Temporary Stop-Editing Time

Okay, let’s just get this out in the open now.

I am trying to get Tall, Silent and Lethal and the How to Write books out soon. I am working my buns off right now to make that happen and my editors, beta readers and proof readers are going to be working very hard to help.

We are trying to get this all done within a month. I probably will not return to the Chronicles for a month. I know that there are many of you who look forward to the Chronicle and I’m sorry for the temporary stop to them, but I am doing my best to get these books out so that I can return to the NFH books.

I will keep everyone posted.

21 Responses to “Temporary Stop-Editing Time”

  1. Avatar Deb+MacArthur says:

    an authors work is never done… get the books out- though I haven’t read the Pyte series many of my friends are waiting with baited breath…we who LOVE the chronicles can wait ( ok I admit it- don’ wanna) . Good luck on the next release

  2. Avatar Cilicia White says:

    We understand. You have a lot to do with your new releases coming, so we will have to be patient… Can’t wait for your new releases.

  3. Avatar mary says:

    Do what you have to do as soon as you can. Then we know you will get on the NFH series and the chronicles. Good luck with all you have to do.

  4. Avatar Helen says:

    As much as I love the chronicles l’m really really looking forward to the next pyte/sentinel and NFH books so you just do what you need to. I’m sure everyone will understand. Have a few chocolates to treat yourself.

  5. Avatar Terry Dixon says:

    Books come first! (I initially wrote, Boobs come first. Glad I caught it because that would have been all kinds of confusing!)

  6. Avatar Denise Navone says:

    You are a busy, busy single mom, writing 2 books and handling a complete household, and business. Take the time you need. We love you and appreciate your awesomeness. Do what is best, we will still be here ready and waiting.

  7. Avatar Sue Roome says:

    Hi, I am reaaaaalllly looking forward to the next pyte install net. I have seen it up on amazon (US) site but it is not available on the UK one as of yet. Do you know if and when I will be able to pre-order it?
    Thank you so much.

  8. Avatar tiffany says:

    Do what you have to and know we will be here to help you anyway we can yes we love our books and chronicles but we do understand

  9. Avatar Donnia Cartwright says:

    R. L. …love the Sunday chronicles, but your books are amazing. Take a deep breath, take your time and don’t burn yourself out! We are a somewhat patient group (insert laughter here) and we will wait for you!! Take care!!

  10. Avatar jamie says:

    You take the time you need. What might be interesting to do in the interim is have fans give you their “fan fiction” stories of their favorite characters and you can chose the ones that make you laugh to post for the chronicle.

  11. Avatar Tracy M says:

    R.L. I do love your Sunday posts BUT The Chronicles will keep.

    You have to just focus on what you want/need to get done and spend your time where it’s needed most.

    Don’t work too hard lovely, don’t want you burning yourself out!!!


  12. Avatar Trinesha says:

    Most authors don’t take the time to give readers extra glimpses of their beloved characters, so we really appreciate the Chronicles you’ve been giving us. But that said, I really need the next NFH and Tall Silent & Lethal, so the Chronicles can wait. No worries, no stress, you just keep doing what you do best! (that’s creating awesome books!)

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