Late Night Drive: Part I

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Late Night Drive

Part I

An R.L. Mathewson Chronicle

He should probably pretend that he didn’t see her, Matt thought as he watched his sister-in-law stumble her way along the dimly lit driveway and if it hadn’t been two in the morning, he probably would have done just that.

“What are you doing?” Matt asked as he watched Joey stumble over a small twig, righted herself, cleared her throat, and threw a helpless look at her car as she mumbled, “Nothing.”

“Nothing, huh?” he asked, glancing at the back door, half-expecting to find his brother there since Reed couldn’t seem to get enough of his wife. Not that Matt could blame him, Matt thought as he glanced back at Joey and-

Inwardly cringed when he remembered that she was his sister now.

Deciding that it would probably be for the best if he pretended that he’d never thought about doing things to her that would get him killed if his brother ever found out, he focused his attention back on the woman who was currently inching her way towards her car.

“Where are you going?” Matt asked, noting that she licked her lips nervously and the way that her eyes darted towards the backdoor before shifting up towards her dimly lit bedroom window where Matt assumed his brother was passed out.

“Nowhere,” Joey mumbled, clearing her throat and-

“Are you doing the pee-pee dance?” he asked, feeling his lips twitch when she suddenly stopped shifting from side to side and blurted, “No!” quickly, cleared her throat, licked her lips nervously and discretely took a step back closer to her car.

“Then what are you doing?” Matt asked, pulling off his toolbelt and dropped it in the back of his truck as he moved closer.

“Enjoying a lovely midnight stroll,” Joey mumbled as she took another step closer to her car.

“Then why are you holding your keys?” he asked, plucking the item in question out of her hand and headed to her car, deciding that he could use a break. That, and his brother would kill him if he let Joey go off by herself at two in the morning.

“They comfort me,” Joey said with a solemn nod only to release a muttered curse, commence with the “pee-pee” dance and with a groan, she quickly made her way to the car, shoved him aside, stole her keys back, and proceeded to climb inside only to glare at him and follow that up with another curse when he climbed in behind her, giving her no other choice but to move over.

“So,” Matt said as he plucked the keys back out of her hand, “where are we going?”

To be continued…





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