My Website’s New Addition

First, I apologize for not posting the next Chronicle. The next Pyte novel is winding down and is my main focus; however, today I spent several hours on a project that I’ve been dying to get going for  awhile.

A forum.

That’s right, this website will have a forum as soon as the very talented John Garvin is able to release it. There’s a little something in for everyone and there will soon be more 🙂

I will be using the forum to keep track of signings, giveaways, contests, releases and sneak peeks.

And yes, I am aiming for a much earlier book release now 🙂

6 Responses to “My Website’s New Addition”

  1. Avatar mary says:

    I look forward to seeing the success of your forum. You work very hard to keeo everh one happy. Keep writing great books – especially the NFH series.

  2. Avatar Lorena Fuentes says:

    I know this forum will be a success like everything else you do. I’m a great fan of yours and can’t wait to read your new books

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