Warning: I Did This to Amuse Myself :)

So, Dear Reader, remember when I admitted that I was kind of a jerk and semi-sure that I might in fact be evil?

Well, here’s your proof 🙂

Below is an excerpt from The Promise: A NFH Novel, and one that I am playing with during my free time, because apparently I have no life. 


I will tell you that this part is a prologue, rest of the story takes place years later!!


Bridgewater, MA

Twelve years ago…

“I really think that we should talk about this,” Kelsey said even as she had to berate herself for not putting the thirty-second head start they’d given her to good use and found a better hiding spot than the top of an old metal cabinet.

“There’s nothing to talk about!” Jamie, the normally sweet girl who always let Kelsey sit at her table, snapped a bit angrily as she jumped and made another mad grab for her, which only confirmed Kelsey’s suspicions that she was going to die this very day.

“Death by seniors,” she mumbled miserably with a pathetic sigh as she took in the large group shoving each other out of the way in an attempt to get their hands on her first. If they’d only worked together, she thought with another sigh even as she decided that it was probably for the best if she didn’t point that out.  

After calculating the odds of her surviving this encounter and deciding that they weren’t good, she decided to try reasoning with them with the hope that they could discuss this like rational human beings. “I understand that you’re upset and possibly disappointed by the way things turned out, but is violence really the answer?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes!” came the resounding answer, making her shoulders sag with defeat, because she was really kind of hoping that they’d take into consideration the fact that she was only thirteen, small for her age, and really, really sorry that about this whole thing.

Granted, she hadn’t had a chance to apologize yet, but she would just as soon as they stopped trying to drag her away from the safety of the metal cabinet that kept making ominous sounds that were really starting to concern her. She should have kept running and tried to barricade herself in the closet, but at the time the cheerleaders had been closing in on her and she hadn’t been sure if she was going to make it to the closet in time. Thanks to her quick thinking she was now stuck on top of an old, somewhat rusty, metal cabinet with an angry mob of hormonal teenagers after her.

She really wished she could figure out how to keep her mouth shut sometimes, now being one of those times. It would definitely make her life easier, she thought as she was forced to flatten herself against the wall so that she could pull her foot away from the edge of the cabinet.

“Would it help if I said that I was sorry?” she asked with a hopeful expression only to groan when they yelled, “No!”

Hugging her backpack tightly against her chest, she nervously licked her lips as she glanced around the large classroom, looking for someone or something that could get her out of this. But, it appeared as though she was definitely on her own on this one.

What she wouldn’t give for a teacher to walk in right now…

Well, maybe not Mr. Laferreira since he was the reason that she was in this mess. He really shouldn’t have called on her, especially since he knew better than most teachers what her stubborn mouth was capable of, but for some reason he’d felt it was necessary to prove that she didn’t know when to quit. There had been seventeen other students in the room who were more than capable of answering his question, but had he asked any of them a question about Robert E. Lee’s role in the American Revolution?

No, because for some reason the deeply disturbed man enjoyed it when she pointed out when he was wrong, which unfortunately for the sake of their education, was often. She wasn’t sure what his degree was in, but it definitely wasn’t in American history. He was constantly getting dates mixed up, his facts wrong, and could never seem to answer any of their questions without having to refer to the large history book that he kept open and ready on his desk. So, when she’d politely pointed out that Robert E. Lee had been in the Civil War and that he might want to seriously consider other vocations it had somehow enraged him into assigning everyone a ten page paper due first thing Monday morning that had really been his fault for calling on her.

“I hate you!” one of the cheerleaders screamed, sobbing a bit at the end there.

“You ruined my life!” someone else added, but she really wasn’t sure who since they’d all decided to start screaming at her.

She should shut up and let them get it out their system with the hopes that it would be enough to get them to give up on their plan to shove her in a locker and seal it with cement, but once again, her mouth refused to stay shut.

“It’s only a dance,” she pointed out, reminding them that it wasn’t the end of the world, but that’s when she realized that she’d made another tactical error.

“It’s Homecoming!” someone yelled as though that meant something to her.

“I had to mow fifty lawns to pay for this thing!”

“It’s the biggest dance of the year!”

“I had to eat lettuce for a month to fit into my dress!” one of girls screamed hysterically as she gave up on trying to grab Kelsey and decided that it was time to shove the cabinet onto its side.

That was right around the time that Kelsey decided to abandon ship.

Taking a deep breath, she tightened her hold around her bag and jumped from the cabinet, managing to take everyone by surprise and-

Fall flat on her face with a pained groan.

It wasn’t the smartest thing that she’d ever done, but at least she was off the cabinet, she told herself as another pained groan escaped her. As she lay there, most likely dying from internal injuries, she couldn’t help but wonder if they would be willing to forget this whole thing now that her short, and somewhat depressing life had flashed before her eyes. When she felt a pair of strong hands wrap around her arms and drag her to her feet, she couldn’t help but regret her decision to turn down her grandmother’s generous offer to homeschool her so that she wouldn’t end up in a situation like this one.

And yes, having the rest of the school turn on her and demand her head on a platter had been something of a concern for her grandparents. If only she’d listened, she thought absently as she was carefully placed on her feet and found herself looking up at her brother’s disapproving face. She couldn’t help but notice that he really didn’t look all that pleased to see her.

That kind of hurt since she was very happy to see him.

“What did you do now?” Brian asked, as he shot the group itching to get their hands on her a look of warning, which was probably the only reason they weren’t dragging her off towards the lockers by now.

“Umm,” she mumbled, shooting a nervous glance around the room to find the rest of her third period American history class glaring at her, “I may have questioned Mr. Laferreira’s ability to teach high school history.”

He didn’t say anything, but then again, he didn’t have to since she was well aware that she’d messed this one up. When he shook his head with a sigh and grabbed her bag, she nearly wept with joy as he gestured for her to move her butt.

“Sorry,” she said, shooting the angry crowd that most likely wouldn’t be asking her to sign their yearbooks a nervous smile.

“She didn’t mean it,” Brian said, reciting the line that he’d been forced to use since she’d learned to talk and making her once again wonder why she couldn’t learn to keep her mouth shut.

“Let’s go,” Brian said, wrapping his large arm around her shoulders and dragged her out of the room before she could open her mouth and say something to make this worse.

Not that she was sure that was even humanly possible at this point.

“Kelsey,” he said, with a pained groan as he led her towards the cafeteria, “what did we talk about?”

“Many things,” she mumbled pathetically when she saw who was waiting for them in the hallway.

Reed Bradford, her brother’s best friend, the school’s bad boy, breaker of hearts, her neighbor and her self-appointed babysitter.

“You find her in time?” Reed asked, as he pushed away from the lockers and joined them, making her hate him even more than she already did.

It didn’t matter that he’d saved her from an angry crowd determined to get their revenge, she hated him, always had and always would.

“Yeah, thanks, man,” Brian said as Kelsey grumbled a “See you later,” and ducked out of his reach. She hurried towards the cafeteria before she had to listen to the jerk ranting about how she had no business being in high school.

As she was forced to duck into the janitor’s closet when the angry mob that wanted nothing more than to tear her apart stepped into the hallway, Kelsey decided then and there that she was going to do whatever it took to finish school early and when she did, she was going to leave this town and never come back.





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139 Responses to “Warning: I Did This to Amuse Myself :)”

  1. Claire C says:

    Title suggestion: “Know It All”
    “Knowing series” (e.g. Knowing enough, know nothing, unknown, etc)

  2. Polly Cary says:

    Unnamed future awesome book title? Redemption?!? The heroine will always owe somebody something (form of apology )

  3. Dar Gee says:

    Series title – My siblings best friend or Growing up together. Then the books could be titled either or both main characters

  4. Nancy Romero says:

    The Sweet Life?
    Young, smart, but not in charge!
    Smart A** Chick!
    A few suggestions, unfortunately not enough, in my opinion, to think of a badass title.
    But I’m completely interested in it…?

  5. Catherine says:

    First I have to say yes you are evil because with just that short bit and I’m hooked I want to read the rest now like riiiight now lol I think since she is clearly a smart girl being so young in a senior class and if that’s a theme in the series Braniacs series? If it’s not going to be a theme in the new series not sure then without more to go on. As for the book title hmmm Brainey Girls Have More Fun? Or Smart Women (or Girls) Do It Better. If I knew a bit more about the characters I would have more ideas but her being so smart is the bit that stand out to me 🙂 hopefully this is something that will be coming our way soon I can’t wait to read!

  6. Vania Lombardi says:

    I’m thinking you are going to write about a gifted child and how the experiences impacts her as an adult years later. “Smarty Pants”?

  7. Theresa shaw says:

    Hahahah…….first thing that popped into my head?

    Capitulation Frustration……….ahahah lol. Just fit for me. lol

  8. Erin says:

    It may sound stupid but maybe as a series title: The Unwanted Protectors
    My Brothers Best Friend as a title………

  9. ronnie says:

    LOL… Sorry no title suggestion…LOVE IT! You have such a way with words. I hope some day they make a series of movies from your stories. I would love to see more of these characters…pretty please…

    • Tammy says:

      That is something I would also watch probably everyday lol. If they would do a movie based on each series I would be in heaven

  10. Denise says:

    I was thinking something like dilemma? Or hot water? Sounds like this is going to be another great book! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  11. Alysia says:

    Hmmm….smarty pants….smart mouth….because she doesn’t know when to just give up and shut up. This sounds like it’s going to be a great book can’t wait!!!

  12. Sharon Cox says:

    Dire Straits for the series, with all “d” words for the individual books
    Dis….anything, picking up on the D in dire and the S in straits

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I would say “Misunderstanding”, “The wrong word”, “Can’t Stop”, “Unfinished”, “Misplaced”. I love the summary but it would be easier to think of title to know what direction you were thinking.

  14. Sabrena Copeland says:

    Loved it.also love the brothers best friends name.My grandson’s name is Kash Jaxon Turner.and my granddaughter’s name is Jaelie Jools Turner.we always joke that we’ll always be rich because we got Kash n Jools.Jools would be a good name for a female character I think.cant wait to see this story finished.

  15. Hannah says:

    1. Kelsey’s karma
    2. Just getting started
    3. What goes around
    4. That’s what you get
    5. Just by chance
    6. I know what I know
    7. Tim Tatian
    8. Irresistible
    9. Get on my level
    10. Bring it on
    11. Come at me
    12. A friend of a friend
    13. Showstopper
    14. Heart stopper
    15. Just do it
    16. One for the road
    17. One for the books

  16. Chelsea says:

    Speechless for the title, because hopefully at some point he makes her normally chatty mouth completely speechless.

    Learning to Listen for the series

  17. Ashley says:

    Homicidal Brainiac
    The Brainiac and Maniac
    Smart Heart
    Brainiac’s Babysitter
    Jax in the Box
    Show & Kel
    Miss Understood
    Know it all, owe it all, blow it all (3 books)
    Educated Yes (like Guess)

  18. Rosheen Arthur says:

    “Survival 101” or “perpetuity 101”. Ps really really like this story. Any time you want to seak an extra book release in, this would be the one ?

  19. Rebecca Medeiros says:

    Since it seems to be a spin off from NFH, I’d say Nightmare from Heaven as the series. Guarding Kelsey as book

  20. Rochelle says:

    Considering this is a prologue… I imagine this going into adulthood. With that being said i would say the series could be “Protected” “or “the one” for protected it would be “protected by Jackson ) ( each book would have a different name). For “the one” it would be The One , who saved me… or The one… that got away… so on and so on

  21. Yesaira Garcia says:

    Wow!!! Gonna be a good one. Loved it !!! But but you are mean for teasing us like always but your too forgivable. But I feel like this might have happened to you before, the mobbing for saying something, and somebody wanted to shove you somewhere lol ?

    Title suggestions
    1. Kelsey’s Bad Boy
    2. Uniquely You
    3. Kelsey & Jaxon ( How to survive the impossible 1)
    4. Survive The Impossible
    5. Surviving highschool
    6. Kelsey’s Survival Story ( lol )
    7. Captivated by You
    8. Surprising, uniquely, impossibly Yours
    9. Try it and See
    10. Try if you Dare

  22. Diane says:

    Unbreakable Rule as a title for the book… you know the one where brothers best friend never dates his younger sister.

  23. Carina says:

    Welcome to Disaster

    Kelsey’s Disastous Life

    Oh no, Kelsey!?! (and further titles of the series: No way, Kelsey?!? Just why, Kelsey?! What did you do now, Kelsey?!? What is wrong with you, Kelsey?!)

  24. Erin says:

    I would love to read this when it’s completed (or honestly just chapter by chapter until it’s finished). As for a title and series name…
    Speak (since your NHS has a lot of one-word titles, this could be a spin-off–and because Kelsey loves speaking)
    What did we talk about? (Can be replaced with something that Kelsey has always been told in response to this question)
    Protecting Her
    Kelsey’s Keeper (not mine, but I like the title)
    Keeping Her Safe (or just, Keeping Her)
    Understanding Kelsey (since she is kind of an outcast)
    Frenemies (an enemies to friends to lovers series)
    Amusing myself ?
    The Unwanted bodyguard (or something like that)
    The Babysitter/Unwanted Babysitter

  25. Jane says:

    Book Title “Kelsey Fierce”
    Series “little miss know-it-alls”

    Book Title “Kelsey Kalls”
    Series “Fierce Island”

  26. Kayla says:

    Book: Turner’s Turn
    No sure about Brian and Kelsey’s last name, but use them as titles. Not sure where the book is going, but with Jaxon having to save her all the time it could be fun if he needed her very smart mind to solve some problem.
    Series: Brainiacs do it better

    • Kayla says:

      Use their names in the title or the better idea I just thought of is use a name of a famous brainiac in the title that works with the plot. Example: Newton’s Law could be about Jaxon and Kelsey working for NASA and they have to solve a gravity problem. Or Einstein Equation could be about Brian and his brainiac (or whichever) could be solving a need math problem. If you have a brainiac use the brain as part of the plot that brings them together (or back together in Jaxon and Kelsey case.)

  27. Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait!
    “Kelsey’s The Big Mouth Theory ” or
    “Kelsey’s Evolution of Foot in Mouth” or “Oops, The Nerd did it Again”

  28. Jean says:

    What the flip?! Another unfinished story??! I am a devoted fan and reader. (Ok, fine, obsessed, neurotic, whatever. I own my crazy.) So I checked in today to see if there was a chronicle and take a screen shot of the book progress bars for weekly comparison… you know, because that’s normal and not at all stalkerish… and you started a new one!! But, jeez, I have a date with both Reese and Aidan, and then a followup with both Angry people, and now I want to meet Kelsey and Jaxon, but they’re all stuck in your brain and not out to play yet!!

    Argh, I don’t even know about a title. My brain hurts. Will you share your chocolate and soda with me? I deserve something here. Yes, I love the new story already. Yes, it looks like another winner. Yes, I’ll buy it as soon as one-clicking possible. And yes, you are mean. (Said with love though.) 🙂

    Just hurry up with one of them, k? Your books are my happy medicine for life.

  29. Kersten says:

    I cant wait.
    Couple ideas from me for title.
    1) It’s not you it’s me…..really it is.
    2) Kelsey’s Guide of What not to do in life, accorsing to high school cheerleaders. (because she is outspoken, young, and brilliant. I think she skipped grades based on what I read so that would be difficult for her to fit in).

  30. Donna says:

    Loved it!!

    Potential titles:
    – Hindsight
    -Sorry…Not Sorry

    She is always sorry after the fact, knows there is more than a good chance things will go wrong but she just has to say it…well, “because.”

    Series could be
    -NFH: Next Generation

    -Love Knew Before Me

    The Love I’ve Always Known

  31. Mariesia Dennion says:

    High School Hell (series)
    Under My Skin (title). Because Jaxson is under Kelsey’s skin. Also you can put some Bradford in it. Kelsey could always be the babysitter.

  32. Renee says:

    I think this is perfect Bradford series material. You could call it NFH Next Generation . It’s the kids turn now!

  33. Krystal Sherman says:

    It sounds like she should be a girlfriend of one of Zoey and Trevor’ boys.
    Smarter Than Hell

  34. Jenny says:

    How about something like “Freaks and Geeks” for the series title, and “Geek on the Loose,” “The Geek’s Protector,” or “Geek Unbound” as the book title.

  35. Kathryn Kim says:

    Speaking w/out Thinking Series
    1) Smartmouth (Kelsey & Jaxon)
    2) Wise Guy (Brian & ???)
    3) Knowing It All
    4) Too Much Sass

  36. Shaunna Bowen says:

    OMG!! This looks amazing! I really, really, really hope this comes out soon, as in like, next week or something. Maybe tomorrow if possible! As far as a name goes, I would like to suggest : The Bodyguard From Hell, or Render Her Speechless

  37. Kate Kim says:

    Speaking w/out Thinking Series
    1) Smart Mouth (Kelsey & Jaxon)
    2) Wise Guy (Brian & ???)
    3) Knowing It All
    4) Too Much Sass

    • Kate says:

      Sorry about the double post. The first one I made while in bed last night. I got up this morning not realizing I had made the post and not just dreamt about it 😛

  38. Jessica P says:

    Can’t wait to read this! As for series/book title how about “Ahead of the Game” or “Rules are meant to be broken”

  39. Essence Savage says:

    Maybe something like; “Mouth Wide Shut” or “Heart Wide Shut”, and you could call it the Wide Shut Series.


    You could title the book “Keep Quiet” and call it the Quiet series…or something like that.

  40. Essence Savage says:

    Maybe something like; “Mouth Wide Shut” or “Heart Wide Shut”, and you could call it the Wide Shut Series.
    You could title the book “Keep Quiet” and call it the Quiet series…or something like that.

  41. Michelle says:

    Love the idea behind the new series. Don’t have a name for it but I think you should some how tie it in with the James family. Like friends of the family or something, then do books on the James brothers.

  42. Emily says:

    I couldn’t read through all the suggestions as I’m at work so I’m not sure if this was already suggested, but what about for the series it being called “enemies to lovers” and for this title being “the bad boy and the smart mouth”

  43. Aimarel Garcés says:

    It’s a wonderful beginning for a series. There is nothing like a Bad Boy that drives girls crazy and the one girl that makes him change without loosing his edge. I would love to read a series about BAD BOYS LOVE TROUBLE (Brian and Kelsey Story). I like that title…

  44. Nicky lakin says:

    Bradford kids in hell as the series and the title of the book Unlucky or Haters and Lovers. As kelsey never seems to get anything right and hates/loves the brothers best friend

  45. Kristina Laudan says:

    I like the idea of high school from hell series. This first installment should be called something like smart mouth or smarty pants. 🙂

  46. Yolanda says:

    A name could be “Awkward” and the series name “Misfits” or “Escaped” from the “Robbed” series and the sequel could be “Caught” or “Bailed” or “Bait” or “Trapped”

  47. Serena says:

    This book is very Bradfordisc and I am looking forward to the completion to read it! As for the title for this book, if your looking for a one word title I would call it Intervention due to Kelsey’s brother or Jaxson always having to intervene on Kelsey’s behalf. Since this is the prologue, it seems Kelsey is always going to have someone intervene on her behalf due to her having no filter and her intellectual level.

  48. Kimberly Clark says:

    Great start to a wonderful book!!! As far as titles are concerned what about “The crazy life of Kelsey”

  49. Shin says:

    Is there a winning title already?
    How about :
    Keeper from Hell? Hell’s Keeper? Bestfiends from Hell? (Assuming this is spin off YA for NFH)

    Ugh. I feel like these are weak contenders.



  50. Hayley says:

    Series name: In Hindsight
    Book name(s):
    That was not according to plan
    My luck has to be better next time
    Third time should be the charm
    At least I didn’t die

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