Refresher Course: Part VIII

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Refresher Course:


An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            Eric sighed, he really couldn’t help it as he took a knee on the floor and looked over the somewhat sloppy job the class had done.

            “Really?” he asked the class hovering around them as he took in the sloppy restraint work, rucked up bandages, the loose head support and once again shook his head.

            “She wouldn’t stop fighting us,” the blond chick that had been hovering over him all morning mumbled as she rubbed a sore spot on her arm, the injuring courtesy of his wife.

            “You should know how to handle combative patients,” he reminded them even as he shot his furious wife a wink, and there was no doubt in his mind that she was pissed.

            If he hadn’t gagged her, he was almost positive that she’d be telling him exactly how hard he could go fuck himself and informing him as brutally as humanly possible that she was divorcing his ass. But, since they were in it for the long haul, he decided that removing the gag would only encourage her to start Googling divorce lawyers.

            For now, he was going to keep her strapped to the board until she either calmed down enough that he no longer had to worry about the safety of his balls or…

            Well, that was really all he had at the moment.

            “Should we release her?” one of the men asked, shooting a nervous glance towards the door, most likely hoping that he’d either say no or give them enough time to make their escape.

            “Probably,” he said with a thoughtful frown as he took in the murderous glare that his adoring wife was sending him. “But, I think it would be better if we called it a day.”

            Even though they looked relieved, they still hesitated, sharing nervous glances. “Will this day count?” they asked, obviously not looking forward to having to repeat this day.

            While his lovely wife adamantly shook her head, he ignored her and said, “Of course,” even as he had to wonder how to he was going to fix this without having to resort to having his wife committed.


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7 Responses to “Refresher Course: Part VIII”

  1. Avatar Angela Wade says:

    Joe will kill him this time. He is going to regret all of this. (She still has the ability to fail his ass!)

  2. Avatar Tenisha says:

    Oh my!!! What will Joe do? Having her committed would be a cop out, you know she is going to hurt you bad!!!

  3. Avatar Sandy says:

    Oh Eric… You better think of something good to get out of the trouble you’re in!!!
    Thanks RL! Can’t wait until the next one!!

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