The List Part VI. An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


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The List: Part VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Are you coming in?”

            Nick opened his mouth to tell her that he’d rather just dispense with the bullshit and head back to the hotel and get some more sleep, but one look at her beautiful face had him biting back his words and forcing a smile for her sake.

            “Sure,” he said, reluctantly reaching over and turning the car off, wondering why he was even bothering when he knew that Jamie would end up changing her mind before they made it to the door.

            “This is going to be fun!” she with a nervous smile as she opened her door and climbed out, leaving him to do the same.

            This definitely wouldn’t be fun, he mused, taking off his sunglasses and tossing them back in the car before he shut the door and hit the alarm. Fun would be going back to the hotel, getting some much needed sleep and spending the rest of the day making love to his wife. Being dragged from his bed so that he could drive his wife to an adult store that she was too afraid to go inside was definitely not his idea of-

            “Where are you going?” he asked, frowning when Jamie pulled open the blacked out door of the adult store like she was actually planning on-

            “I’m going in the store,” she said with a grin as she hurried inside, leaving him standing there like an idiot as his sleep deprived mind struggled to comprehend what his wife had just said.

            When it finally registered that his wife had actually gone inside an adult store, he swore under his breath and hurried to catch up with her. He caught the door just as it was closing and yanked it open and stormed inside, praying that it wasn’t going to be as bad as he’d feared.

            It was worse.

            Much worse.

            There were posters of naked women, men, positions and advertisements promising every kind of physical pleasure imaginable. The shelves lining the walls and the racks placed in the middle of the floor were packed full of sexual toys, creams, gels, edible panties and every deprived item imaginable, but that wasn’t the worst part. No, the worst part was the large open doorway in the bad with “XXX” in glowing red lights and welcome sign and of course, that’s where his wife now stood, looking intrigued.

            “What do you think goes on back there?” Jamie whispered loudly, gesturing to the dimly lit hallway.

            Although he’d never been to a backroom of an adult store, he had a pretty good idea of what was going on back there. He also knew that he didn’t want his wife going back there and getting a-

            “Jamie!” he hissed urgently, making a mad grab for her, but she was already heading down that long hallway.

            “Jamie!” he hissed again, ramming a raking a hand through his hair as he waited for her to hurry back since he had no doubt that his wife was about to get a very unexpected surprise that would have her tucking her tail between her legs and fleeing the building.

            “Ooohhhhh, there are booths back here!” was her reply, her very excited reply.

            Dropping his head down with a rueful shake, he couldn’t help but wonder what he’d ever done to deserve this kind of hell. He’d never pushed his wife to complete this task for a reason.

He didn’t want her in a place like this.

As much as he loved working on her list with her and enjoyed watching as she experienced new things, going to an adult store with her hadn’t been something that he’d been looking forward to. He had no problem with his wife getting a few sex toys. Hell, it was one of the items on her list that he’d helped her cross off a few months ago and had enjoyed using with her, but this was different.

Jamie was a beautiful, sweet woman with an innocence that he adored and never wanted her to lose. He didn’t want her in places like this, filled with assholes looking to get off who looked her as though she was a cheap means to scratch an itch. He wanted-

“Why are there holes in the walls?” Jamie suddenly asked, making him curse and move his ass to go after his wife before she didn’t something that was going to leave him with no choice but to kill some dumb bastard.

To be continued……………..


(P.S. It was Jenn’s idea to continue to tease you!)


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  1. Avatar Cilicia White says:

    Really!!! You know I really don’t mean this, but I really hate you right now for teasing me like this!!

  2. Avatar Charmarie Dotson says:

    I am so sad right now:-( That was just getting so good and you left me hanging again…UGH!!!!

  3. Avatar Terry Dixon says:

    I can’t even talk to you now…..good thing I bought a Sam’s Club size bag of Hersh’s Nuggets yesterday.

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