School Shopping III

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School Shopping

Part III


“Where’s she going?” Jason asked, trying not to panic nervously as he watched Zoe, smiling hugely as she walked away, leaving them with the boys.

“We’ll be fine,” Trevor said dismissively, already heading towards the mall with one of his sons in hand while he left Jason with-

Oh, shit.

“You do realize that this isn’t going to end well, right?” Sebastian, the twin that was capable of so much destruction, asked with a calculating smile that nearly had him calling Zoe back.


It was just a day at the mall, he reminded himself as he gestured for the boy to go ahead of him. With a smile that probably would have scared anyone else, he headed towards the mall, leaving Jason to follow after him.

He still wasn’t sure how Trevor had managed to talk him into this, but it was fine. He’d kill some time here while Haley was spending the day hitting yard sales, he decided with a sigh. He would have rather spent the day with her, but he was still banned from yard sales.

No matter what he said, did or offered her, the stubborn woman refused to lift the ban. The damn woman was on a power trip, he thought absently as he watched Sebastian jog to catch up with his father and brother.

As he followed them into the mall, he couldn’t help but hope that the twins were like his boys and would settle for the first thing they saw so that they could get this over with before they all lost their fucking minds.

Maybe he should-

“Oh, shit,” Trevor groaned as he rubbed his hands roughly over his face just as Jason realized with dawning horror that they were alone.

Oh, shit indeed, he thought with something close to terror as he frantically looked around as he searched for the boys before they could-

“Security to tools!” came the panicked scream over the intercom right around the time the screaming started.


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8 Responses to “School Shopping III”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I love ❤️ to hear about Trevor and Jason’s adventures. Especially when it involves Trevor’s oldest twins or all his twins for that matter. You made my day!!! Thank you RL!!!! ???????

  2. Janette says:

    I love to read about Trevor’s kids and all the trouble they get into. But I would really love to hear what the other kids are up too as well.

    • R.L. Mathewson says:


      I write mostly about the twins, because Sebastian will be getting his very own YA book so I’m using the Chronicles to play around with his character to see where he should go from here.


  3. KELLY says:

    LOL…. got to love ❤ all those Bradford men and boys!!! And let’s not forget the Bradford women who love ❤ them . The big questions will be. 1)if the entire mall will ban them and for how long 2) will the mall be left standing??? ?

  4. Stephanie K. says:

    Please help me, I can’t quit laughing! Pay back is hell for Trevor and Jason and all the mischief they caused. I think they met their match in Trevor’s twins. Can’t wait to hear what happens. Thanks!

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