The Great Lockdown of 2020: Part I

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The Great Lock Down of 2020

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Do you really think that’s going to stop us?” Jonathan asked with a pitying shake of his head as Trevor finished securing the lock on the pantry door.

“No, but this should,” Zoe said as she slapped the list of rules that he’d told her wouldn’t work on the pantry door.

“What is that?” Mathew asked as he grabbed hold of his twin sister’s hand and dragged her closer only to sigh when Jonathan picked him up and set him aside so that he could read the list.

“You’re going to change the Wi-Fi password if we get caught sneaking food?” Jonathan asked, throwing him a questioning look.

“We really will,” Zoe said, nodding solemnly.

“What’s the current password?” Sebastian asked from the kitchen table where he was reading on his iPad.

“I have it written down,” Zoe said with a firm nod.

“No, you don’t,” Sebastian said, sounding bored as he swiped to the left.

“I can still change it,” Zoe said, not really sounding all that sure, Trevor couldn’t help but notice.

“You would need the login information for the internet account that you didn’t bother writing down after they installed it,” Sebastian said with another swipe.

“The information is saved on the computer?” Zoe said, sounding hopeful.

“No, it’s not,” Sebastian drawled with a bored sigh.

 “You’re going to lock up our video games?” Mathew asked, drawing Trevor’s attention back to the list and-

That really fucking creepy smile on Jonathon’s face.

“That’s an excellent idea. Then we can spend more time together,” Jonathan said with an unholy gleam in his eye that actually terrified Trevor a bit.

Clearing his throat, Trevor glanced over at Zoe to find her slowly nodding with a mumbled, “I see,” as she reached up and tore down the list of rules that she’d thought would help curtail the kids’ snacking habits while they were stuck self-quarantining.

“How about this?” Trevor drawled, gesturing towards the locked pantry door, “If I catch you stealing food, I’ll beat you?”

“Even I don’t believe you,” a new voice said with a bored sigh that drew his attention to find Mikey sitting on the kitchen island, hugging a Tupperware bowl against her chest with one arm and in the other-

“Oh, god…” he found himself saying as he took in the large cupcake with buttercream frosting in her hand seconds before his gaze shifted back down to the Tupperware bowl and realized that this wasn’t going to end well.

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