A Trip to the Grocery Store Part III, An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


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A Trip to the Grocery Store: Part III


R.L. Mathewson


            “Dad, can we get lunch meat?” Sebastian asked, shifting impatiently in front of the ticket dispenser that would reserve their place in line.

            “Processed meat,” Johnny murmured, looking thoughtful as he shot a warning glare at the middle-aged woman trying to step past Sebastian to grab the next ticket. “That might be pushing it.”

            “She’s not going to buy the story that we’ve lost the list,” Sebastian murmured with the same thoughtful expression on his face as his brother’s.

            “We’ve used that excuse before,” Johnny pointed out.

            “Which means that she’s going to know that we know better than to bring processed food into the house right now,” Sebastian added with a worried frown as Trevor reached past his boys and grabbed a deli ticket.

            “Let me worry about that,” he said, holding up the ticket when their number was called.

             “So,…….,” Johnny said, standing by his right side, rocking back on his heels.

            “Yes?” he said, cocking a brow in question as he looked down at Johnny to find his son staring back up at him with that damn innocent smile that was really starting to freak him the fuck out.

            “So, since we’re bringing processed food in the house does that mean that we can bring carbs in the house as well?” Sebastian asked, dragging his attention back to his left side where his other son stood, looking equally innocent as he asked for the one thing that would guarantee his ass sleeping on the couch for the next week, or until Zoe gave up trying to lose weight that she had no business trying to get rid of.

            He loved her curves, fucking adored them and he’d be damned if he allowed her to altar a single curve on her delectable little body.

            Not again.

            He was still pissed about the weight that she lost a few months ago. She’d put all of them through hell for two months straight. It had left the children on the verge of mutiny and had robbed him of several inches of her delectable curves. He swore that he’d get them back one day….

            And perhaps today was that day, he thought with a wicked smile.

            “I think we can handle that,” he said, looking around as he made a decision, one that would guarantee that Zoe went for his balls and one that would bring those curves that he loved so much back.

            “Grab all of your mom’s favorites,” he told the boys as he reached over and grabbed a bottle of cranberry mustard sauce, Zoe’s favorite sandwich condiment.

            “All of them?” Johnny asked, sharing a look with Sebastian that he couldn’t quite read.

            “All of them,” he confirmed with a nod.

            “Do you want us to split up?” Sebastian asked, making Trevor wonder if they really thought he was that stupid.

            “No, just use that carriage for your mom’s stuff,” he said, turning his attention to the deli clerk.

            “Okay, we won’t split up,” Johnny said in a tone that sent chills down his spine. He turned around to find out what the boys were up to only to find the carriage and the boys, gone.

            “Oh……..shit……,” he said, swallowing nervously as he glanced around the deli, but there was no sign of them.

            Abandoning his carriage, he moved his ass to find his boys before they did something that a lawyer and their savings account wouldn’t be able to fix. He’d barely taken two steps before the voice that he loved more than anything; especially when it was screaming his name at the top of her lungs, spoke up from behind him.

            “Hey, sweetie, where are the boys?” Zoe asked.

            He opened his mouth to answer, to tell her some bullshit story that would save his balls, but before he could get so much as a syllable out of his mouth, the only Bradford on earth that could turn this little fuckup into a catastrophe, spoke, “Aren’t we already banned from this store?”

            He turned around to remind the bastard that the store ban only applied to him only to find Jason gone by the time he turned around and Zoe standing there, frowning as she glanced around the store, no doubt wondering where the bastard had gone.


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6 Responses to “A Trip to the Grocery Store Part III, An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle”

  1. Avatar jamie says:

    So short… just a tease. Like taking a Bradford to Costco and limiting them to 5 samples.

    Don’t ban me because I want a new book as a meal! Lol

  2. Avatar Brandy poe says:

    I love to have found I can continue to read about my favorite family as they continue on with life after their book! I love Zoe but Danny and Tinkerbell are my favorite especially when drug are involved!

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