Refresher Course: Part 6

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Refresher Course

Part VI

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “That was fun! Wasn’t that fun?” Joe asked with a huge smile as Eric was forced to grab a handful of menstrual pads to stop himself from strangling his wife.

            “This class is a lot more fun than it was last year,” his unwanted trauma partner said with a smile as she dumped the menstrual pads that they’d been using to stop “major bleeds,” during their trauma practical.

            “I need another volunteer,” Joe said with a smile as she looked around the small group of people that she was using to fuck him over.

            He opened his mouth to tell her the password to stop this insanity before it get any worse when the horrible woman threw him to the wolves, again.

            “Thank you, Eric!” she said excitedly as she clapped her hands together, acting like he’d volunteered for more of this bullshit.

            “You’re welcome,” he bit out tightly, knowing better than argue with her.

            “Great!” she said in that same excited tone that was starting to make his left eye twitch. “Let’s get the backboard out!”

            With that, the rest of the class set to work and dragged out all the necessary equipment to strap his ass to a backboard so that his deranged wife could fuck him over in revenge for changing her password. Keeping his eyes locked on the woman that he was seriously considering divorcing, he walked over to the backboard laid out on the floor and-

            “Oh, I’m sorry, Eric. I thought it would be more fun if the class extracted you and then placed you on the backboard,” Joe said, looking quite pleased with herself.

            Chuckling, because he would make damn sure that he got back at her later, he stepped back and waited for it. Keeping her eyes locked on him and that smile devious, she said, “Why don’t we do a bathroom extraction?”

            Just like that, he realized just how evil his wife truly was.


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    • Avatar Jennie says:

      Eric and Jo are from the EMS series. Right now, theirs is the only book in the series. At some point, Nathan’s story will come out. He’s Eric’s brother.

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