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Dear Reader,

We finally have a release date for The Promise! It will be released on February 26th. My original goal was to try for this month, but that would be cutting it close. The other issue was the release itself. Whenever I’ve released a book as soon as it was done, uploaded and hit the publish button there were waiting issues. Some online bookstores are faster than others and a lot of readers ended up waiting a week or more for the book.

By putting it up for pre-sale I have a guaranteed release date, which will take a lot of the stress out of publishing. In order to do this, I have to have the final manuscript uploaded ten days before its release, which gives me twenty days from this point to finish the book and give it the final edit. We’ve been working on the book in pieces, editing, proofing, etc. 

A few readers have asked what’s next. The goal at this point is to work on Tall, Dark & Furious for the Pyte ladies who have been waiting an insanely long time for the next book. It’s already at 35% so it will not be that long of a wait now. After the Pyte novel I’d really like to finish the first Anger Management novel, which is also around 35%

I know a lot of you are waiting for Aidan’s book and the reason why I had to put it on the backburner for now. Well, I’ve decided to see what I can do with it during my downtime, waiting for the kids at their appointments, carline, etc. The hope is to release it at the same time as Anger Management. 

After that…

Lol, I still need to catch up with more Pytes, the second Anger Management, Hollywood Hearts, EMS, and definitely another Cursed Heart novel, as well as the first Loser’s Club novel and the YA novels.

I’m hoping for a crazy busy year 🙂 

The Promise is now available for pre-sale if you’d like to reserve a copy

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The content in this Chronicle and on this website is intended for adults, 18 years and older.



An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Please tell me that you’re kidding.”

“I’m really not,” Jason said, folding his arms over his chest as he glared down at the small woman that better not try to leave that bed again.

“But I have to-”




“If you’d just let me explain, I-”

“Really? Because I would love to hear an explanation as to why my pregnant wife was trying to leave the bed after the doctor told her to stay off her feet,” he said with a pointed look at the foot that he’d just finished wrapping in an ace bandage around.

“I was bored?” she said, pushing her glasses, the same glasses that she’d neglected to put on at three this morning when she’d decided to walk downstairs in the pitch black because she had a craving for bacon, back up her nose.

“You were bored?” he drawled, narrowing his eyes on the small woman that he loved more than anything before pointedly looking at the stack of books, snacks, drinks, iPad, iPhone, and laptop, remote controls for every overpriced monthly movie service known to man.

“Yes,” she said, shifting to get more comfortable on the huge stack of pillows that he’d helped himself to from the kids’ rooms and Grandma’s in-law apartment before she’d managed to get her hands on that damn cane of hers.

“I see,” he murmured. “And where exactly were you going?”

“To Cole’s room,” she said, giving up on trying to get comfortable and grabbed a Hostess pie off the stack of snacks that he kept well-stocked for her.


“To defend my high score,” she said with a shrug as he stood there wondering what the hell she was talking about.

“I can bring the video games in here,” he said, moving to do just that when her next words stopped him.


“Why not?”

“Because they decided that it would be for the best if you weren’t allowed to participate in this week’s tournament,” she said with a sheepish smile that had his eyes narrowing on her.

“What do you mean by ‘this week’s’ tournament?” he bit out as the betrayal of her words hit and when they did-

“Wait! Don’t tell them that I told you! I don’t want to lose my spot!” the little traitor yelled as he stormed out of their bedroom and headed down the hallway.

He didn’t bother knocking on the door. He simply shoved the door open and walked into the room to find his son sitting on the floor with his cousins, each one looking guiltier than the last. Without a word, he walked over to the television, unplugged the Xbox, grabbed the controller from his son’s hand and headed for the door only to turn around and level another glare on them as he said, “I would have rocked that tournament!”

“With your skills?” Jonathan asked with a pitying shake of his head as he tossed his controller aside with a heavy sigh.

“I would have,” he bit out evenly.

“My mother plays better than you,” Cole said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“What did you just say?” Jason demanded in shocked horror.

“Don’t,” Sebastian warned his cousin, already pulling a book onto his lap.

“Even she’s plays better than you,” his son said, gesturing towards the girl sitting on his bed, rolling a baseball between her hands.

“I don’t play video games,” Mikey said, frowning in confusion as the insult hit hard.

“Exactly,” Cole said with a smug look that really said it all.

He was going to have to wipe the floor with his son.







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