New Year’s Resolution: Part V..The Final Cup

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New Year’s Resolution

The Final Cup

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“I’m sorry, what?” Zoe asked, blinking hard as she looked up at the child talking to her and frowned, because she couldn’t for the life of her recall his name.

“Mom?” the boy said, watching her with keen interest as he handed her the only thing that would save her at this moment.

“Oh, thank god,” she mumbled reverently as she cupped the precious elixir from the gods.

“Can I get you anything else, mother?” the boy asked with a devious little smile that meant something, but she couldn’t quite figure out what that something was.

Everything was so fuzzy. It was hard to focus on anything for and then a few seconds before she…

What was she thinking about?

God, she was so tired.

All she wanted to do was to curl up under the table and go to sleep. Was she supposed to be this tired? she tried to remember as she took a healthy sip of the hot elixir that she would save her from this oblivion. Her precious coffee would make everything right so that she could…umm, she could…

She took another sip as she frowned up the handsome man that was now standing over her and looking extremely pleased. Sipping her coffee, she allowed her gaze to look their fill. So very handsome, she thought, reaching out to pet the muscles lovingly outlined by his tee shirt.

“So pretty,” she mumbled, taking a sip of hot coffee as she continued to lovingly pet the pretty muscles.

The handsome man’s lips twitched as he looked down. “Are you done?”

“No,” she answered with a sigh even as she lean back in her chair and shifted to the side so that she could get a good look at his backside.

There was a heavy sigh and a muttered curse, but she barely heard him as she nodded approvingly at the finely developed backside while she continued sipping the coffee that was failing her. Sighing, she stopped petting his pretty, pretty abs and moved her hand to pet his pretty, pretty-

“I think it’s time to call it a night,” the man with the pretty, pretty muscles and backside said, chuckling as she suddenly found her coffee plucked cleanly from her hands.

Before she could ask the pretty, pretty man where her coffee was she found her world turned upside down and herself eye level with that glorious bottom. So, of course she grabbed it with both hands and gave it a good squeeze. It was so firm and she’d bet a pot of her delicious coffee that it would make a great pillow. Before that thought finished in her head she found herself closing her eyes, her arms wrapped around him, and-

“Here we are,” she heard when she suddenly found herself horizontal, but she didn’t want to be here. She had so many things to do.

She had no idea what those things were, but she knew that there was so much that she needed to be done.

“Coffee,” she said, although it sounded like “moffee” to her ears.

“You want more coffee, sweetheart?” that sweet, understanding man whispered as she felt his lips brush against her ear.

She grumbled her answer, knowing that this sweet man understood her needs. He was so sweet….so sweet and pretty…pretty and sweet…

“Can I tell you something, Zoe?” he asked in sensual whisper as those lips continued to tease her ear.

Another grumble.

“I had the boys switch your coffee to decaf yesterday,” the voice came out as a purr as she felt something tug at her pants.

She tried to focus on what he was saying, but she couldn’t make sense of his words, but she knew immediately that decaf was a bad word, a very bad word. She demanded to know what he was talking about, but he only chuckled as she felt her shirt being pulled over her head.

“You precious elixir, the one that kept you going for the past few weeks? Is gone,” he said, right around the time that she realized that so was her bra.

She opened her eyes, or at least she tried to, but since they were so happy staying closed she was forced to allow it and grumbled something that even she couldn’t make out at this point as she felt her panties being pulled free from her legs.

“I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing, hmm,” the sexy voice that she liked so much said softly as she felt something large and soft being pulled over her head and down to her knees.

“Well,” he drawled as something comfortable and warm was pulled up to her chin, “I’ve decided to take it upon myself to drain your battery before you drive us all out of our fucking minds.”

Well, that didn’t sound nice, but she was too tired to say anything about it. But, later! Later, she would do something about this betrayal! She would-

She would make this right!

She would!

But for right now she was going to…

She was going to…

“Go to sleep, sweetheart,” the voice that gave her all the warm fuzzies said, sending her into sweet oblivion where she dreamed of the incredibly hot man with the pretty, pretty bottom serving her coffee.

Delicious, fully-caffeinated coffee.

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  1. Avatar Gloria says:

    A perfect ending to this chronicle. I enjoyed it and look forward to more with my favorite couple and their kids. 🙂

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