The Camping Trip: Part I

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Camping Trip

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Shut. The. Fuck. Up,” Kale bit out, but the little bastard wasn’t listening.

            “Aw, is little Kale tired?” Chris asked mockingly with a chuckle as he tossed a backpack to Kale, who simply stood there, glaring at the little bastard and regretting his decision not to kill the little shit as the bag hit him and fell to the ground.

            Glaring at the little prick that his little Izzy had made him promise a dozen times today alone not to kill, maim, or harm in any way, Kale leaned over, grabbed the bag and threw it over his shoulder as he struggled against temptation and forced himself to turn around and walk away. He didn’t need to look back to know that this little group of misfits and assholes was following him into the woods. Barely twenty feet in, he stepped aside and allowed Ephraim, the group’s unofficial leader, to walk past him along with Chris, who smartly just yawned as he walked past him, followed by Caine, but when Dani tried to step past him, he simply placed his hand on her arm and shook his head.

            “No,” he said, in no fucking mood to play this game today.

            With a confused frown, she stopped, most likely because he’d never bothered to talk to her before. “What?” she asked, shooting her mate, who looked just as confused, a questioning look.

            “You’re not going,” he simply said, wondering why he cared, but he did.

            She simply blinked up at him seconds before she stepped back and tried to walk past him again, but he didn’t have the patience for this fucking bullshit, not tonight. This time when he reached out and grabbed her arm, he kept his grip firm.

            “You’re not going,” he said more firmly.

            “Unless you want to lose that hand, you’ll take it off my mate immediately,” Caine said, his eyes flashing red in warning as he took a threatening step towards him, which if Kale wasn’t so fucking exhausted he would have pointed out was unnecessary given the fact that the woman glaring at him through bright red eyes of her own no longer needed help thanks to the supercharged blood that she’d taken from Christofer, the main reason he was fucking exhausted.

            He ignored the woman, who looked seconds away from tearing his throat out and focused on her mate, “She’s not going,” he said more firmly, allowing is eyes to flash silver and letting them all know that he wasn’t playing around, not tonight, not now and definitely not with what was waiting for them.

            “Oh, and why’s that?” Dani demanded, looking kind of pissed, which he guessed was to be expected.

            He ignored the woman pulling her arm free and focused on her mate, who was now flanked by Ephraim and Chris, who were simply watching them with curiosity. “She’s not going.”

            “Because she can now kick your ass?” Chris asked with an innocent expression that was going to get his ass kicked, promise or no promise.

            “No, asshole,” he bit out, feeling his fangs slide down as he forced himself to ignore the tantalizing scent that Dani was giving off, “because bringing her into the woods during a full moon when she’s going into heat is a fucking stupid idea.”

            His announcement was met with startled expressions from the men while Dani stood there, obviously struggling between being startled and mortified. Finally Caine spoke, breaking the awkward silence, “What the hell are you talking about?”

            Having absolutely no fucking patience for this or any of them, he released his hold on Dani and walked past them, needing to get this night over with so that he could get back to his fucking job, do what he needed to get done so that he could spend the next century or two pretending that the rest of the world didn’t exist.

            “Because her reproductive organs have grown back thanks to that asshole’s blood and she’s starting to release pheromones like crazy. So, unless you want to attract every fucking Pack within a hundred miles, I suggest you leave her at home and we get this fucking job done,” he announced, not bothering to look back as he continued into the woods, heading for the spot that was guaranteed to leave him even more exhausted and pissed come morning.

            Then again, if the information that he received this morning was correct, and it usually was, then he’d be leaving these woods in the morning with information that could take him one step closer to his goal and he could be done with this group and this bullshit for good.


To be continued…..


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  1. Avatar Trinesha says:

    Oh man, I was so getting into that. A week late, but it’s good. I’m so ready for the next Pyte story! Hope your children are better now R. L.

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