Poolside: The Pregnancy Chronicles

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The Pregnancy Chronicles

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“What are you doing now?” Trevor asked on a tired sigh as he watched Jason pull out his phone.

“Checking to see if Haley’s okay,” Jason said as Trevor shared a look with his Uncle Jared and as one, they both pushed back in their chairs to look past Jason to find Haley, healthy and whole, lounging by the pool and smiling as she watched the kids swim.

That is until she looked down at her phone.

“Didn’t she ask you not to bug her?” Uncle Jared asked while they watched Haley mutter something as she responded to Jason’s text with a sad shake of her head.

“I’m not bugging her. I’m texting her,” Jason said as he read whatever Haley had texted back before putting the phone back down on the table and returned his attention to the list of properties that they were looking at.

“I see,” Trevor murmured absently as he watched Haley toss her phone onto the cooler next to her and laughed at something Zoe was saying.

When Jason didn’t say anything, Trevor shook his head and returned to his iPad and continued to swipe through properties, looking for something that would catch his eye. Although, he’d prefer something that he could flip, he wouldn’t be opposed to buying another apartment building, especially if it helped with the large tuition that he’d most likely have to cover next year. That’s if the boys got in. If they didn’t, he’d-

“What are you doing now?” Uncle Jared asked, drawing his attention back to the bastard that was supposed to be reading through the property details of the houses they’d picked out last night only to find him reaching for his phone again.

“Checking to see if she’s hungry,” Jason said while Trevor shifted back in his seat and watched as Haley stopped smiling and glared down at her phone.

“Maybe you should go ask her,” Uncle Jared suggested, earning a glare from his son.

“I’m not allowed to go out there,” Jason grumbled, not looking particularly happy about it.

“And why’s that?” Uncle Jared asked in a thoughtful tone, the same tone that let him know that his Uncle was about to fuck with his son’s head.

“Something about smothering her, not really sure,” he said with a shrug as he stared down at his phone while Trevor once again shifted his attention to find Haley shaking her head and tossing her phone aside.

“I don’t think her phone’s working,” Jason said as he looked from his phone to shooting a glare over his shoulder at his wife through the glass patio doors.

Haley stared back, pushing her glasses back up her nose as she tried to stare her husband down only to end grumbling something and grabbing her phone. With a satisfied grin, Jason looked back at his phone and waited for her text to come. When it did, his frown was back in place.

“What did she say?” his father asked.

“To stop texting her,” Jason mumbled.

Trevor shared a look with his uncle as he said, “Because she’d probably rather have you come outside and ask her in person.”

“I think she misses you,” his uncle added as they did their best to keep a straight face.

“Probably,” Jason said as he looked from his phone before glancing back over his shoulder to find Haley smiling at something one of the twins was saying.

“She looks thirsty,” his uncle said so Trevor added, “And hungry.”

“She does, doesn’t she?” Jason said, returning his attention back to his phone, clearly struggling with what to do next.

Praying that this wouldn’t bite him in the ass later, Trevor asked, “Do you think it’s wise for her to go so long without something to eat or drink right now, especially at her age?”

“Oh, Christ,” he heard his uncle mutter as Jason nodded and reached for his phone again.

“You really think so?” Jason asked, shooting another glance over his shoulder.

“I really do,” Trevor said, nodding his head solemnly as he waited for the bastard to take the bait.

“You’re right,” he said, texting away while Trevor sat back and waited to see how this was going to play out.

He watched as Haley blinked down at her phone, looked up them, looked back down at her phone and said something that had Zoe looking up at him with a glare. When she stood up and started to walk towards him, he sent a questioning look at Jason to find the bastard shaking his head with a sigh.

“Fucking amateur,” Jason said, pushing his chair back with a satisfied sigh as he waited for the show to begin.

He didn’t have to wait long.

The moment that Zoe threw the patio doors open he knew that he was deep shit and that there was nothing on this earth that was going to save him.


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