The Phone Call: Part II

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The Phone Call

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Have I mentioned how sorry I was about the cupcake?” his one-time best friend asked from beneath his bed where she’d decided to take refuge during a game of hide and seek that he’d suggested so that they could have a discussion about hiding baked treats. “Because I am!”

“Uh huh,” he said, reaching into her bag and helping himself to her Kindle, hoping that she had something new for him to read otherwise they were going to have to take a trip to the library in the morning.

“Would it help if I promised to ask mom to make more tomorrow?” she offered, but since he didn’t need a middle man to get cupcakes out of her mom, he simply ignored her and searched her library with a disappointed sigh.

“So, I’m just gonna crawl out of here now,” she said, but he noted that she didn’t actually move to do it.

Smart girl.


“Mmmhmm?” he murmured as he settled for a book that he’d already read a half-dozen times by now.

“Remember when I said that I was sorry?” she asked as he shifted to get more comfortable.

“Uh huh,” he said absently, wondering if he had time to sneak downstairs and grab a sandwich before the little brat made her move.

“Yeah, I changed my mind,” she said just as he felt the mattress jostle…somewhat.

A small grunt, a gasp, and what sounded suspiciously like a groan immediately followed her announcement as he came to the conclusion that yes, yes he did in fact have time to go make a sandwich before she managed to make her move. With that in mind, he tossed her Kindle on his bed, sat up and-

“What’s that?” he asked when he heard what the telltale sounds of a text message being typed.

“Nothing,” she said quickly, a little too quickly.

Sighing, he took a knee on the floor, reached under the bed and-


Managed to wrestle the phone away from the little brat.

Curious to see who she was betraying him to, he looked down at the phone and couldn’t help but wonder when she was going to learn. After he let Uncle Reese know that he only planned on tormenting her a little and that she was perfectly safe, he tossed her phone on the bed, reached down and-

“Yes!” the little brat said, shoving his hand away and quickly crawled out from beneath the bed while he frowned down at the phone number that he didn’t recognize.

“Who is that?” he asked, picking up the phone.

“No clue,” she said with a frown as she picked up the phone and answered it.


“Congratulations! You’ve won a free stay at a Manner Hotel! To collect your prize, press one now!” came the greeting that had him smiling as he reached over and plucked the phone out of his best friend’s hand, deciding that perhaps he’d be willing to forgive her after all.


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