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I normally don’t do this and let R.L. create all her own posts, but since I’ve been making some changes on the website in the last couple of days, I thought it would be nice to give you all a heads up.

I have disabled comments on pages, the reason I did this is simply because it keeps the website ‘cleaner’. You can still comment on posts as much as you like, but it’s easier for R.L. to keep track of everything if it’s only the posts she has to answer. In time it will keep things more structured as well. All comments will be archived and can be read again later.

Another thing that has been changed is the Categories (you find these on the right sidebar). All posts have been categorized and all new posts should be categorized as well (*sends a look to R.L.*), which makes it easier for you to find the posts you’re most interested in.

Last but not least, you may have noticed the subscription link on the page. You can now subscribe to all new posts, announcements, pages that will be published on the website. If you subscribe, you’ll receive an email as soon as new stuff is available.

I hope everything is clear to all of you, if you have any other questions or problems, you can contact me by email and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Thank you and my apologies for any inconveniences you may have experienced in the last couple of days!


3 Responses to “Some website news”

  1. Avatar Sandra says:

    It seems this site is like Twitter.
    I dont know how to view things.
    I enjoy all your photos on FB —
    Where are they on this web site

    • Avatar Lieve says:

      What exactly are you looking for? If you are talking about Hunk Hunt, you’ll need to have a bit more patience. It will be up and running in no time! Just stay tuned!

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