The Sleepover

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The Sleepover

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

It was probably the old house settling, Mikey told herself, nodding because that made sense, but just in case, she pulled her covers over her head and decided that it would be for the best if she hid. When she heard the rattling noise seconds later, she decided that it had been far too long since she’d slept in her mom’s room.

Decision made, she shoved the covers back and-

“Move over,” Sebastian, her best friend and boy that she was going to bury in her backyard after she strangled him, said as he crawled into her bed, giving her no other choice but to move over.

“Umm, hi?” she said, wondering why he was sneaking into her room at one in the morning.

Instead of answering her, he slapped his hand across her mouth and said, “Shhh, I’m sleeping,” before removing his hand, shifting onto his stomach, and hogging the pillow, leaving her lying there in the dark, wondering how she’d ended up with such a weird friend.

“Is there a there a reason why you felt the need to crawl through my window and scare the heck out of me?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Sleep,” he mumbled into her pillow, and she knew that was all she was going to get out of him.

He didn’t talk much, which was fine with her, but sometimes she wished that he could manage more than one worded answers. She also wished that he wasn’t such a bed hog, she thought a moment later when she was forced to shove him so that she could move away from the edge.

“So violent,” he mumbled with a heartfelt sigh that had her eyes narrowing in the dark and pushing him again.

Chuckling, he shifted onto his side and threw his arm over her, getting comfortable and making her really wish that she’d taken her Dad up on his offer to get her a queen-sized bed. Then again, if she’d known that he was going to end up climbing through her window in the middle of the night for sleepovers, she probably would have asked for a bunkbed. For a moment, she considered grabbing the sleeping bag from her closet and chucking it at his head, but she knew from experience that he would just laugh and hog the bed, leaving her with no other choice but to crash on the floor or beg him to move over.

Too tired to beat him to death with the pillow, she shoved his arm away and rolled over onto her stomach only to groan when her threw his arm across her. Making a mental note to throw him down the stairs in the morning, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


“Is there a reason why you’re sleeping in my daughter’s bed?” came the warm welcome that greeted him in the morning.

“Yes,” Sebastian said around a yawn as he rolled back over onto his stomach and tried to go back to sleep only to have the covers rudely torn away and found himself yanked out of the warm bed and thrown over Reese’s shoulder with a grunt.

“We should probably go ahead and have that talk that I’ve been putting off,” Reese said as he headed for the stairs.

“Probably,” Sebastian agreed, hoping that he wasn’t about to get banned from coming over, because he honestly wasn’t sure that he would be able to handle that right now.

“Next time let your parents know that you’re coming over here,” Reese said as he headed down the stairs.

“I left a note,” he pointed out with a grunt as he was bounced on his cousin’s shoulder.

“And climbed down the roof again,” Reese said, making him wince, because that probably wasn’t going to go over well with his parents.

“It was the quickest way,” he said, wondering just how long he was going to be grounded for this time. Probably a month, he mused as he was unceremoniously dropped on his feet in the kitchen and found his best friend sitting at the large kitchen table covered in food, glaring at him over a plate of pancakes.

Knowing that she would eventually forgive him for kicking her out of the bed when she made mistake of getting up to use the bathroom, he sat down at the table next to her and stole her plate, knowing that she’d eventually forgive him for that, too.


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26 Responses to “The Sleepover”

  1. Stephanie says:


  2. Karina Vargas says:

    Omg I love those two , I cant wait for your next book to come out I am so excited .I love all your books and series .

  3. Karina Vargas says:

    Omg I love those two the things they get into . I love all your books and series can’t wait for your next book .

  4. Amy G says:

    I really hope they age quickly. I really want to know more about Sebastian. He is so entertaining and a total Bradford!

  5. Kayla says:

    Okay do love the friendship, but… is this JUST a friendship? Some of you early book in the NFH series where they where neighbors as kid read about the same. Sharing a bed, stealing food, and on the guy side they do everything in their power to “fix” problems for the girl. Sooooo…

  6. Anjee Z says:

    I love these two! They need a book and soon. Channel Mikey and write this book. As soon as Aiden’s book is done. Lol. I need more Bradfords. Haha.

  7. Melissa says:

    I’m saying this right now… if and when Mikey grows up and gets her own story, if Sebastian isn’t her end game I’ll be heartbroken. as much as I love Jason and Trevor, Mikey and Sebastian have totally stolen my heart

  8. Kaylee says:

    I love these chronicles! Just wondering if you have a timeline for any new books? I try to follow posts and things I just haven’t seen anything for a while 🙂 I really enjoy all of your work! Thank you!

  9. HOOKED says:

    You literally can’t help it can you? I’m stuck here dying to for my fix like a junkie and re reading ALL of your books :’D I think I’m going to go sob in a corner somewhere. (Yes, I’m definitely being dramatic but your books are so easy to love) : D

  10. Eva-Maria Kannenberg says:

    I love Mikey and Sebastian
    I hope you will write more and hopefully a great lovestory much later though as well
    Pretty please

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