New Year’s Resolution: Part I

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New Years Resolution 2017

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“That’s it,” Zoe said, shaking her head, more determined than she’d ever been before. “I’m going on a diet.”

“No,” Trevor said as he walked past her, barely pausing as he gave her bottom an affection pat as he made his way to the shower.

She worried her bottom lip as she stared down at the proof that she’d overdone it in 2016. She had no idea how she’d gained ten pounds since the last time she’d stepped on this scale, but she was damn well going to get it off before Valentine’s Day.

That was it.

She was done playing games.

It was time to get serious, which meant that she was going to have to go all the way this time. She was going to cut out sugar, soda, carbs and start eating plain yogurt, vegetables by the truckload, moss, algae, whatever it took to get this weight off. She was joining the gym tomorrow. That was it.

Except that it wasn’t.

In a few weeks it would be tax season and she had her hands full with the boys homeschooling, errands, playing taxi for the kids in the afternoon, cooking dinner at night, cleaning, and by the time she got the kids to bed and could spend some time with her husband she was exhausted.


No, she had this.

She just had to figure out a way to get around the fact that she didn’t have time to go to the gym. She’d take walks, use yoga videos, whatever she had to do to get this weight off. She was determined to do this and this time, she wouldn’t put the weight back on. She didn’t care what she had to do.

“You’re not going on a diet,” Trevor announced with a look of warning that she chose to ignore. “I’m serious.”

“I really am,” she said with a heartfelt sigh as she had a moment of silence for all the donuts, fries, chocolate bars, and late night pizzas that she would never again enjoy. It would have been a heartbreaking moment if not for the terrifying number on the scale staring back at her.

“No,” Trevor said as he reached over and wrapped one wet hand around her wrist and pulled her towards him, “you’re not.”

“I really am,” she muttered as she allowed her incredibly hot husband to pull her inside the shower.

As soon as he had her in his arms he wrapped his arms around her, leaned down and brushed his lips against hers.

“No, you’re not.”

Deciding that this wasn’t the time to argue with him, she allowed him to back her up against the wall and have his dirty way with her, but even as he turned her around and did, umm, stuff to her, she silently vowed to see this diet through.


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  1. Avatar Martina says:

    Trevor and Zoe have always been my favorite. Thank you, R.L., for making them come to life and making me feel better about myself ☺❤

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