Scavenger Hunt Announcement

Hello, Everyone 🙂

I thought that I’d give everyone a heads up about an upcoming Scavenger Hunt that I will be hosting with Totally Booked. We’ve made it interesting 🙂 This will be a three day event and each day you will be given a list of what we want. What’s the catch you might ask? You have to leave your house to participate 🙂

You’re going to need a camera and the daily paper to participate. It sounds like a bit of work and some of you are probably shrugging your shoulders, but before you dismiss this fun little event that we’re fixing up for you, you should probably know that the prize is a $100 gift card AND we will donate an additional $100 to the charity of your choice.

Anyone interested in having a little fun? Getting a chance at a $100 gift card and helping out a charity?



There will only be one winner. In order to win, you must follow the rules of the game exactly. There will be no short cuts accepted. All participants are responsible for their actions and safety. In other words, if you leave your common sense at home and do something to land your buns in a hospital bed, well……You’re on your own. Sorry to be blunt, but we take no responsibility for your actions. However, if you happen to come across an incredibly handsome man with green eyes, a killer build and is single….I’m willing to give you a bonus point for a picture 🙂

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