Our Trip To California

Day 2

Before we start on Day 2 perhaps we should do a little recap of Day 1.

Day 1 started with me and the children rushing around the house to finish packing, cleaning the house and getting in a little extra work done. The car to pick us up was a few minutes late, but it was fine. We hit some traffic going up to Boston, but again, it was fine. The weather was kind of horrible when we arrived in Boston, but we got a room with a very decent view.

Jenn, my stalker/assistant arrived in Boston safe and sound, sanity intact from her flight up. I got some great news. The kids liked the room and Jenn and I got some time to catch up and go over the trip for the book signing.

Then things kind of went downhill from there……

We went to the hotel’s restaurant and probably should have noticed that the hotel, which was sold out, didn’t have many people trying to get into the restaurant. Service was really slow, food was really bland and a lot of it not edible.

Oh, and three of us ended up with food poisoning, lol.

Good times……..

While I was visiting the gift shop, the really awesome gift shop employee hooked us up with some meds and shared a warning not to go to the restaurant, a little late lol, but much appreciated.

The kids were really excited that night while Jenn and I tried not to die of misery. Jenn fell asleep at 10. The kids didn’t fall asleep until 2 and of course that means that I didn’t fall asleep until 2.

We had to be up at 4.

Now, onto Day 2……..

We got up at 4, after two hours of sleep the kids were wired and ready to go. We packed, got ready, rushed out the hotel, rode the bus to the airport, went through security, Jenn got frisked by security! Got to the gate two hours early and…..

Our flight was delayed…..

Then they moved our gate…..

Then when they announced the first group could board, everyone else swarmed the gate and tried to get on the plane.

The plane wasn’t stalked.

Didn’t have food for lunch on the plane, and they didn’t have anything besides bananas on the place which was kind of a problem when three of you have a gluten allergy. But, thankfully I have two kids with a chocolate addiction so we were well prepared 😉

The flight was over six hours during which time Jenn and I decided to see which one of us could freak the other out first, I won.

The arrival was rough. I almost lost my Snickers bar……

Our bag was damaged…..

But the car rental shuttle guy was awesome. The kids were a great help. The long ride to our hotel was pretty cool, no traffic. The hotel is awesome. Kids are having a ball. Getting a lot done. Jenn is whining cause there’s no lock on the bathroom door and someone keeps screwing with her head….not sure who…….

For pictures of our adventures, you can find them at Instagram or Twitter 😉

Now onto Day 3……..


7 Responses to “So………”

  1. Avatar Nicola says:

    Love that what ever life throws at you and your family you still have your sense of humour to carry you through and you just get on with it. Hope day 3 treats you better and that you get some sleep tonight!

  2. Avatar Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    Never say “what next” because for some reason the universe wants to show you! Wow, I hope the rest of the trip is easier on you…..and I wonder WHO is messing with her head?

  3. Avatar Michelle says:

    OMG – I really need to check my email more frequently. Is it wrong that I’m laughing at your misery? So sorry, but gotta love your willingness to roll with the punches. You can only up from here right??? Good luck!

  4. Avatar Gina says:

    It’s up, it’s up!!! The Pre-order for Tall, Silent & Lethal is on Barnes and Nobles website!!!! I’m sooooo excited 🙂

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