and red with the delicious orange concoction that made eating healthy possible. Once that was done, she grabbed two warm rolls, two small packs of butter and carried her plate over to the beverage station where she filled a glass with ice and Coke. Once that was done, she carried her food over to the booth that Trevor had picked out and sat down.

            A minute later Trevor paused by the table to drop off four large glasses of Coke and stole a quick kiss before walking away. The next time he walked past their table he dropped off two plates overflowing with fried chicken, a plate with mashed potatoes, corn and cranberry sauce before kissing her and disappearing back into the small crowd surrounding the buffet tables. He stopped by their table two more times, dropping off twice as much food before he finally sat down with two cups of chocolate milk.

            He managed to polish off one of the plates of fried chicken and the plate of mashed potatoes and corn before she could manage half her salad. Once she was done eating, she pushed her plate away, sat back and watched her husband devour his food.

            “I’m going to have to go soon,” she reminded him as she looked down at her watch.

            “We still have two hours before we have to pick the kids up,” Trevor said, not bothering to look up from the biscuit that he was buttering.

            “I have to stop by the store first,” she absently said as she looked around the large restaurant, already bored out of her mind.

            “I’ll make burgers on the grill,” he offered with a shrug, picking up another biscuit and slathered it with butter and strawberry jelly before popping it in his mouth.

            “I see,” she murmured, glancing over at Jason’s table across the restaurant to find him glaring at her as he stuffed a biscuit in his mouth and just because she couldn’t help herself, she bit her lip and looked pointedly down at his trim waist, the implication clear.

            She swore that she heard his gasp of outrage across the noisy restaurant, and although it did entertain her to screw with his head, her enjoyment was short lived as she recalled her current predicament. She was stuck in a buffet restaurant with a limited number of Bradfords with nothing to read or do for the next two hours.

            She really wished that she’d managed to text a few Bradfords. At least with a restaurant full of Bradfords she was guaranteed some entertainment. She briefly considered asking for her phone and reading for a while, but she didn’t want to kill her battery just in case the kids needed to get hold of her. That left her with two choices, sit here and watch Trevor devour enough food to feed a small army or nibble on something while she waited until it was time to leave. Since sitting here watching as her husband tried to appease the Bradford appetite wasn’t exactly appealing, she decided to roam the buffet tables for a while.


 There’s still more to come……

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13 Responses to “What Happens at a Buffet…..Part 7”

  1. Avatar Misty says:

    Oh lord, I just love Jason. Denying Zoe from playing with Haley like an errant child, gotta love the Bradfords. And the fat comment was priceless, she can carry that through for months. I love that Trevor still stopped to kiss Zoe even in the midst of food lust, so sweet.

  2. Avatar Mary smith says:

    I love your Bradford stories and look forward to new ones. Never stop writing about the antics that go on in that family.

  3. Avatar Sandy says:

    Thank you so much for these Chronicles each Sunday!!! They are very entertaining! I can’t wait to read the next one

  4. Avatar Susanne says:

    You have made a funny, enjoyable family which I look forward to reading about week in and week out!!! I’m all excited for the next book in the NFH series!!

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