The Great Lockdown of 2020 Part V

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The Great Lockdown of 2020

Part V

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“That’s a lot of salt,” came the softly spoken words that had Kasey wondering how much more of this she could take.

“It’s not salt. It’s sugar,” she calmly explained even as she threw the closed kitchen door a panicked look, wondering when Reese was going to save her.

They’d worked out a deal, one that benefited both of them so that they didn’t lose their damn minds. They were supposed to take turns spending time with Mikey, otherwise…

Oh, god…

She couldn’t do this, Kasey thought, licking her lips nervously as she stared at the kitchen door, praying that her husband was coming to save her. She loved Mikey, adored her, and couldn’t imagine how her life would have turned out if she hadn’t had her, but…

She couldn’t take this.

She just couldn’t…

Not when Mikey was grounded and she wasn’t allowed to so much as look at a baseball.

Mikey screwed up. There was no question about it, and they had to punish her, but taking away the only thing that stopped Mikey from tormenting them was a mistake. It probably wouldn’t be this bad if she was still had Sebastian to torment, but with both of them grounded, Kasey wasn’t going to survive this.

Maybe they could give her back her baseball? Kasey thought, sending Mikey a hopeful look only to find her daughter absently rolling an apple between her hands as she sent a thoughtful look at the large mixing bowl in front of Kasey.

“I wonder what blueberry muffins would taste like with crunchy peanut butter mixed in,” Mikey murmured, sending a thoughtful look towards the pantry.

Kasey followed her gaze and found herself nodding as she said, “Umm, shouldn’t you go see what your dad is doing?”

“He gave me twenty bucks to help you,” Mikey said, shrugging it off as she reached for the canister of salt and-

“I’ll give you forty!” Kasey blurted out, too desperate to play games.

“Forty?” Mikey murmured, pursing her lips up thoughtfully as she considered it.

Biting back a relieved sigh, Kasey felt herself relax only to groan when Mikey said, “Nah.”


“You need my help,” Mikey said, nodding to herself as she grabbed a small bowl and began filling it with salt.

“What are you doing?” Kasey found herself asking only to grab the large mixing bowl in front of her and pulled it closer when Mikey shifted her attention to it.

“Helping,” Mikey said, reaching over to grab the large bowl only to frown when Kasey picked it up and hugged it against her chest.

“I’m actually good,” Kasey said, licking her lips nervously as she once again found herself glancing towards the kitchen door.

“You know what,” Kasey said, deciding that enough was enough.

She should probably talk about this with Reese first, but…

“You can have your baseball back,” Kasey said, moving to place the bowl back on the kitchen island only to rethink the move when she saw the calculating look on her daughter’s face and placed it on the counter behind her.

“But it’s only been two days,” Mikey pointed out as Kasey began searching through the kitchen cabinets, searching for one of Mikey’s old baseballs that she normally kept laying all over the house.

“And I’m sure that your dad would agree that you’ve earned it,” Kasey said, not really caring if the traitor had a problem with this since he’d screwed her over.

“I guess, but…”

“But what?” Kasey asked, glancing over her shoulder to find Mikey shifting her attention to the canister of sugar.

“But it’s not really the same if I don’t have my glove,” Mikey said, reaching for the sugar and-

“You can have your glove!” Kasey said, lunging for the sugar, which was somewhat impressive since she was currently five months pregnant with twins.

“But Dad-”

“You can have your glove!”

“I mean, if you’re sure and all,” Mikey said, throwing her a questioning look only to nod and head for the door when Kasey yelled somewhat hysterically, “Yes!”

When Mikey walked out the door, Kasey closed her eyes and sighed with a murmured, “Oh, thank god,” as she placed one hand over her belly and-

“So, I was thinking,” Mikey said a moment later when she walked back into the kitchen with her baseball glove on one hand and a fresh ball in the other, “what do you think about adding rice krispies to the muffins?”


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