New York Trip Part II

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New York Trip

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Kill…me…” Uncle Jared said and if Trevor wasn’t sure that he was about to die, he would have happily killed the bastard that hogged the fucking bathroom for the past two hours.

“You did this,” Trevor bit out weakly instead only to follow that up with a groan when his stomach turned violently, demanding that he roll over and-

Groaned when he hit the floor where he curled up into the fetal position so that he could glare at Jason, who’d barely made it two feet out of the bathroom before he dropped to the floor with a groan and a plea for a quick death.

“Are you sure that we can’t get you anything?” Haley asked, drawing his attention to the open doorway of the adjoining rooms that they’d rented for the night to find Haley sitting on the edge of the bed, worrying her bottom lip as she moved to get up, and-

“Don’t come in here!” Jason snapped before he got a chance.


“You stay in there!” Jason said only to follow that up with a pained groan.

“We’ll be fine,” Trevor lied as his gaze shifted to Haley’s left to find Sebastian moving to stand up and-

“Don’t fucking move from that room!” Trevor snapped at his son even as eyes slid shut as pain shot through his sore muscles, taking his headache up a notch and turning it into a migraine that had him struggling not to vomit, again.

“Don’t,” Mikey mumbled weakly from the other bed where he’d managed to place her before his legs gave out and dropped him on his ass.

“You need help,” Sebastian said, sounding frustrated, not that he could blame him since they had no fucking idea what was wrong with them.

“Call Ethan,” Uncle Jared said from the bed that Trevor recently rolled off.

“Already called him. He said he’s on the way. He won’t be able to get here for another four hours though, so maybe-”

“Stay in that room and take care of your aunt,” Trevor said, cutting him off because he wasn’t about to let his son get sick. It was bad enough that Mikey was sick. He didn’t want his son going through this, too. Holding Mikey in his arms while she’d cried had nearly broken him, he didn’t want to go through that with Sebastian too.

“We need to get Mikey to a hospital,” Uncle Jared said, which was something that they’d debated since they’d realized that she was spiking a fever, but Uncle Ethan had already told them to wait since they were all spiking fevers now. The only person well enough to bring her to the emergency room was Haley and there was no way in hell any of them were letting her near Mikey or within a hundred feet on an emergency room during flu season while she was pregnant.

It just wasn’t fucking happening.

“I’ll bring her,” Jason said, moving to get up only to drop back down to the floor with a groan as Trevor struggled to get up by grabbing hold of the comforter with a trembling hand and-

“I don’t care if I get sick,” Sebastian said as he climbed onto the bed and pulled Mikey into his arms.

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9 Responses to “New York Trip Part II”

  1. Avatar Nicole says:

    I dont know how I’m missing it but I only see New York Trip parts 1&3 but cant find 2 am I missing something?
    I love these chronicles i get excited when Sunday arrives cause i get to read more they are always so amazing.

  2. Avatar Sondrea Cash says:

    Did I miss a Chronicle somewhere? I see New York Trip Part I, which was posted on December 15th, but I don’t see Part II. Where is it hiding?

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