New Year’s Eve….Bradford Boy Style

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New Year’s Eve 2015

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


            “I’m hungry,” Cole announced around a yawn as he laid on the floor, with an arm thrown over his eyes, sounding completely bored, which was kind of funny since he was currently being interrogated by his parents, Uncle Trevor and three police officers that didn’t look particularly happy with him or his cousins.

            “Me, too,” Sebastian seconded from where he lounged on one end of the couch while on the other end, his twin, Johnny was sound asleep.

            Jason stood there, watching all three boys and secretly thanking God that the rest of Trevor’s kids weren’t involved, because then they’d really be in a lot of fucking trouble. Just thinking about what Mathew could have done with that computer gave him the chills.

            “This is a very serious situation, boys,” one of the officers said, trying to look stern even as Jason caught that familiar sparkle of fear in the guy’s expression.

            He also noted the officers had been hesitant about approaching the boys, but they hadn’t hesitated in slapping cuffs on him and Trevor, he thought with a glare at the officer, because he was a hell of a lot more terrifying than three pre-teen boys. This was fucking insulting, he thought as he glanced over to find Haley standing there, eyes closed as she rubbed her temples as though that would somehow fix this situation.

            There was a heavy sigh across the room where Zoe sat on Jason’s favorite chair, checking her email and looking just as bored as the boys. “Which one of you did it,” she simply asked, not bothering to pretend that she thought the boys were innocent. If anyone knew the kind of damage that Bradford boys, who had too much time on their hands, could do, it was her. Since the boys had been expelled from school they’d been homeschooling all the boys together, but the work that should take them five hours usually only took them ten minutes to finish. The rest of the day they would lounge around, playing on their computers, doing chores, playing basketball or contemplating taking over the world.

            And no, he was not kidding.

            He was still trying to block out the last time that he’d walked in on them discussing the pros and cons of making everyone wear electronic tracking devices after they took over the world. The twins had been for it while his son Cole thought it was an overdone concept with too many possibilities for an organized rebellion.

            Jason had simply swallowed nervously, reminded the boys that he loved them and backed out of the room as fast as his feet would carry him. For the next two weeks he hadn’t slept well and was constantly on edge, waiting for the moment when one of the boys would come up behind him and inject him with a tracker.

            Yes, he was well aware that he was paranoid, but there was just something about the boys that made you that way, because you really never knew what they were capable of.

            At least if they took over the world, he was sure that they would treat him well. He could hope at least….

            “If you had any real evidence that we were involved, we’d be having this discussion down at the police station instead of in our living room at ten at night,” Sebastian, always the thinker, pointed out as he sat there, now scrolling through an iPad and looking completely bored with the situation.

            “At the very least, you would have read us our rights,” Johnny pointed out, waking up long enough to make his point before he fell back asleep while Jason stood there, wondering what the fuck was in their genes that caused this, because it was fucking terrifying.

            “We know it was you,” one of the officers said even as he exchanged a nervous glance with the other officers.

            “No, you don’t,” Cole mumbled sleepily.

            “We’ve been home all night,” Sebastian said, and as far as Jason knew, that was true, but that didn’t mean that the boys were innocent.

            “That’s true. We have,” Johnny said, looking up at the cop with a little smirk on his face that actually scared the shit out of Jason, mostly because he was their Godfather and if anything ever happened to Trevor and Zoe…

            He shivered at the thought, because he really wasn’t sure that he would survive that. He loved the boys like they were his own, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t aware of just how terrifying they could be. He just prayed that his cousin and his wife lived to be a hundred.

            “Boys,” Trevor said, closing his eyes in resignation as he waited for their confession.

            “As much as we would love to take credit for this one,” Sebastian said, sounding really bored now, which was not a good sign, “and believe me, we would, I can honestly say that it wasn’t us.”

            “Then who did it?” one of the officers snapped, clearly on the verge of a mental breakdown.

            “No clue,” Cole said with a lazy shrug seconds before he started softly snoring.

            “It had to be one of you!” the officer snapped.

            “And why’s that?” Sebastian drawled lazily as Jason wondered if they should call the boys’ lawyers now or wait until they were officially charged.

            “Because who else would hack into all the networks and flash the message, Happy New Year, From the Bradford Boys?”


Happy New Year,


R.L., Kayley and Shane Mathewson

© Rerum Industries, Inc. 2015. All Rights Reserved.

25 Responses to “New Year’s Eve….Bradford Boy Style”

  1. Avatar Heather says:

    I hate the idea of rushing any child’s life even story characters but I would love to one day read these boy story. Whoever ends up with them is going to have their hands full and be very strong women.

  2. Avatar Karen says:

    With the way your evil mind works I can’t wait to read up on what kind of trouble the boys are going to get in to and how they’re going to drive their parents crazy. Just love it!!!!

  3. Avatar Lynn Latimer says:

    Gotta love the Bradford boys!!! Can’t wait for the next generation of Bradfords they sound like a bunch of awesomeness already. Poor Jason

  4. Avatar Denise says:

    I absolutely love the Bradfords and can’t wait to read what they’ve gotten into next or what restaurant they’ve been kicked out of. Laugh out loud funny.

  5. Avatar Diana says:

    I saw your post on FB, and I’m sorry this is happening to you. I always enjoy your books and I can’t see anything that would inspire such negativity other than jealousy. If you publish another volume of your chronicles I would buy it too in support of your anti-bullying campaign. Please keep writing.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Avatar Christina says:

    I hope you are going to write the story for each of the Bradford kids. I don’t know if the world is ready for them but I can’t wait….Happy New Year

  7. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Hahaha! My sides hurt from laughing. I so love to see the fear in Jason and Trevor ‘s voice. Oh, the payback!!! I can’t wait till these next generation Bradfords have their story.

  8. Avatar Gloria says:

    Happy New Year. Thank you for this entertaining Chronical. I look forward to reading more during this new year.

  9. Avatar Susanne says:

    These are great!!! Love the family. Happy New Year!! To hell with FB, I am not following you there, but some of my people have posted some nasty stuff and not been banned, so WTH?? I will be reading & posting a review this week! As always, LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! ??

  10. Avatar Amy? says:

    Love reading about this family,can’t get enough. so waiting for the next one to be finished. Have a great New Year!!!!!!!

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