Playing Favorites: Part II

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Playing Favorites

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“I don’t know what happened,” Reese said with a helpless shrug that had his beautiful wife reaching over and absently patting him on the head.

“And you never will,” the woman that had somehow managed to get Mikey to come out of the pantry said with a pitying sigh as he sat there trying to figure out what happened.

One minute, he’d been working and the next…

Everything had gone to hell.

“Sebastian’s grounded,” Kasey said absently as she continued reading her emails, trying to figure out what baking challenge she was going to accept next.

“Which means he should be crawling through our daughter’s bedroom any minute now,” he said with a glare in the direction of his baby girl’s bedroom.

“He came in an hour ago,” his traitorous wife announced on a bored sigh, earning a murderous glare.

“You let him?” he demanded in outrage.

“I even fed him,” she said, nodding solemnly with an adorable little frown as she swiped to the next email, unaware that they were no longer speaking.

Deciding that it was past time that he had another “word” with the little bastard, he climbed out of bed and headed for the door, ignoring his wife, who clearly didn’t understand what went through the mind of a-

“Sex,” she said, making him abruptly turn around and head back to the bed, deciding that he should probably hear her out.


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5 Responses to “Playing Favorites: Part II”

  1. Paula Calasans says:

    Well… That’s it. I’ll be sending you my hospital bill from the day Mikey and Sebastian’s book come out, seeing that I’ll be certainly having a heart attack. Glad we have this settled then.

  2. Kendra Leah Udeh says:

    1.) I have always loved the name Sabastian
    2.) You have made such wonderful characters I look forward to Sunday chronicles

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