New York Trip: Part III RL Mathewson Sunday Chronicle

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New York Trip

Part III

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Get Sebastian out of here,” Trevor said as he managed to climb back on the bed and moved to take Mikey in his arms only to have his son tighten his hold around her when Trevor saw it.

Oh, shit…

Swallowing hard, Trevor glanced down at his arms and found himself biting back a curse when he spotted the rash that let him know just how badly they’d fucked up. He glanced back at his Uncle Ethan just in time to see him pull out the small red case that he kept for moments like this out of his bag, confirming his worst nightmare.

They’d all somehow managed to eat his wife’s cooking.

He loved Zoe, more than anything else, but she had no business going near an oven and no matter how many times he’d tried to discourage her from doing anything that involved a mixing bowl, the damn woman refused to listen. She was determined to learn how to bake simply because she knew how much he loved food.

He loved her for trying and because of that, he used to try everything that she put in front of him…until the doctor at the emergency room had a nervous breakdown after he’d pumped Trevor’s stomach. After that, he’d learned to pretend to love her cooking without actually having to put any of it in his mouth. He’d also made sure that none of the kids accidentally went near it and had created a system to alert guests of impeding danger all without hurting his wife’s feelings.

“What was it?” Uncle Ethan asked as he prepared the first needle.

“I don’t know,” Trevor said, shaking his head until the move turned out to be too much and settled for curling up onto his side and groaning.

“What did you eat today?” Ethan asked as he leaned over his brother, who was mumbling something about a quick death and-

“Son of a bitch!” Uncle Jared bit out right around the time that Mikey panicked.

“I don’t want a shot, Grandpa,” she mumbled weakly as she tried to push Sebastian’s arms away only to have Trevor reach over and grab hold of her arm and held her while Ethan gave her a shot.

“What did you eat?” Ethan asked, ignoring Mikey’s glare as he grabbed the next needle and-

“Son of a bitch!” Trevor bit out as the medication that was going to make this all go away hit.

“Everything,” Jason mumbled from where he lay dying on the floor only to shout something that Trevor was really hoping the kids hadn’t heard a few seconds later.

With a sigh, Ethan turned his attention back to Mikey. “What did you eat today, sweetheart?”

“Not much,” Mikey mumbled as she raised an accusing finger and gestured lazily around the room, “because they kept stealing my food.”

There was a sigh and then, “Did you bring any food with you?”

“Just the fudge brownies mom made last night,” Mikey said, making Trevor wince because he’d finished those off last night, which meant…

“Mikey, did you grab the green Ziploc bag off the counter?” Trevor asked, praying that the answer was no otherwise…

“Yes,” came the hesitant answer.

“Those weren’t brownies,” Trevor said, cursing himself for not getting to them quicker, but he’d been distracted at the time with Reese putting him in a headlock and everything.

When he saw Zoe place the bag on the counter, he’d meant to grab it and dispose of it before anyone touched it, but that’s when Cole showed up and made a play for the extra ticket. After that…

He’d lost track of the Ziploc bag.

“Then what were they?” Mikey asked, sounding genuinely curious.

“Coffee cake,” Trevor mumbled, resigning himself to the long night ahead.


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4 Responses to “New York Trip: Part III RL Mathewson Sunday Chronicle”

  1. Heather Catanzaro says:

    Poor Zoe. She really should just give up. Everyone needs to let her know so she can stop making people sick.

  2. evmk says:

    hi ya’all
    I love your storys… and I can’t wait (hopefully) for Seb&Mikey …they’re so tall and will be for sure a challenge to write. But I hope you will cause you bild them up so beautifully. Go girl love how your mind works

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      Mikey and Sebastian are actually getting their own YA series. It will be a five book series that will end with an additional book, their adult book in the end. I am planning for a December release this year.

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