Late Night Drive: Part II

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Late Night Drive

Part II

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

“Why is Reed sending me threatening text messages?” Matt murmured, sounding amused as he read the latest string of text messages that Reed, who she’d liked to point out had been passed out from exhaustion when she’d snuck out, had been sending since they’d left.

“Because he hates you?” Joey suggested, blinking innocently even as she couldn’t help but wonder how she was going to pull this off without Matt finding out what she was doing.

“Maybe,” Matt murmured, absently nodding in agreement before asking, “But do you know what I think?”

“What?” she asked weakly as she somehow resisted the urge to glance back at their driveway to make sure-

“That you should probably make a run for it,” Matt drawled with a pointed look at her as he pulled over onto the side of the road.

“Wait! What are you doing?” she asked, trying not to panic as he looked over his shoulder only to send her a pitying look.

Frowning, Joey followed his gaze and decided that sounded like a great idea when she spotted her husband coming around the side of her car and heading straight for her. Worrying her bottom lip, she shoved her door open and quickly made her way around her car, hoping against hope that she was able to make it back to the house before-

“You want to tell me why you snuck out of the house at two in the morning?” Reed asked a few seconds later, most likely because her idea of moving quickly was her husband’s idea of a leisurely stroll.

“Because I love Walmart?” she offered with a smile that she hoped would help.

It didn’t.

“And Matt?” Reed asked as he took her hand into his so that he could rub the pad of his thumb over the back of her hand as they headed back towards the house that she was going to have to find a way to leave without him finding out.

“Can’t say no to a good time?” Joey suggested weakly as she worried her bottom lip.

“I see,” Reed murmured thoughtfully as they reached the driveway while she did her best not to panic, because she was wrong.

She had to be.

Maybe she’d miscounted? Or maybe she was just late? She’d been stressing about this for the past week, putting off finding the answer even as she couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if she was right or worse, what if she was wrong?

She should have just gone to the doctor when she had the chance, she thought with a small sigh as she headed back inside the house. At least if she had, she wouldn’t be on the verge of crying every time she thought that she was-

“Stop torturing yourself,” Reed said, leaning down to brush his lips against hers as she felt something placed in her hand, “and go find out if we’re going to have a baby.”


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