The Phone Call: Part I

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The Phone Call

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“I don’t want to watch that!” Jessica said, tightening her chokehold on Mathew as their brother did his best to keep the remote out of her reach.

“Too bad, so sad, I was here first!” Mathew said as though that meant anything in this family.

“Yeah, too bad,” Jonathan said, plucking the remote out of Mathew’s hand only to glare at Sebastian as he stole the remote and tossed it to Mikey, who caught the remote, swallowed nervously and quickly tossed the remote back to Jonathan.

“She’s the guest,” Sebastian said, gesturing to Mikey only to have his brothers and sister roll their eyes.

“She’s not a guest,” Jessica argued as Mathew said, “She practically lives here.”

“Yeah…” Mikey said before picking up her baseball and said, “As much as I would love to see how this ends, I’m gonna go home now.”

“Your parents went out for the night. You’re supposed to stay here,” Jonathan said with a shrug as he turned his attention to the television and started searching for a movie that would probably bore Sebastian to tears.

“They’ll be home soon,” she said with a shrug as she grabbed her backpack.

“I thought you were supposed to sleep over,” Jessica said, frowning as she shared a confused look with her twin.

“She is,” Sebastian said, grabbing her backpack from her and tossing it back on the floor only to sigh when the stubborn pain in the butt picked it up again.

“Since we are no longer speaking, sir,” she said and he just barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes, “I’m going home.”

“Mikey…” he said, sighing her name as she turned her nose up, gave a delicate sniff and said, “Good day, sir.”

“Come on, you can’t be-”

“I said, good day to you, sir!”

And with that, the little brat who was apparently still mad that he’d wiped the floor with her at Monopoly walked past him and headed for the kitchen. Knowing that he didn’t have a choice, he followed her.

“What’s going on?” his dad asked as he looked up from his iPad.

“Goodnight, Uncle Trevor,” Mikey said, walking over to give his father a one-arm hug even as she shot him another glare.

“You’re going to bed?” he asked, glancing at the clock.

“I’m going home,” she said with a firm nod as she adjusted the bag over her shoulder.

“I see,” his father murmured.

“You don’t want to sleep over?” his mother asked from where she sat, staring miserably down at her latest brownie-baking attempt.

“No, no I do not,” she said, still glaring his way.

“Is there a reason why?” his father asked even as he sent an amused look his way.

“Yes, that boy,” she said, pointing towards him, “is heartless.”

“I see,” his father said even as his mother nodded with a, “He really is.”

“It’s just a game,” he pointed out once again, wondering why she was being such a big baby about this.

“Just a game?” Mikey asked, narrowing her eyes on him. “Just a game?” she demanded, closing the distance and getting in his face. “Not only did you bankrupt me, but you savored the kill, rubbing it in my face, slowly destroying my will to live, and right when I thought that I might be able to make it past ‘Go’ and collect two hundred dollars, you added a hotel to Boardwalk and went for the kill.”

“It’s called strategy,” he said with a shrug.

“You FaceTimed my mother so that she could watch you cut me down in the prime of my life!”

“And now she’ll think twice about giving Jonathan the last cupcake. It was a strategic move and one that I don’t regret,” he bit out coldly.

“Wait,” his father said, looking confused. “There were cupcakes?”

With an evil smile that had him fighting the urge to step back from the crazed sore loser, Mikey said, “Yes, and I saved mine in the fridge and I’m going home and savoring every last morsel and not because I want it, but because I know that you do.”

And with that, she turned around and-


“He’s going after the cupcake, isn’t he?” she asked, tossing him her backpack.


“I’m afraid so,” his mother said, still staring down at the green mess that was starting to scare him.

“I’ve really gotta stop announcing my revenge,” she said, rolling her baseball between her hands.

“You really do,” he said, as he gestured for her to return to the living room where he fully planned on getting back at her for this latest betrayal.


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  1. Avatar carmen says:

    I love reading these little snippets of Mikey and Sebastian I can’t wait to read the full book. for the sneak.peaks.

  2. Avatar Shina says:

    That was awesome….. When will we get the honeymoon from hell for the other books’?? Jared’s story?? Just curious…

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