Sneak Peek Wednesday..Fire & Brimstone

This week’s sneak peek 🙂



          “Oh, God, Oh, God, oh, shit!” she whispered frantically as she struggled to punch her code in with fingers that refused to stop trembling.

            The high-pitched beep when she hit the wrong numbers wasn’t helping. She tried to focus, tried to stop thinking about what just happened, but she couldn’t and so here she was, punching random numbers into the keypad like a madwoman, trying desperately to put a little space between her and the man that had looked at her as though she was the next best thing to lunch.

            Since she’d seen exactly how much he loved to devour his lunch, she knew that was not a good thing.

            She was an idiot for screwing with him like that. She should have known better. Hell, she had known better, but she’d stupidly let her pride talk her into a line that she should never have been crossed.

            God, that had been such an amazing kiss, she thought with something close to panic, because she really wanted to go back out there and kiss him again and there was no way that she was kissing him again.

            This ended now.

            She was going to go upstairs, double-locking the door, getting Mojo to lay in front of the door and start packing. She’d always heard that England was nice this time of year. The fact that she was broke, didn’t have a passport or a job didn’t matter. All that mattered was putting some space between her and Lucifer before she did something incredibly stupid like tackle him and rip all his clothes off.


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12 Responses to “Sneak Peek Wednesday..Fire & Brimstone”

  1. Jean says:

    My new morning routine: Brush teeth, feed the kid, feed the cat, check the book progress bars. If these books were drugs, I’d need a rehab program. Can’t wait to one-click it.

  2. Nickole ARANGO says:

    Your books are awesome, except once I read anything like this excerpt, I want more!!!!!!!. So how long until it is released

  3. Kimberly Clark says:

    As always you’re a tease!!! Lol. Love the teaser and I’m counting down till I can buy the book and read it!!!

  4. Renee says:

    Can’t wait to learn more about Christopher “aka” Lucifer. His name alone peaked my curiosity. I need more!

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