Mother’s Day Special 2017

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Mother’s Day Special 2017

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle


“I don’t think this is such a good idea,” Johnny said, looking like he was going to be sick as he leaned out the window.

Chuckling, Sebastian adjusted his bag over his shoulder and quickly made his way to the edge of the roof. “It will be fine,” he promised, stopping at the edge to double-check that he’d grabbed the money.

“Why don’t you just ask Dad to help?” his twin suggested.

“Because then he wouldn’t let me pay for it,” he pointed out, again, wondering why he had to explain this when they both knew what would happen.

Their father would make a different suggestion until he wore him down and then he’d bring them to get their mother’s gift, pull out his wallet and pay for it. When he was little it was fine, but he was older now and he’d been saving for this for a long time now.

But this time, it was going to be different.

He’d waited, biding his time until he’d found the perfect gift and now that he’d found it, he wasn’t about to let it go. Throwing his twin a wink, he shifted the bag over his shoulder again, turned around and jumped. He landed on the lower roof with a small thud. He strolled over to the edge of the short roof and hopped down to the next level and from there, he lowered himself until he was hanging by his fingertips and then with a slight kick out of his feet, he let go so that he landed in front of the rose bushes instead of in them.

Leaning closer to the living room window, he peeked inside to make sure that his parents weren’t up. When he spotted his little brother, Mathew, playing video game, he sighed with relief, shifted the bag over his shoulder again and headed down the street, praying that he was able to get this done before his parents realized that he was gone.



“Sleeping,” she said, reaching out and-

“Ow!” Trevor grunted.

“Sorry,” she mumbled even as she pushed him so that she could press up closer to him and hide beneath his pillow from the-

Was something crawling on her?

Yes, yes there was, she realized with something close to dismay as she turned over to scream only to laugh with a cold, wet tongue lapped at her chin. Opening her eyes, she gasped as the small puppy continued to attack her with puppy kisses.

“Happy Mother’s Day, mom,” Sebastian said as he sat on the edge of the bed and reached over to pet the little black puppy behind the ears.

“A puppy?” Trevor asked groggily as he sat up and reached over to pet the puppy.

Sebastian nodded with a smile. “I bought him from Mr. Tanner down the street.”

Trevor stopped mid-scratch, which earned him a lick from the puppy, to level a look on their son as Zoe sighed, because she knew all too well what was about to happen.

“The roof?” Trevor asked.

“Yes,” Sebastian admitted with a nod, which had her shaking her head and sighing, thankful that he never tried to lie his way out of trouble, but wondering when he was going to at least stop looking so damn proud of the fact that he’d managed to sneak out, again.

Nodding, Trevor returned to petting the puppy that Zoe was already in love with. “You’re grounded.”

“It was worth it,” Sebastian said with that smile so much like his father’s as he shifted the bag over his shoulder and pulled out a Ziploc bag of tiny dog biscuits and handed them over to her.

As she pulled a tiny biscuit out and fed it to the puppy that she was going to name, Kisses, mostly to annoy her husband, she decided as she shifted her attention to her son, wondering what she was going to do with him.


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23 Responses to “Mother’s Day Special 2017”

  1. Avatar Renee says:

    Aww! Another Bradford doing what they do best for the women they love😘! Great chronicle! Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

  2. Avatar Kimberly Clark says:

    Of course everything you write is amazing. Thank you for the awesome Mothers Day surprize. I love the way Sebastian is so intune with his mom. May you have the most spectacular Mothers Day ever!!!!

  3. Avatar Jen B says:

    What happened to the girl twin from the second group of twins. I noticed she was mentioned a few times but not anymore.

    • Avatar R.L. Mathewson says:

      Hey, Jen 🙂

      She was sleeping in this Chronicle like her parents 🙂 She gets mentions, but she is not the main focus. Sebastian gets more Chronicle time to help develop his character. He’s the one getting his own YA series so he gets more mentions to see what we can do with him 🙂


  4. Avatar Nancy Romero says:

    Love this!!!!!💖 I am glad I get more of the kids and Trevor and Zoe are my favorites!!

  5. Avatar Andrea says:

    Me encanta lo unido que esta con su madre!!! Por cierto ¿Que paso con los dos cachorros del segundo libro?

  6. Avatar Wallflower says:

    Zoe is my favorite character from the series!! Love this family! Can’t wait to read Mikey and Sebastian’s book🤗

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