Thanksgiving: Bradford Style

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Bradford Style

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“Are you ogling my husband?”

“Yes,” Kasey admitted with a nod as she finished off the rest of her cider before holding up the empty cup to the man in question.

“Okay,” Rebecca said with an unconcerned shrug as she joined them at the table.

With a glare, most likely for interrupting his work, Lucifer reluctantly stepped away from her collection of spices that he’d been in the middle of organizing to refill her drink. Once he’d filled her cup, he took it upon himself to add a few more slices of cranberry bread and banana bread to her plate and Haley’s before pushing the homemade honey butter she’d made this morning between them with a glare that told them that they’d better eat. Knowing better than to argue with a Bradford male, who by the way she’d like to point out, turned into mother hens around pregnant women, she slathered an obscene amount of butter on her bread while Haley did the same, all while they continued to ogle him.

“And Reese is fine with this?” Rebecca asked absently as she joined in on ogling her husband while he worked.

“He’s happy to have a break from our ogling,” Sara answered for her since she was currently busy devouring the pumpkin bread that Haley had made. God, this was so good. She was really going to have to get the recipe from Haley before she left.

“And the video equipment?” Rebecca asked as she helped herself to a gluten free cranberry oatmeal cookie off of one of the many dessert platters covering the large dining room table that Reese had made for her.

“I was in the middle of making a live clip on how to properly baste a turkey when he came in demanding to be allowed to help,” she explained as she helped herself to a piece of fudge.

“And his shirt?” Rebecca asked as she helped herself to some fudge.

“The viewers felt that his shirt was getting in the way of the lesson,” Zoe pointed out as they all tilted their heads to the side and sighed when Lucifer shifted, causing all that golden muscle in his torso to do all sorts of magical things that had them all sighing again, all except the woman sitting at the end of the table glaring at Kasey that is.

“Lesson?” Rebecca asked, adding a little lick of her lips to her head tilt as she devoured her husband with her eyes.

“Mmmhmm,” Jodi mumbled as she finished off a bite of cheesecake brownie, “he felt that Kasey’s viewers needed a proper class on the importance of kitchen organization.”

“And he willingly took off his shirt for this?” Rebecca asked, not really sounding all that bothered about it.

“After the negotiations, he felt that it was an acceptable deal,” Necie explained as she helped herself to one of the jumbo cupcakes she’d brought.

“Negotiations?” Rebecca asked, frowning as she helped herself to a gluten free brownie.

“They decided to offer him bribes in order to get him to remove the shirt and periodically flex his muscles for their viewing pleasure,” Marybeth explained with a thoughtful expression as she gestured for Lucifer to turn around so that the viewers could get a better look at the goods.

“I see,” she murmured thoughtfully as she glanced at the two shirtless men leaning against the other wall, glaring at Lucifer.

“And Trevor and Jason?” Rebecca asked, gesturing with her brownie to the two glaring men.

“Wanted to get in on the action when they discovered that viewers were offering to send food from their favorite bakeries as payment for shirtless lessons,” Kasey answered, even as she had to wonder if Reese had been able to get the twins down for a nap.

“I see,” she murmured again as she shifted her attention to Kenzie, who was sitting at the end of the table, glaring at Kasey. “And what did you do to piss Kenzie off?”

“She invited the asshole to dinner,” Kenzie answered, narrowing her glare on her even as she helped herself to another cupcake.

“I’m the asshole,” Roger volunteered from where he sat at her desk in the corner, reading a medical journal on her computer.

“And Sebastian and Mikey?” Rebecca asked, nodding towards the wide patio glass doors causing them all to frown as they reluctantly stopped ogling Lucifer so that they could see what Mikey and Sebastian were up to and-

“Oh, crap,” Kasey said hollowly as she watched in horror as Mikey pulled back her hand and let the ball fly.

Straight towards Darin’s face.

“Son of a bitch!” Darin snapped as he dropped the baseball glove, grabbed his forehead and dropped to the ground with a pained grunt.

“Uh oh,” came Mikey’s mumbled reply while Sebastian stood there, rubbing his hands down his face and sighed in resignation as he said, “I told you he threw like a girl.”

“I don’t throw like a girl!” Darin snapped, dropping onto his back with a groan before adding, “The sun was in my eyes!”

“It’s cloudy,” Mikey pointed out as she worried her bottom lip, throwing a nervous glance towards the house and said, “I think I broke Uncle Darin.”

With that, Kasey resigned herself to packing off another Bradford to the emergency room.


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28 Responses to “Thanksgiving: Bradford Style”

  1. Avatar Kelly says:

    Love my Bradford and Lucifer is gaining ground on Trevor and Jason. Ummmmm…RL……don’t suppose you actually have video of this scene to share??? 😉😍

  2. Avatar Kelly says:

    Love my Bradford me and Lucifer is quickly gaining ground on Trevor and Jason U mm mm….RL… any chance do you actually have video of this scene you could share with us??? 😉😍

  3. Avatar Kimberly says:

    That’s great ! I love that Rebecca isn’t concerned about who’s ogling Lucifer. As always Lucifer’s OCD tendacies seem to come out. So did Jason and Trevor earn goodies for going shirtless or was it just an added bonus for the viewers. Lmao. Please do an ER visit chronicle. We must know what happened. Lol

  4. Avatar Anjee says:

    The only way I survive between books is because of these rid bits. Yet they are just never enough either. Happy Thanksgiving !

  5. Avatar Monika says:

    I absolutely love this stuff! R.L. Mathewson you are the best and one of my favorite authors. These chronicles are great. I love the Bradford’s!

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