Refresher Course: Part V

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Refresher Course

Part V

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Do you want the password?” Eric asked as he glanced down at his watch, noting that if he was able to get out of here within the next thirty minutes that he’d be able to pick the kids up from his mother’s, bring them to the playground, store, out for lunch and be home in plenty of time to catch the game.

            “Do you want to live?” she countered, right around the time that the blond that had been trying to glue herself to his side “dropped” her pen so that she could look back and see what he’s doing.

            “I think your friend misses you,” she said as she placed her iPad in front of him with the unspoken message.

            He either fixed her iPad or she was going to kill him.

            Chuckling, he pushed the iPad away and sat back in the rickety old metal folding chair with a satisfied sigh, mostly to get on her nerves. As he sat there, relishing in the victory that he knew was coming, she sat there stiffly, glaring at the movie that was guaranteed to put him to sleep if he was forced to watch another minute of it and looked as though she was fighting some inner demon.

            She was going to have to let him go and they both knew it. He wasn’t sure why she was having such a hard time accepting this since he’d inadvertently taken this course several times already this year. When she went through the set up, played videos and ran slides, he was usually in the room keeping her company. Not to mention the times that he swung by on days like this and sat with her so that she wouldn’t die of boredom.

            He could definitely sign that roster stating that he was here and have absolutely no problem doing it. But, his wife on the other hand…

            “This is what’s going to happen,” Joe said, pausing to clear her throat as she shifted in her seat, her focus never wavering from the movie that was slowly putting the rest of the class to sleep, “you’re going to fix my password, get your ass back in your seat and devour every single second of every movie, slide and lecture that I’m kind enough to use today.”

            “And if I don’t?” he drawled, chuckling at her attempts to manipulate him into going along with this bullshit.

            “Do you really want to find out?” she asked, once again pushing her iPad back in front of him.

            Lips twitching, he pushed the iPad back to her.



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  1. Avatar Kimberly says:

    It’s so great to hear more on Eric and Jo!!! I can’t wait to see how this plays out!!! What a great distraction from NFH!!! You’re so talented to be able to keep all of your characters going like this. Send me your address and I’ll send you brownies and/or chocolate on a regular basis, you deserve every bit of it!!!!!

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