The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles Special New Year’s Eve Treat

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New Year’s Eve

Special Edition


The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles:

A Reclusive Heart New Year’s Eve


Heartwell Hotel


            “What can I get you?”

            It took a moment before Jamie realized that the bartender was talking to her, finally. She’d been waiting in the small crowd surrounding the bar for a good hour, mostly trying to hide the fact that she’d come to a New Year’s Eve party alone.  She should have just stayed home, but stupid her, she’d given her word to come to this party.

            “Can I have a……..,” she started to reply only to let her words trail off with a small groan when she realized that she’d lost the bartender’s attention to a hot blonde with breasts bigger than her head.

            Deciding that she wasn’t really thirsty after all, she carefully made her way out of the small crowd and started to head back to the small table that she’d commandeered a couple of hours ago so that she could read in peace only to discover that her quiet, out of the way table had been swallowed up by a large group of guests.

            “Damn,” she muttered pathetically as she gazed around the large ballroom for another table or a spot at the bar, not really looking all that hard.

            Hanging out at a party by herself on New Year’s Eve wasn’t really her thing and while she normally liked meeting new people, tonight she just felt being alone when the clock struck twelve. Considering that she’d spent every New Year’s Eve up to this point alone, one more time shouldn’t bother her, but it did.

            This year was supposed to be different from all the rest, but a last minute trip to Boston had sentenced her to spend yet another New Year’s Eve alone. Instead of spending the evening with her husband, dancing the night away before they snuck upstairs to the suite that he’d reserved for them and making love for the rest of the night, she was killing time at a party that she didn’t want to go to and spending the night alone, in a large luxurious bed in a hotel that…..

            Had twenty-four hour room service, she suddenly remembered with a small, startled gasp. She was in a five star hotel, a hotel known for its rich, decadent dessert menu, and no Nick around to stop her from ordering two of everything, she realized with a small shiver of excitement. It might not sound like a very exciting night to anyone else, but to a sugar addict, who’d been denied her drug of choice for months now, it was heaven.

            Of course she missed Nick, she told herself as she quickly hurried across the dance floor, weaving and ducking her way to the exit, but since spending the night with him wasn’t an option, well…….

            She’d just have to accept the fact that she had access to one of the largest dessert menus in California and her husband’s credit card.

            Ten minutes later, she was slamming the door shut to her suite, yanking off her shoes and tossing them over her shoulder as she stumbled her way towards the phone. Another twenty minutes after that she was hanging up the phone and practically dancing with excitement at the thought of all those delicious treats coming her way and no Nick to put a stop to it.

            Sure, he’d find out what she was up to, but she didn’t care. She’d deal with his homicidal glares, the silent treatment and him throwing out every last grain of sugar in their house, but it would be worth it, she’d make sure of it. Knowing that she’d go crazy waiting by the door for room service to arrive, she decided to take a hot bath and start the night off right.

            After her bath, she dried off and pulled on Nick’s favorite black shirt, the one that he’d packed to take with him to Boston and the one that she’d swiped out of his bag so that she wouldn’t have spend the night completely alone. Just as she was buttoning the shirt, there was a quick and efficient knock at the door.

            “Room service,” a man announced, earning an excited squeal from Jamie as she quickly finished buttoning the rest of the shirt up as she raced across the room to the door.

            Not even ten seconds later she was opening the door and smiling hugely. She was going to eat the desserts with ice cream first, followed by the hot chocolate, cookies, pies, puddings and then she was going to-

            Be lucky if the man standing in the doorway, glaring down at her didn’t throttle her.

            “Sorry, you have the wrong room!” she blurted as she grabbed the door and tried to shut it, hoping that it bought her some time to make an escape, but unfortunately for her, she hadn’t moved fast enough.

            “You can set my bags inside,” Nick said, his glare never leaving her as he pushed the door open and stepped inside, forcing her to move back so that the bellhop carrying his bags could step into the room. “And you can feel free to get your eyes off my wife’s legs,” he added, shifting his glare to the bellhop who she realized was taking an awfully long time to set two bags down.

            Thankful for the distraction, Jamie moved to take advantage of the moment and run like the coward that she was, but the glare that Nick shifted back on her kept her butt right where it was. Nick finding out after the fact about a sugar binge was one thing, but being caught seconds before she was about to partake of it was a completely different story. She watched nervously as he slowly looked away from her and towards the three overflowing carts waiting in the hallway.

            “They’re not mine?” she said, well, really asked, worrying her bottom lip as she waited to see if he bought it.

            He glared at her, simply glared at her as she quickly went through the list of items that she’d ordered and said a silent goodbye to them, wishing them the best with promises that one day they’d be together and-

            “Bring them in,” Nick said to the waitstaff waiting nervously in the hallway, taking her by surprise and letting her know that she was definitely in a lot of trouble here.

            “Um, no, there’s no need to do that,” she mumbled pathetically, unable to find the strength to do the right thing and send her precious sweets away for their own safety and hers.

            God, she was pathetic.

            “No?” Nick asked, cocking a brow in question as he accepted the order slip from one of the waiters and looked over the list of sweets that she’d been hoping to spend the night with since he’d been unavailable at the time.

            His lips twitched as he looked over the receipt, but other than that he gave no reaction as he signed the slip, added a tip and waited for the waitstaff to leave the room. For a moment, she actually considered following after them with the hopes that he wouldn’t notice, but she knew that her luck had never been all that good and really, did she want witnesses when he started in on her about her unholy addiction to sweets and the sugar hangover that would inevitably follow in the morning, or the fact that she’d promised him that she wouldn’t go on another sugar binge after what happened at Hershey Park? Once the door closed with an ominous click the inane chatter began.

            “You’re back early,” she said, shifting nervously as she pointed out the obvious. “What happened in Boston? Did you have a good trip? Did you manage to get her to sign with Rerum? Are you hungry? Tired? You look tired. Maybe I should get dressed and leave, let you get some sleep,” she rambled on nervously as Nick took his time lifting the covers off every plate and making note of just how much sugar she’d planned on consuming in one night.

            When he raised the cover off the large bowl of hot fudge, she nearly cried. She’d had plans for that fudge, wonderfully delicious plans, she thought with a reluctant sigh as she said an extra special prayer for the hot fudge.

            “Did you miss me, sweetheart?” Nick asked in an offhand tone as he picked up the bowl of hot fudge and set it on the small dinning table by the door.

            “Yes,” she answered, because she had missed him, more than she really thought was possible.

            “And this food?” he asked, gesturing towards the food with one hand even as he reached out and took her hand into his.

            “Was to console myself?” she offered, hopefully.

            Nick pulled her closer as he nodded, looking thoughtful. “You must have really missed me then,” he said, giving her the out that she needed.

            “I really did,” she said with obvious relief that he seemed to be buying it and not pointing out that she’d been setting herself up for a night of discomfort and pain while she prayed for death, something that she was ninety-nine percent sure would have been worth it.

            “Well,” he said softly as he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers, “I missed you, too.”

            “You did?” she asked, trying to bite back a pleased smile, because it still amazed her that a man as handsome and wonderful as Nick loved someone like her.

            “Mmmhmm,” he murmured, giving her another kiss as he gently picked her up and placed her bottom on the edge of the table. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he added as he stepped between her legs and pressed the large erection hiding behind his fly that she’d somehow missed, against her.

            “You know that we could have taken care of that with a phone call,” she practically moaned, all the delicious sweets in the room forgotten as Nick offered her something that her body craved more than sugar, him.

            He chuckled softly against her lips as ran his hands over her bare thighs. “Trying to get me in trouble again?” he asked, his voice taking on that husky tone that was usually reserved for phone sex, the voice that did wicked things to her imagination and made her lose control.

            “You’re still trying to blame me for that?” she asked, her breath catching when he pushed her legs further apart and used the movement to glide his thumb over her slit.

            “Oh, I’m definitely blaming you for that,” he said, rubbing his thumb with a little more pressure over her slit, just barely touching her clit and making her cry out against his mouth.

            “You’re the one that started it,” she absently pointed out, panting slightly as she reached between them and pulled down his zipper. She licked her lips hungrily as she reached inside his pants and pulled out his hard length, loving the way that it felt in her hand.

            “Because I love the way you moan my name,” he whispered next to her ear as he slowly pulled back, running his length in her hand before he slowly pushed forward, using her hold on him to tease her with the tip.

            He kept slowly thrusting in her hand, unbuttoning her shirt as he kissed her neck. She wrapped her free arm around his shoulders, holding on as her body quivered with the need for more.

            “Did you go to the party?” he asked as he pushed her legs open further, never ceasing in the slow, torturous thrust that ended with a tease that was driving her out of her mind.

            “Y-yes,” she managed to answer as she shifted forward, hoping for more and he gave it, hissing in a breath when the tip shifted down between her wet folds and briefly pressed inside her.

            “Why did you leave?” he asked, cupping her breasts as he kissed his way back to her mouth.

            “I missed you too much,” she admitted, knowing that at any other time she would have felt foolish admitting just how badly she’d missed him, but as gently teased her nipples and pushed inside her, she lost her ability to care about anything else but him.

            “Good,” he growled against her lips, sounding pleased as he slid inside her until he couldn’t go any further. “Because I was fucking useless without you,” he admitted as her mind registered something warm and smooth rubbed across her right breast.

            “Hot fudge?” she asked in a daze as the scent of the delicious treat teased her.

            “Hot fudge,” he answered, grinning against her lips as she felt him spread some of the hot fudge across her other breast.

            “And what exactly are you planning on doing with all that fudge?” she asked with a slight gasp and a moan as he pulled back until only the tip was left inside her.

            “To make this New Year’s Eve as memorable as possible.”


© R.L. Mathewson, 2013, All Rights Reserved for The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles.






18 Responses to “The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles Special New Year’s Eve Treat”

  1. Avatar Niki Lou says:

    Awesome! Finished reading this one again last week so a nice addition! Have a good 2014 can’t wait to read what you release this year xx

  2. Avatar Terry Dixon says:

    I’m just putting this out there, but after reading Playing for Keeps I tried the frosting thing with my husband. That much sugar and sex can make you nauseous. Just saying.

  3. Avatar Sarah says:

    Loving these catch ups with all the people fro the books , Nick and Jamie in particular as theirs was one of my favourite books.

  4. Avatar Denise Navone says:

    Awesome, I just love it, you need to continue for about another 30 minutes. Hehehe. Now to read some of your archive one. Yum
    Oh and Happy New Years to you…

  5. Avatar Donna E says:

    I need more R.L. I am really loving these chronicles and I need more.
    You see that sugar addiction that Jamie has or even the food addiction that the bradford men have or even the blood lust that the Williams have. Well I have an addiction like that for your writing R.L Mathewson. I enjoy everything you write and when I’ve raced through reading it all, I need more. That’s pure and simple. I’m addicted to R.L’s writing. 🙂
    Thank you and happy new year!

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