Thank you, Atomic Cherry

Thank you, Atomic Cherry Designs for this wonderful website. It’s beyond anything that I could have hoped for. 

This website has undergone a lot of changes over the years. I started the website by scratch after I taught myself basic website design. As much as I loved it, it was also a lot of work for simple updates, navigation, etc. 

Then Lieve came into the picture and she used her amazing computer skills to help me switch over to a wordpress design. It was easily a hundred times better than the website that I had designed myself, but as I published more books and needed to add more content, I of course messed up the site 😉

After seeing Atomic Cherry Designs’ wonderful work on Kresley Cole’s page I sent them an email, close to begging, for help with my site. To my surprise they accepted. They did a great job and now I have a website that should be pretty hard for me to destroy 🙂


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