Refresher Course 7

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I am currently editing Fire & Brimstone. When it’s done I will be releasing the book with very little notice, because everyone has been waiting so patiently for this book. I will announce the release on here, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.

In other news, all the Neighbor from Hell novels (Except for Fire & Brimstone) are on sale until October 31, 2016 for $0.99.

That is pretty much it 🙂 

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Refresher Course VII

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “Class is over! Class is over!” Joe screamed hysterically as she pushed against the door, struggling to keep it closed, but it was a slowly loosing battle.

            “We can’t help you unless you open the door,” the manipulative bastard that had somehow turned the class against her said, sounding really smug, which she could understand since she would be smug if she’d managed to pull something like this off.

            “Class is over! We’ll meet back here tomorrow morning!” she yelled as she glanced around the large bathroom, desperate to find something that she could use to shove up against the door to keep the psychotic group determined to extricate her ass out of the bathroom.

            When her gaze landed on the small cabinet by the sink she felt hopeful.

            That is until the lights suddenly went out and she found herself in a pitch-black room, struggling to barricade herself so that her students couldn’t strap her to a backboard where her husband would most likely continue to manipulate the class in torturing her in every way possible, all in the name of education.

            “Open the door,” Eric said in an eerie voice that actually scared her a bit. “We can help you, Joe, but you have to open the door.”

            “No!” she shouted, giving up on telling the stubborn bastards that class was over since it wasn’t helping.

            God, she wished she had her phone, because it would really come in handy at a moment like this. Unfortunately, she’d realized too late that Eric had somehow manipulated her class into believing that she was not only the “victim” that they needed to rescue, but their key to freedom.

            She wasn’t sure how he did it or when he did it, but the bastard had done a magnificent job in turning fifteen highly trained EMTs and paramedics into the psychotic group doing everything within their power to break the door down so that they could get their hands on her.

            It was only a matter of time, she realized, swallowing hard as she tried to ignore the darkness settling in around her and starting to smother her. She needed to find a way out of here, and soon, if she was going to have any hope of taking her class back.

            Slowly exhaling, she quickly stepped to the side of the door and plastered herself against the tiled wall. A split second later the heavy door burst open and her class shoved its way in just as the lights were turned back on. Knowing that she only had seconds to act, she took a deep breath, held it, turned and wormed her way out of the room and past the distracted group of students looking for her.

            She managed to take three steps into the large, seemingly empty hallway when a very large, and very familiar, hand landed on her shoulder.

            “Oh, God,” she muttered pathetically as she felt her husband lean in closer so that he could whisper in her ear, “Ready for the practical portion of the evening, sweetheart?”


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6 Responses to “Refresher Course 7”

  1. Avatar Kelly says:

    Oh oh….. JOE is in BIG trouble now. Perhaps she needs to pull a mouth ? to mouth ? scenario???? Turn the tables a bit…. Or at least balance the score. Yea on Fire ? and Brimstone being in the final lap!!!

  2. Avatar KC Garrett says:

    OMG?????! Every moment is taking soooo long! Cannt wait for next Sunday! xoxo thanks for all the awesome work & can’t wait for. ? & Brimstone!

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