Vacation from Hell: Part VII

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Vacation from Hell

Part VII

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle



“Please stop!”

“Oh, my god! Mercy!”


Sighing heavily and really hoping that no one called hotel security yet, Zoe pushed the covers back, sat up, stretched, and yawned before heading towards the open doorway that connected the two rooms they had for the week. When she stepped into the room and found Jessica beating Joshua and Mathew with a pillow she yawned as she took in the rest of the room, noting that nothing was broken and that Cole and Elizabeth were quietly sitting on one of the double beds with an iPad and-

“Please! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it! Oh, my god! I didn’t mean it!” Jonathan’s somewhat hysterical scream had her sighing as she headed for the door and-

“Er,” was the only response that she could manage as she watched in amazement as Trevor struggled to pull Mikey away from Jonathan who was curled up in a ball against the stairwell door, mumbling, “Mercy,” while Sebastian stood a few feet away, shaking his head with a sigh as Mikey grabbed a handful of wrapped tampons and threw them at Jonathan.

“I don’t give a damn about the cotton count! Do you understand me? I don’t care!”

The answering whimper was somewhat concerning as was the fact that her husband, well over six feet tall and over two hundred pounds of pure muscle, couldn’t stop her from reaching into another box of tampons and-

“Make her stop, mommy! Make her stop!”

“Don’t you ever try to touch my chocolate again or so help me, I will end you!” the normally sweet little girl that she had a soft spot for bit out viciously as more tampons went flying through the air.

“Let him live and I’ll buy you more chocolate,” Trevor promised with a grunt as he wrapped his arms more tightly around Mikey and tried to pull her back, but there was no give.

There was a heavy sigh before Sebastian reached down and plucked her off the ground and pulled her away from Jonathan, who looked somewhat terrified. Frowning, she glanced down at Trevor, who had flopped over onto his back, struggling to catch his breath, to the bags of tampons, pads, and peanut butter cups and then back at Mikey and Sebastian to find Mikey crying in Sebastian’s arm while her son apologized for his twin sending her into a murderous rage and back to the boxes of tampons and pads.

Sighing, she leaned down and stole the van keys from Trevor’s pocket, sent Jonathan a reassuring smile that only seemed to make him tremble harder, and wrapped her arm around Mikey’s small, trembling shoulders as she led her towards the elevator doors. “Why don’t we get some chocolate and see if they have an extra room available for just the girls, hmm? Does that sound good?”

“That would be lovely,” Mikey said with a sniffle and a watery smile that-

“Doesn’t Pamprin help with the mood swings?” Jonathan whispered as Mikey went still seconds before-

“What did you say?” Mikey demanded as she slowly turned around and before Zoe could stop her, and she really didn’t think that she could have stopped her, she was across the hallway with another handful of tampons and throwing them at Jonathan, who had curled up into the fetal position and mumbling, “Mercy,” while Trevor sighed heavily and said, “Whatever,” and Sebastian shook his head and headed back to their room, mumbling, “I really just can’t,” leaving her standing there, contemplating another nap.

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