The Release of the 2015 R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collection

2015 chronicleGood morning, my lovelies 🙂

I just thought I’d come on here and tell you the good news. The 2015 Collection of the R.L. Mathewson Chronicles has been uploaded and should be available in the next day or two. 

In the book it has a never before published Chronicle, which I am going to post here so that you don’t feel it necessary to buy the book for one chronicle. It also includes a never before sneak peek of A Christmas from Hell as a special treat. 

Here’s the synopsis from the book to give you an idea of what you can expect:

The 2015 collection of R.L. Mathewson Chronicles. The Chronicles are continuations of the books that you loved, The Neighbor from Hell Collection, Pyte/Sentinel Series, EMS series, Hollywood Heart series, etc.

The Chronicles are posted on my website every Sunday for free at, but a lot of readers prefer to have the Chronicles in a collection so that they can enjoy them at their leisure.

This collection of Chronicles includes:

*A special sneak peek at Christmas from Hell, the next Neighbor from Hell novel.
*Trick or Treat (Never before published NFH Chronicle)
*Pyte Halloween
*A Mother’s Day Special
*A Very Bradford Easter
*A Bradford Princess
*A Valentine’s Day special
*What Really Happened
*What Happens at a buffet
*The day after Christmas
*Cafeteria Wars
*New Year’s Eve

The book is currently available at for the price of $0.99 cents to cover the costs of covers, editors, etc. You can still read the Chronicles for free on this website, but you will have to do a little navigation.

Now, as promised, the Chronicle that you never saw:


The Content in this Chronicle and on this website is intended for adults, 18 years and older.

Trick or Treat (A NFH Chronicle)

By R.L. Mathewson


            “Let’s go over the rules one more time.”

            Sebastian sighed heavily and Jonathan closed his eyes in defeat. They’d been so close to making their escape, but their father was a nervous wreck and absolutely terrified about allowing them to go Trick or Treating for the first time on their own.

            “If a police officer brings you home, you won’t be able to sit for a month,” their mother simply said as she walked past them, knowing that going over the rules with them was a complete waste of time.

            If they wanted to get around a rule, they would not only find a way to do it, but also make sure that their defense would save their butts from spending a month in their room or having to run from their mother when they’d finally worked her last nerve. Than again, if the police ended up bringing them home all bets were off and nothing they said or did was going to save them from spend the next thirty days separated, in their own rooms without any electronics, non-fiction books or a way to communicate with the outside world.

            Their father would be the one that would enforce the punishment, but it would be their mother’s look that told their father just how badly they’d screwed up so that he knew how far to go with their punishments. No matter what their parents thought, they didn’t intentionally go looking for trouble. Trouble just usually found them and inspired them to do things that would get most adults slapped with a federal charge.

            But not tonight.

            Tonight was Halloween and they were going to have fun being on their own for the first time in their lives. If they screwed up this year, their parents told them that it would be their last. Since they weren’t quite ready to give up free candy just yet, they planned on being on their best behavior.

            “No hanging out with teenagers, going to strangers’ houses, or leaving the agreed upon proximity. If one of us calls you, you have twenty seconds to answer the phone and let us know that you are okay. No accepting homemade anything from anyone unless it’s from family. You will also wait until you get home and we check your candy to make sure it’s safe before you eat a single bite of it. Do I make myself understood?” their father, Trevor asked in that firm voice that told them that he wasn’t playing around.

            “Yes, sir,” they both answered easily, because they had absolutely no problem with any of these rules.

            Besides, they’d have their mother or Aunt Haley checking their candy. They weren’t stupid enough to hand over a bag of candy to their father or any male Bradford for that matter. They’d learned early on how quickly your food could disappear if you made the mistake of taking your eye off it for even a second.

            As though they were both remembering the time that their father had helped himself to their baby oatmeal, both brothers narrowed their eyes on him, remembering the promise that they’d made to each other that one day…

            They would make him pay.

            Granted, their father had choked it up once he’d realized that the oatmeal had been with baby formula, but that wasn’t the point. They were Bradfords and they protected their food.

            Catching their glares, their father rubbed his hands roughly down his face. “You two really need to get over that.”

            “You know that can’t happen,” Sebastian said with an amused little smile and just to screw with their father’s head, because that really did entertain them, Johnny did the same.

            Sighing heavily, their father handed them each an empty black pillow case and shook his head, mumbling to himself, “I’m going to start locking my room at night.”

            They had to smile at that, because they all knew that wouldn’t save their father from their revenge. It was foolish to think it would, he thought as he shared a look with his twin. From the look on Sebastian’s face, he knew that his brother already had something in mind for their father. That was fine with Johnny, because that just meant that they would get the old man back for daring to touch what was theirs.

            Apparently realizing how close they were to finally getting their revenge, their father said, “Your mother would kill you.”

            True, but it was worth it.

            It was the principle of the matter. Don’t touch their food. Every Bradford understood the family motto and you broke it, you should expect some form of retaliation.

            Knowing just how close they were to exacting their revenge, their mother came back in the room, sighing heavily. She grabbed each one of them by the arm and led them towards the door, going up on her tippy toes to kiss them, she whispered, “Remember that I love your father very much and would be heartbroken if you did any permanent damage.”

            Like they’d leave any permanent damage, Johnny thought with a sigh and a sad shake of his head as he allowed his mother to push him out the door. Permanent damage constituted evidence in their book and that was something that they were very careful about. They always made sure that their little “crimes” as Judge Mitchell liked to call them could never be linked to them since it was hard to get a conviction without solid evidence.

            “She’ll get over it,” Sebastian said confidently as they walked over to the tree and waited, because they knew without a doubt that they were about to have company.

            Sure enough, thirty seconds later their little brother, Mathew, came running outside wearing a matching Bradford Construction outfit and joined them. He didn’t bother begging them or even asking them if it was okay if they joined them, because it wasn’t necessary. He was their little brother, their responsibility and they took that seriously. They were raised to look out for each other and that’s exactly what they were going to do.

            So, with a nod and a gesture to the left, they proceeded towards the long end of their street where the king sized candy bars would be given out first.


            “Fucking crybaby,” the big moron who’d just made the mistake of pushing Mathew out of the way so that he could look tough for his friends said.

            He shared a look with his brother Johnny and the two of them bent down, checked to make sure that nothing was broken and made a mental note of the bloodied knee that their little brother was holding.

            “Stay here,” Sebastian said to Mathew as he pulled out his phone and quickly text messaged the address to their father and then one to the rest of their cousins.

            Nodding, Mathew wiped at his face with the back of his hand, but he kept crying which was understandable. Tossing their filled bags of candy down next to their brother, they turned to face the teenage boys climbing into the back of a pickup truck, all laughing and showing off their loot.

            With a single look and a nod, Sebastian and Johnny walked over to the truck, straight for the hood. Without a word, and with a trick that their Uncle Jared had taught them, they popped the hood, carefully reached in and with one tug of a wire, they killed the engine.

            “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” one of the teens demanded as he jumped out of the truck.

            “You owe our brother an apology,” Johnny stated with a flat stare at the much large boy as Sebastian added, “And all your candy,” which made the rest of the teenage boys laugh as they jumped out of the car.

            The boy that had pushed Mathew down, snorted as he looked over his shoulder at Mathew who was watching them with murder in his eyes.

            “Yeah, I don’t think so,” he said with a smug smile as he looked back at them.

            “That was your second mistake of the night,” Johnny said flatly.

            “Oh, and what’s that?” another boy asked.

            Sebastian answered without missing a heartbeat, “Thinking.”

            “Your first mistake was laying your hands on our brother and thinking that you were going to walk out of here without a scratch,” Johnny added in an ominous tone that would have sent any rational person running for their lives, but these were teenage boys that they were dealing with here.

            As the teenage boys laughed, proving their theory was correct, the twins shared a look before they shifted on the group of teenagers descending on them. Just as the biggest boy reached for him, Johnny said, “Don’t do anything that’s going to land us in jail tonight.”

            With a nod, because he really couldn’t make that promise as two of the boys reached for him, he promised to do his best.


            “Oh, fucking hell the police are here,” Trevor said, reaching over and taking Zoe’s hand into his, needing the emotional support to get through the next ten minutes with wringing one of his son’s throats.

            Frowning, Zoe gestured with her free hand towards a group of teenage boys, sitting in various positions on the ground, and all crying. “That can’t be good.”

            No, it really couldn’t, he silently agreed with a wince, trying not to think about how much it was going to cost them this time to keep their boys out of juvenile hall.

            “Oh my God,” Zoe said hollowly as she released his hand and shoved the truck door open before he could come to a stop.

            “Zoe!” he yelled after her as she damn near took twenty years off his life.

            He threw the truck in park, uncaring that it was sitting in the middle of the road and ran after his wife, who was incidentally running towards an ambulance, he realized with cold dread forming in his stomach.

            Please, God, no…

            Not his boys, he thought swallowing hard as he ran past Zoe and headed towards the group of paramedics and police officers crowding around the back of the open doors of the ambulance. Not really giving a fuck, he pushed his way in and when he saw his youngest son sitting on Sebastian’s lap, crying against his brother’s shoulder while Johnny took a clean gauze pad from a paramedic and carefully worked on cleaning the blood off Mathew’s knee and leg, he couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

            “What the hell happened to my son?” he demanded of no one in particular, not bothering to introduce himself or even ask what his boys did to gain police attention.

            With a cold glare, Johnny looked up at him and with a slight nod of his chin, gestured towards the group of crying teenage boys. Taller than most of the officers, Trevor looked over his shoulder and smiled when he spotted Cole and Jason standing a few feet away from the boys and taunting them as only a Bradford knew how.

            When Zoe managed to break through the crowd and Mathew spotted her, he immediately leaped from his brother’s lap and wrapped his arms around his mother with a little pathetic sniffle.

            “Oh, sweetie, what happened?” she asked, fawning over their youngest son as Mathew looked up and met his gaze with a frightening look that nearly matched his brother’s.

            “I made the biggest one cry,” he said with that frightening smile that he’d somehow managed to perfect in one night and it was in that moment that Trevor realized that he might want to think about getting a lawyer on retainer for his youngest son.


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