The List: Part III, The Bradford Invasion Con’t

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The List: Part Three

The Bradford Invasion Continued

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “We have to go,” Haley said, panting slightly as she grabbed onto his shoulders and made a weak attempt to push him away.

            Grinning, he shifted to the side, taking his weight off her. He leaned over and kissed her, taking her mouth slowly as he reached up and cupped her face. He caressed her cheek with his thumb several times before he glided his hand down her neck, down between her breasts and over her stomach where he continued to caress her in small circles.

            “They’re going to be here soon,” Haley said around a small moan that had his balls tightening and making him wish that they had all day to spend in bed, but he’d fucked up and all the plans he’d made for Haley were now ruined.

            He wished that he’d never seen that sign boasting an All-You-Can-Eat deal for $10.99. If he’d been with Haley at the time, she would have distracted him by pulling him into the nearest bathroom and given a blowjob that would have left him too weak to even think about risking another ban. Unfortunately, he’d been with his cousin, Trevor at the time and they’d both proven to be weak willed bastards.

            They’d tried to ignore the sign, the offer of unlimited delicious food for their wives’ sakes, but the signs for the restaurant had suddenly been everywhere, taunting them with ten different varieties of fried chicken until they somehow found themselves stepping out of line and heading towards the parking lot of the large restaurant that held their doom. They’d murmured promises of a quick bite to store up their energy for Book Bash, damn well knowing that they were lying their asses off.

            There was no such thing for a Bradford as a quick bite, especially not at a buffet, but neither man wanted to admit that he was weak and pathetic. Even as Jason had scooped mashed potatoes on his plate, he’d known that he was fucking up. He’d promised Haley and the kids that he wouldn’t do anything to get them banned from Florida.

He’d never broken his promise to his wife or children before and he’d felt like shit when he’d realized that things had gone a little too far at the buffet. He really wished the restaurant hadn’t called the SWAT team in. Things probably wouldn’t have taken a turn for the worse if that damn buffet worker hadn’t lied about there being more rolls, the lying bastard!

“You should,” Haley paused, groaning when he slowly glided his hand up to her breast and gave it a gentle squeeze, “get dressed.”

“We have plenty of time,” he whispered against her lips, having absolutely no doubts that the city of Orlando would be sending several of its boys in blue early to make sure that they left on time and not really caring. Until he was done, they weren’t going anywhere.

“Yes, but-”

He cut off her protests with a deep kiss as he slid his hand down over the slight swell of her stomach until he was cupping her between her legs. “Do you really want me to stop?” he asked, rubbing his hand between her legs, giving her just enough pressure to help make up her mind, the material of the jeans that she wore helping him to argue his case.

Pressing one last kiss to her swollen lips, he pulled back so that he could watch as she nibbled on her bottom lip, no doubt arguing with herself about what they should do. So, he decided to take the decision out of her hands. He turned his head and watched his hand move between her legs. He increased the pressure just slightly, but it was enough to have her moaning and rocking against his hand, demanding more.

Unable to deny his wife anything, he rubbed her one last time before moving his hand to the button and zipper keeping him away from heaven on earth. Once he had her pants undone, he didn’t hesitate in gliding his hand inside and beneath her panties. They both groaned when his fingers trailed through warm, wet curls. Christ, she was ready, more than ready and that shouldn’t surprise him, but it still did. He’d never met a woman more responsive than his little grasshopper. She drove him out of his fucking mind and he loved her more for it.

Jason,” she moaned, squirming beneath his touch even as she cupped his face and pulled him back down for a kiss that had his cock jerking in anticipation.

This would be the last time he’d make love to his wife in Florida, for at least the next five years as long as one of his asshole cousins or uncles didn’t turn this into a lifetime ban, and he wanted to make damn sure that he made it good. He also wanted to give her a good memory to replace the shitty ones that he’d given her last night.

He’d never planned on wrecking Book Bash for her, but he had. Thanks to him, she hadn’t even got the chance to stalk any of her favorite authors. From what he’d heard from Zoe, they’d just made it into the signing when the calls started. He really felt like an asshole for ruining this weekend for his wife, especially since she’d worked so damn hard so that they could afford this trip.

She’d taken on extra duties at school, tutored hormonal teenage boys who’d been more focused on her chest than on their homework and even took on extra hours with his father, taking care of the old man’s paperwork in her spare time so that she could afford this trip. Then again, he hadn’t allowed her to spend a single dime of that money on this trip. Not that she knew.

He’d had a very romantic night planned for tonight, he had reservations at a beautiful little restaurant on the coast. He’d planned on taking her on a drive with the excuse of seeing the ocean, but he’d had a lot more in mind than collecting seashells for the kids.

He’d reserved a room with a footed bathtub at a small bed and bath overlooking the ocean where he’d planned on making love to her until the wee hours of the morning where he’d planned on placing the check for every single cent that she’d earned on her pillow as she’d slept. While his wife had worked her ass off to pay for what apparently was a dream vacation for a romance novel addict, he’d been working his ass off to treat his wife to trip to show her how much he loved and appreciated her.

They hadn’t been able to afford to come to Book Bash last year because the truck broke down and two of the kids had apparently decided that they were daredevils and had broken a leg and an arm each, eating through their vacation money and some of their savings. He’d hated not being able to take her last year and had sworn that he would make it up to her this year.

So, while his wife had been busting her ass to go on her dream vacation, he’d been getting up a few hours early every morning and putting a few hours in for his father, a few after work and grabbing every weekend that he could get his hands on so that he could pay for this vacation. He wanted every last cent that she’d worked her adorable ass for going to something that she wanted, not for him, not for the kids or their family, for her. He wished that he could take her to the coast and finish their vacation there, but the chief of police wanted him and Trevor out of the state before lunchtime so he was forced to improvise.

Fuck,” he groaned as he sank two fingers inside her.

She was so wet and tight, squeezing his fingers in protest as he tried to pull them out so that he could slide them back inside, but her body was a greedy little thing and was refusing to release him. It didn’t help that she was moaning and whimpering like crazy as she sucked on his tongue, reminding him of just how good her mouth felt on other parts of his body.

He tried to ignore how good she felt, the way she squeezed his fingers and the way she suckled his tongue, but after a minute he couldn’t take it any longer. Plans for making love to her slowly, savoring her body, quickly evaporated as the need to slam inside her took over and he found himself jerking his hand out of her pants, shoving them down just far enough and flipping her over onto her belly.

            In seconds he’d moved over her, his legs caging hers as he held himself above her on one arm. With the other, he guided himself between her warm, wet welcoming slit, loving the way she moaned as she arched up to meet him. As soon as tip of his erection found her core, he pushed inside, groaning when he realized just how tight this position made the grip that she had on him.

            Releasing himself, he placed his now free hand on her hip and licked his lips as he pushed forward, watching as his cock disappeared inside her only to reappear seconds later glistening with her juices. He groaned long and loud as he watched himself disappear right back inside her. He gave her hip a gentle squeeze as he leaned over her just as Haley turned her head, searching for his lips.

            He took her lips in a hungry kiss as he set a quick pace that had the bed shaking and squeaking with each thrust until the noise became a constant jingle accompanied by the sounds of bare skin slapping together. He should slow down, turn her over and make love to her softly, taking his time to make this good, but he couldn’t stop. She felt so fucking good squeezing him dry.

            Next time, and he was going to damn well make sure that there was a next time even if they had to miss their plane, he’d make it good for her. He’d make love to her and then give her back her money, making the moment sweet and tender, everything that Haley deserved.

            He barely registered the first tremor of Haley’s body before she was screaming out her release. Her body went from gently milking him to damn near snapping his cock off as he slammed inside her. His mouth broke away from hers as he was forced to grind his teeth together, forcing his body to ignore just how good it felt and continued to fuck her to bring her orgasm to completion before he allowed himself one.

            Her small hands fisted in the comforter as she tried to slam back against him, working herself into another orgasm that had him sweating and struggling to keep a firm hold on his control. A few more seconds, he promised himself while he watched as a pleased little smile took over her features as her whole body went lax beneath him. When she released a pleased little sigh, he nearly sagged with relief as he pulled back and-

            “Haley! Tina Reber is in the lobby downstairs signing autographs!” Zoe suddenly squealed from the other side of their hotel door.

            Jason’s lust filled mind barely registered the words as he pulled back to give his body the release that it needed, but before he could push back inside, his wife, sated and smiling, somehow managed to wiggle free and climbed off the bed, leaving him to fall flat on his face.

            What the hell?

            “Wait for me!” Haley yelled, rushing to the door as she yanked up her pants and quickly fastened them.

            “Where the hell are you going?” Jason demanded, panting hard and cursing a moment later as the hotel room door was thrown open and he was forced to dive over the bed to hide the appendage between his legs that was seconds away from exploding under the pent-up pressure that Haley had created.

            “Tina Reber!” the girls squealed together, obviously forgetting all about him as they slammed the door shut behind them and left him to curl up onto his side as he cursed every romance author to hell and back.


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