Vacation from Hell: Part IV

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The Vacation from Hell

Part IV

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“It’s okay. I have…” Mikey started to explain as she held up the box of pads and tampons that she needed only to trail off when she realized that they’d taken it upon themselves to handle this.

Something that she really wished they wouldn’t do.

As she stood here, watching in horror as Uncle Trevor, Sebastian, and Jonathan argued over the level of absorbency that she was going to need, she couldn’t help but regret not waking up Aunt Zoe and begging her to take her to the store when she had the chance. Then again, she hadn’t exactly been in a position to do anything more than groan when Uncle Trevor kind of lost it and threw her over his shoulder and raced towards the door, telling Cole to watch the kids, because he had to take her to the emergency room.

They’d barely made it to the elevator when Sebastian and Johnny caught up with them, refusing to stay behind and demanding to know what was wrong with her while she’d been doing her best to tell Uncle Trevor that she didn’t need to go to the emergency room. It had taken several attempts and flat out pleas, but Uncle Trevor had reluctantly nodded, done a scary U-turn, and raced towards the nearest pharmacy all while the three of them sat there in awkward silence.

When they’d made it to the pharmacy, she’d mumbled that she’d be right out, avoided making eye contact with any of them, climbed out of the van, and raced inside, hoping to get this over with quickly. She hadn’t realized that the boys had followed her inside until Jonathan plucked the box of tampons out of her hand with a sigh and a murmured, “There’s only sixteen in this box,” which lead Sebastian to announce that she was going to need a bigger box.

That had led the boys to ignoring her as they searched the aisle of feminine products as they argued over price, size, absorbency, and debated scented v. unscented while she’d stood there, really wishing that they’d waited in the car. When Uncle Trevor had walked in a few minutes later, looking a little pale, she’d sighed with relief only to end up groaning when he’d told her to hang in there as he joined the argument.

“She’s going to need options,” Uncle Trevor mumbled to himself as he ran his hands roughly down his face while the twins argued over whether she needed tampons or pads.

“She can get toxic shock!” Jonathan argued, grabbing the box of tampons that Sebastian held and shoved it back on the shelf before grabbing a box of overnight pads.

“They give better protection!” Sebastian snapped as he grabbed the box of Ultra absorbent tampons and held them up.

“At the risk of shock?” Jonathan asked in disgust as Sebastian narrowed his eyes on his twin and snapped, “The risk is less than one percent!”

“It’s still a risk!” Jonathan argued while she stood there, shaking her head in disbelief as she watched Sebastian narrow his eyes on his twin, glanced back down at the phone in his hands and Googled something else that was probably going to-

“What about this cup thingie?” Jonathan suddenly asked as his attention shifted to something that she’d never even heard of before while she found herself taking a step back and then another one until she found herself rushing towards the register, only pausing along the way long to grab three bags of peanut butter cups before she shoved everything on the counter, praying that the woman smiling down at her hurried up so that she could get back in that van before-

“I don’t think these will work,” Sebastian said as he stepped up next to her and picked up the box of tampons that she’d selected.

“You need better absorbency,” Jonathan said, dropping the armful of tampons and pads that he was carrying on the counter before he picked up the box of pads with a sad shake of his head.

“We should try these,” Uncle Trevor said, adding a half-dozen boxes on the counter, instantly drawing the boys’ attention as she sent the cashier a pleading look only to realize that the woman that she’d hoped, prayed, would be checking her out was walking away and in her place, was a cute teenage boy standing there, looking down at the pile of tampons, pads, and god only knows what else in horror.

“According to this website, sugar can make your period worse,” Jonathan said as he looked up from the phone in his hand and reached for the chocolate that she was going to need in order to survive the next five days.

As she turned her glare on him, ready to tear him apart with her bare hands, Uncle Trevor was there, grabbing his son and pulling him away with a mumbled, “You really don’t want to do that.”

Deciding that she’d had enough for one night, she shoved the pile of boxes aside, shoved the bags of chocolate towards the teenage boy gawking down as her along with the boxes she’d selected and then after a slight hesitation, she grabbed the box of tampons that promised her a “happy period,” and shoved it towards him.

With a murmured, “Did you find everything you needed?” he quickly scanned everything, averted his gaze, and mumbled the amount due.

Before she could grab her money from her pocket, Uncle Trevor was there, handing the money over only to end up dragging her towards the door when the kid mumbled, “Enjoy your night,” making her eyes narrow and-

“Let’s get you out of here before you kill someone, shall we?” Uncle Trevor suggested as the boys grabbed the bags and quickly followed them to the door as she sent the visibly shaken cashier a glare, daring him to wish her a good night again.


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22 Responses to “Vacation from Hell: Part IV”

  1. Holli says:

    I hope Zoe gives them hell for not waking her. So does this mean it’s time for Trevor to give them “The Talk”.

  2. Nicole Parker says:

    OMG!! I cannot believe that a little piece of a story is making me smile and laugh so hard. Cannot wait till the full length story. Love all your books but this so far is my favorite.

  3. Ashley says:

    I need you to have super powers and start writing a book everyday. I can’t find another author who brings a smile to my face like you do.

  4. Teresa brown says:

    I really need more of these and quick. These chronicles have me laughing so much my husband looks at me funny.

  5. Monika says:

    OMG. Vacation from Hell is SO FUNNY! I love these Chronicles! BTW how old are Mikey & Sebastian in this – I kind of lost track of their ages. Thanks

  6. Angie fernandez says:

    There’s is sooooo much to love in this chronicle !!!!! RL you are the best . poor Mickey the price she has to pay for being loved by Bradfords.

  7. Jill Kohler says:

    Go ahead, take my chocolate. This? Why its a 18th century Celtic Claymore, used by women who DIDN’T HAVE REESE’S CUPS …

  8. Tina says:

    I love this 😂 What more awaits Mikey at the hands of the Bradfords 😂 And love Trevor, Sebastian and Jonathan for having her back 👍

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