The Coke Incident…

So, ummmm my Coke addiction finally caught up with me. Late last night, or early this morning however you want to view it, my delicious caffeine infused beverage of choice accidentally tipped over and went everywhere including all over my beautiful keyboard. 

I cleaned up the mess, tipped the keyboard over and after it stopped dripping and I dried it off it seemed to still be working. So, I worked until 8 or 9 this morning, insomnia is my friend, and then finally crashed. When I got up, and is it really important what time I woke up?, I ran out to the store cause we had a craving for gobbler sandwiches (turkey, mayo, stuffing and cranberry sauce) and by the time I got back, got the stuffing in the oven and sat down in front of my computer it was too late.

M and N no longer worked on my keyboard and yes, I did actually sit here debating on whether I could finish writing Devastated and Irresistible without those letters. Yes, I do realize how sad that is and yes, there was much shame. 

So, I got the kids back in the car, headed to Staples and ended up buying one just to hold me over until Amazon could send a better replacement. I got home, took it out of the package and it wouldn’t even hook up to my computer. I was then forced to negotiate “renting” my kids’ keyboards only to discover that they sucked. 

That led to another trip out, this time to Best Buy, which made my son very happy and finally, I have a new keyboard, but I lost a day of work. So, I am going to focus on Irresistible and TDF tonight. I will have the Chronicle up this week!

Thank you for your understanding and acceptance of my sad addiction to Coke. I truly appreciate it. 


12 Responses to “The Coke Incident…”

  1. Avatar Jodi says:

    My addiction is Coke Zero. I’m so with you hahah. I’ve destroyed many an item because of it. No stressing we adore you

  2. Avatar Carol says:

    My son has schooled us in destroying all electronics and we no longer purchase anything with a non-membrane keyboard. But anyway, with the new keyboard, get a membrane cover for the keys, helps keep dust and drug debris of your choice out of those precious keys…we need our weekly addiction of the chronicle….

  3. Avatar Merriedth says:

    I can totally relate to the Coke addiction as I to have this same issue my day does not function without an Ice cold Coke. So sorry about the keyboard but absolutely understandable

  4. Avatar Natalie says:

    Please don’t stress about it! We’ve all been there. I myself am addicted to Diet Coke so much that I’m considering going off some important medication because it makes all soda tase like crap. Some days Coke and reading are the only things that get me out of bed in the morning.

  5. Avatar Tina Weleske says:

    Totally relate!!! Coke is my life line. I do not do coffee so it’s my go to drink for times when I need some caffeine to get me going!! Have only destroyed 2 keyboards with it and both were done at work. So not the usual lecture. Told them I could either come to work and not accomplish anything or come in and work like the Energizer Bunny. Their choice! Anyhow, hope this go much smoother for you!!

  6. Avatar Susanne says:

    Completely understand the keyboard issue….the coke issue?! Not so much…I think coke is “gross” on several levels, but I do miss my 1 precious cup of coffee in the morning, so I get the addiction!! Please get a saver! And added note, liked the anger management….hope there might be a little more anger in future books? I wanted to know why he was so angry….just saying!!! As always, keep writing & I will definitely keep reading!!!

  7. Avatar Kim Clark says:

    Do you have Dutch Brothers out there in Florida? Dutch Bros has child drinks they put in cups with a rubbery straw that makes it air tight. You can put your coke in that and it’s ok if you knock it over….. it usually won’t spill!!!

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