The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles: A Pyte’s Tale Part 1

The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles

A Pyte’s Tale

Part: 1

Rascal, New Hampshire

            “Oh, man the fuck up!”

            “I wasn’t doing anything!” the vampire that Chris had pinned against the cold brick wall argued as he tried to shove Chris back and make a run for it.

            “No?” Chris asked, giving the vampire another healthy shove against the wall.

            “No!” the vampire snapped, trying desperately again to get away, but he wasn’t going anywhere, not with Chris holding him against the wall with his body and not with him standing only a few feet away, waiting to tear the little bastard apart.

            “Then why were you following my child?” Ephraim asked in a deceptively calm tone as he allowed his eyes to bleed red and his fangs to slide down, noting the sharp scent of fear suddenly permeating the air around them even as he listened to make sure that Jill safely arrived in her apartment above them, an apartment that she refused to give up.

            “Y-y-your child?” the vampire asked hoarsely as the realization of what he’d been caught doing sank in and when it did, he went wild.

            “Calm the fuck down!” Chris snapped, shoving the vampire back against the brick wall with enough force to crack the wall and several of the vampire’s ribs from the scent of bone marrow hitting the air.

            When the vampire didn’t stop struggling, Chris shoved him into the wall again and-

            “Shit!” Chris growled as he shoved away from the smoking body and let it drop to the ground where it burst into flames seconds later.

            “I want two more Sentinels moved into town to watch over her,” Ephraim said, not bothering to look away from the burning body to make sure that Jill hadn’t seen anything since he could hear her rummaging around in her tiny, windowless kitchen.

            “I’ll call Eric,” Chris said, rubbing his hands down his face and most likely berating himself for fucking up before they could get some answers.

            “It was an accident,” Ephraim said, hoping that it was enough to get Chris let it go and forgive himself. Chris carried enough guilt to last several last times and didn’t need anymore, especially not over some fucking vampire tasked with the job of stalking and most likely hurting his sister.

            “I shouldn’t have slammed him against the wall again after I heard his ribs break,” Chris said, sighing heavily as they watched the fire die out, leaving behind a pile of soft grey ash that would be swept away in less than an hour thanks to the light breeze racing through the small alleyway.

            “No,” Ephraim said, knowing his son well enough to know that sprouting bullshit wouldn’t help him. One of the broken ribs had pierced the bastard’s heart and under normal circumstances that would have pissed him off, but not tonight. Not when he already knew the reason behind the vampire’s piss poor stalking. “But, we really didn’t need him alive so let it go.”

            With a reluctant nod, Chris stepped away from the body and faced him. “What do you think he wants with her?” Chris asked, obviously coming to the same conclusion.

            “I don’t know,” Ephraim said, taking a reluctant step towards the back parking lot, “but, until we figure it out I want her watched.”

            “Do you want her to know that she’s being watched?” Chris asked, thankfully not bothering to ask him to go with him to say hello to Jill since they both knew that he was the last person that she wanted to see right now.

            For a moment he thought about saying yes, but he knew his daughter well enough to know that it would just set off her stubborn streak. He didn’t want her to do anything foolish. It was better for everyone, especially Jill, if they just left her alone and let her live her life without the added danger that their world held. She deserved some peace, a truly happy life after everything that she’d been through and if he could give it to her….

            Then he would give it to her, no matter how much it hurt.

            “No, keep her out of it,” Ephraim said, forcing himself to walk away and knowing that Chris would do everything that he could to make sure that she was safe and hopefully this time he would be able to convince Jill to move back home with her Grandmother.


To be continued………….


© R.L. Mathewson 2013, All Rights Reserved for The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles




18 Responses to “The R.L. Mathewson Chronicles: A Pyte’s Tale Part 1”

  1. Avatar Jessica says:

    Thank you!!!! I have been waiting FOREVER for this book and this little diddy will help greatly in getting my fix! 🙂 Whew, okay, I should be okay for a little while longer 😉

  2. Avatar Spades says:

    AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! what a tease.. you know how long I’ve been waiting for my PYTE BOOKS!!!! lol my only solution is going back and reading them all over again.. I think i have most of them memorized. hehehehe.. great work R.L love all your books. 🙂

  3. Avatar Denise says:

    Oh, how I’ve missed them. the PYTE series were my first vampire series and there are very few I like. You are the gospel when it come to them. Oh how I miss them. I can’ taw it for more. That’s for the little taste/ teaser. I

  4. Avatar Gina Crowther says:

    Ahhhh, you’re such a tease. Love this & can’t wait for the next pyte book. Am just rereading them all for the fourth time x

  5. Avatar Norma Edel says:

    You are quite the little tease aren’t you. 🙂 It is so NICE to read about Chris and Ephraim again. Truly miss them. Maybe next time you could slip in some juicy tidbit about Joshua… hint hint, nudge nudge 😉

  6. Avatar Laura Rose says:

    I can’t wait for the next Pyte or next NFH or cursed heart or well anything that you write xx love them all, have them all and read them all an unhealthy amount!!!!

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